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Double up!

I got tagged by Sam and Tala to list 10 of my simple pleasures, hmmmmmm, these things make me think a lot…………

Here goes:

1) When I pick my daughter up from daycare and I see her face light up and get very excited as she runs to me and gives me the biggest hug and kiss ever. Every time she sees me she gets excited as if I was away for days, it’s unconditional love, bottomless and limitless.

2) OK, this is going to sound lame but the first sip of coffee in the morning, just the first one, mmmmmmmmm it is sooo good.
And to anybody who doesn’t drink coffee…WHAT”S WRONG WITH YOU??? Seriously…I don’t trust people who don’t drink coffee, I think there’s something wrong with their wiring.

3) Hmmm, ditching work to blog….LOVE IT..LOL

4) Gosh this is tough, let me see…Driving with the music blasting and the windows open

5) Competing with my daughter to who’s swinging higher, seriously, sometimes I take my daughter to the park for selfish reasons…so I can go on the swings.. he he he…oh oh and the park we go to has this WIKCED huge slide..LOVE IT

6)In the morning my daughter climbs into my bed ,lies next to me and she puts her palm on my cheek and her nose touches my nose and she says, “are you awake Mama”, I just melt when she does that :))))))

7) When I read the last page in a book…oh the sense of satisfaction

8) When a song I love comes on the radio. I get super excited and I sing along.

I give up. I can only come up with 8.

I am not tagging anyone. I guess the tag dies here.

R.I.P. Tag.


14 Responses

  1. Nice replies!
    glad the tag stops here!!!!

  2. hehe, yes i do have something worng in my wiring, i have Anxiety Disorder which prevents me of drinknig coffee 😀 LOL ya3ni ramyaten men ghayri rami

    mind u i drink 10 mugs of tea, sugerless and to me, ppl who drink tea with suger, well, are WIRELESS 🙂

  3. hehe 🙂

    nice 8 break the Rule

    i drink coffee 🙂

    i Tea sugerless

  4. I don’t drink coffee.
    I’m a tea person.
    I think coffee is for lower class people who just want to go with the flow.
    Tea is for us upper class pretentious people 😛

  5. Hi 7aki! With you girl, that first sip of coffee was on my list, too! Actually, all of them!! 🙂

  6. hmmm…I am not a coffee or a tea person..so where does that put me?

    and lol at ditching work to blog…you are so like me. hahahaha

  7. i loved all of them :)) you are a great cool mom

  8. hmmm, tea is for britich and we all know what britich are:D Anyway wierd it became about cofee and tea!!

  9. These are all amazing pleasures 7aki! 🙂 .. I particularly liked the ‘last page of the book’ pleasure, that is so true!

    But seriously, let’s all kill the tag!

  10. well I have seen this tag gainig momentom in all blogs 🙂

    but dear ur one is the best good one:)

    especially the part of micro 7akiii 🙂

  11. by the way I drink both tea and cofee o 3ala el sobe7 fa raja2an ma 7ada eyseb 🙂

  12. Summer: Thanks! This tag has to die 3anjad, it’s like a virus!

    Mariam: lol Mariam, you are soo funny. “ramyaten men ghayri rami” true true.

    But doesn’t the tea have the same effect?
    OMG I have my tea SUPER SUPER sweet, like for the small tea cup I put 2 teaspoons of sugar, but you know what, wireless is cool, mahoo everybody these days has gone WI-FI..lol

    Qabbani: cool

    KJ: LOL KJ 3anjad da7aktni.
    I think tea drinkers are delusional…he he he

    Hamza: OMG you are not normal. You sure you are from the human species?
    : as 7aki proceeds to remove Hamza from her blogroll:

    Tala: thanks 🙂 this one made me think a lot.

    Mohannad: shaif ballah ya Monhannad.

    Who-sane: Reading is my escape from everything so I love to read, and the last page is always my most favorite.
    And yes, this tag is Evil, EVIL I tell ya!

    Tiger: Thanks 🙂

  13. u gotta give me the address of that park with the wicked slide..im sick of sliding down those tiny slides!
    o comeon u can think of 2 more …it aint that hard..i had to fight to stop at 10..gosh i guess i talk too much eh?

  14. Welcome baaaaaaaaaack.

    I had to squeeze every brain cell to come up with the 8…lol..not very chatty that day I guess

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