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    I am going to tell you a lot of things but at the end of the day it's all 7aki Fadi (empty talk , حكي فاضي), most probably somebody out there already said it.
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Blog responsibly!

I have to woooooooooooooooooork.

But I can’t, I just can’t…..EEEFFFFFFFTTTTTTT.

I will close this browser window right now and start working, like right nowwwww, I gotta, 3anajd I gotta, shu hal adiction had, mish tabee3y, 3anjad EFT.

They have to put a disclaimer when you register and start blogging that goes like this:

“We take no responsibility if you get addicted to blogging and can’t work and eventually get fired. Blog responsibly!”

Laaaaaaaater amegooooos. I am closing the window right now
Well, maybe after I check a blog or 2 , ha ha ha ha ha.
Sigh, I am a hopeless case I tell ya! H.O.P.E.L.E.S.S.


22 Responses

  1. Dear fellow Blogger,

    We understand your concern of your developed addiction to blogging.

    As part of our marketing campaign which focuses on targeting those H.O.P.E.L.E.S.S cases, we would like to promote to you our new special feature. “MOBILE BLOGGING”.


    In that way, you can take your addiction to a whole new level where you will blog on the Go.
    Alas, the boring days of waiting at the bus station is over. Enjoy your new blogging experience.

    DISCLAIMER: Blogger.com is not responsible for any traffic accidents involved if the user was commencing in a blogging activity while driving


    Hamza, you are EVIL, E.V.I.L.

    Why did you tell me????? EFT

  3. loooOOooOoool
    You are really hopeless case, you replied after 13 min.

    didn’t you said that you are going to work…

  4. LOL, sahif ballah Ahmad.

    But in those 13 minutes I published 2 crystal reports that were driving me nuts :D.
    Inno I was stuck with a stupid bug and then “nizel ilwa7y” and I solved the bug…I am a genius!
    And since I solved the problem bikafy work for the day, I am going out for lunch.

  5. I am seriously thinking of joining BA (Bloggers Anonymous)! Is there such a thing?? There has to be such groups around!!!

  6. Summer: Lets found one 🙂

  7. i’ll be joining you on the blogger Anonymous…
    hi, my name is sam and I am blogaholik…HELP ME!
    i’ve had my books open and my word window open for the past 3hours..with not even one word to contribute to my assignmnet but i’ve read and commented on few blogs…

  8. *uses Hamza’s “female calendar” technique and marks 7aki Fadi, 23rd of the month*

  9. eqne3 nafsak that u should stop doing this and u will .. try belzab6 10 ayam .. w elnata2ej madmone 3ame .. w eza ma 6ele3 m3ak she t3al estarje3 flosak …

  10. 7aki, oh you make me laugh…yes, you should SEE the pile of dishes, laundry, a cake to frost for a kid’s birthday…what am I doing? Reading blogs.

    E.F.T. 3anjad

  11. Do you possibly think it’s a woman’s thing? tis addiction?

  12. Lol! I feel the same! I have to go do some work! :S

  13. You spoke everyone’s mind 7aki!

    My productivity was never this low before!

    But seriously, I should blog responsibly … that said, I’m going back to doing some work … I’ll just check the next hundred blogs I have on my google reader …

  14. LMAO at KJ

  15. i agree !!!!

    i have 125 blogs on my RSS reader !!!! an everytime i see a good blog i add it !!! and the problem is that i dont have internet at home so i have to check all the blogs from work !!! sometimes i get behind everybody ans stay an extra hour or too just to make sure i read all posts !!!!

    Can anyone say “ADDICT” ??*

    * rambling hal (oh this just shows how much am into this thing)

  16. Sam: Group hug :).

    La2 3anjad HA HA HA HA HA. is it that obvious? lol

    Bara2: I guess if I wanted to stop I would the problem is I don’t wanna

    Kinzi: yalla, summer, Sam and I are founding a bloggers Anonymous club, come join 😀

    Salam: Well as you can see from some of the comments the guys case is worse, 100 blogs, OMG, I only check like 15 – 20 and I feel bad, if I checked 100 I think I would be homeless and divorced..LOL

    The Observer: lol. Ma2sah ilwade3

    Who-sane: Productivity? What does that mean?

    Hamza: LOL but for real Hamza, is it that obvious, LOL

    Isam: 125, WOW, you need help man, I only read as I said above 15-20.
    And lol, when you started saying stay for an extra hour or 2 that you work, but to read blog, he he he , listen join the BA(bloggers Anonymous) club, you are a hopeless case

  17. It CAN’T be more obvious! LoL… ajeblek mosaddas may (water) ettokhi 7alek fi? 😛

  18. KJ: lol KJ, inta nahfeh wallah.

  19. yeah, la allah!! 😀

  20. Its not like i read them all LOL …

    well i am a hopeless case … i hate my job … out of my country … and in a country where there is nothing to do … so blogs came to the rescue …

    and PS. I am a VERY VERY fast reader … I mean read anything in front of you … double it … and maybe u can keep up with me … am just born with it … so my 125 blogs are others 50 blogs 🙂

    excuses excuses 🙂

  21. الله يطمنك طمنتي بالي
    يعني افهم من هالحكي انه مش بس انا يلي بعاني من هالمشكلة

  22. who-sane: lol

    Isam Abu Salhieh: Sa7, sada2tak.

    The first step to recovering from addiction is to admit that you have a problem…LOL

    Na3oury: isma3, kulna hon mudmeneen. Welcome to BA (bloggers anonymous)

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