A buck a beer?

This morning I was Listening to the radio and a commercial came on:

“6 beers for 6 bucks, 24 beers for 24 bucks” I thought WOW I honestly can’t remember what I can buy for a buck anymore.

So I thought about some slogans:

“You can’t get a decent lunch for 6 bucks so why don’t you have a liquid lunch today? A buck a beer. 6 beers for 6 bucks”

“6 bucks: a big Mac meal.
6 bucks: 6 beers.
1 big Mac meal: lasts for 10 minutes.
6 beers: last for 3 hours.
You do the math!A buck a beer”

“Forget about drinking water today it’s a buck a beer day. Save 50 cents. (Since water costs 1.50 a bottle) Beer is cheaper than water and it not only quenches your thirst, it might make you feel better too! A buck a beer “

I really don’t get how this works, how can a beer be cheaper than water???
How can beer be cheaper than coffee?

They make it too easy here for people to get drunk. All the bum has to do is beg for a dollar and he will get his fix.

A buck a beer. Wow, although it’s been around before but it never fails to blow my mind.


12 Responses

  1. hahahahaha…beer cheaper than water is ONLY in Canada. You gotta come to KSA where gasoline is cheaper than water. They pay less than 0.15 cents per gallon..how much is it there? did it break the 1.40 dollar threshold?

  2. Hamza: Gas is 107.1 today :S

    Beer is still cheaper 😀

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOL 7aki.. Beer is cheaper than water… yalla khalli el sha3b y3eesh 😀 LOOOOOOOL

  4. Gas? hon mwalle3!! 3,69 a gallon! Wait till ahmad najad ye6ga3 fo99 it will become 5 $!

  5. wow

    bs i know some one big Mac take with him at leas ONE hour , and with me as max 5 min

  6. hello the entertaining 7aki, by the way I kept reading your blog daily but being selfish and soo tired to comment. But I had to defend my beloved beer, though it is kind of old love, not so close these days, we see each other probably once a month :).

    My point you are comparing a beer in package to cold water by bottle. if you buy a pack of 24 bottle of water it will be much cheaper per bottle, and if you buy a colded bottle of beer it is much more than a dollar.

    falsafeh from me right?

    by the way I liked all your posts from your uncle and the tarin story to the little 7aki whom I loved from a distance and everything else, and I even read three parts of the book you post. thanks for providing such a nice escape.

  7. Haha, I was just discussing this with my friend yesterday.

  8. At least it is beer…

    In Saudi Arabia a gallon of petrol is cheaper than a gallon of water!

  9. Please tell me you’re not a Creative Director 🙂

    i imagine it would go like this :

    man 1: hey , it that a buck on the ground over there ??
    man 2: so ? whatcha do with a buck ?
    man 1: (company) ! its a buck a beer !!

    another one … (not practical though)

    man 1: how many beers u get for starbucks ?
    man 2: star beers
    voice : (company) , a buck a beer ….

    man am so damn natural in this it only took me 1 min to do both … anyone know an Ad agency hiring ?

  10. Mai: LOL, sa7, ilsha3b 3aiesh kteer hon.

    Mohannad : I didn’t understand half what you said, LOL, maybe it’s good that I don’t

    Qabbani: wow, an hour.

    Fadi Malian: HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY, I was wondering the other day inno wain inta ghataset, zaman 3annak wallah, 3anjad ilak wa7sheh :), your comments always amused me.

    So, why don’t you stop being lazy and blog???

    Now about the beer, falsaftak is spot on, it’s true, water in bulk is cheaper.

    Awww, you are so sweet, I love little 7aki too 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying the space; make sure to always drop me a line!

    Roba: yah, the world is coming to an end, ha ha ha , or is it?

    KJ: Everything in Saudi Arabia is done backwards!

    Isam: Ok, I got the first one, didn’t get the second one.

    Nasee7a akhawieh? Don’t quit your current job…HA HA HA HA HA

  11. Aha, ma elek 3l politics enti:)
    ahmad najad is the president of iran and iran is the third or seconf largest oil producer in the world, so each time he attacks the US the prices go up, so basically what I said:
    Wait until ahmad najad farts, and you will have 5$ a gallon gas, in arabic bas ye6ga3 fo9;) I know you will say ewwwwwwwwww

  12. 3anjad ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

    And his name is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , that’s why I didn’t recognize him.

    Tab did you know that Iran raised the price of Gas 25% today? The Iranians are NOT happy

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