This is exciting news, Who-Sane launched a great Blog called ArabExpats where a bunch of young, funny and witty (or we would like to think we are) Expatriates dump their thoughts, about how it feels like to be away from home, how they love it and how they hate it.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. But be warned, it might be a bumpy one!

PS: To those who visited the blog already, I think the guys were hormonal when they wrote their first posts (and I thought women were emotional!) , don’t worry, we will share some laughs with you too.

Here’s to Who-Sane for this great idea!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks a lot 7aki, but I really can’t take the credit all for myself.

    I merely came up with the idea, and it was your encouragement and support (7aki fadi, Qwaider, Sel3, Mohanned, Tiger) that made it happen.

    ba3dain we’re saying “here’s to” a lot, people will think we’re a bunch of drunk expats, lol!

  2. hmm , wallah nice idea , i miss home too 😦 , even Jordan my home now , but Damas aaaah 😦 ,

    any way good work guys let see the Expats heheh

  3. Alf mbrok.
    Nice idea, great bloggers and I’m waiting for more posts.

  4. مبروك لكي علي هده ألمدونه الجديده وحظآ سعيد في التواصل مع الاآخارين
    Congradulation to you, and good luck in communicating with others.

  5. who-sane: we do look like a bunch of drunks don’t we…lol.

    Qabbani, Ahmad and Anti Zionist: Thanks for your great wishes!

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