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Loonies and Toonies

When I first came to Canada I went to buy a hot dog off the street vendor for lunch (yummmmmmm) but now I am sick of them, I think I OD’d on them.

He asked me if I had a Loonie.

The newly immigrated 7aki: “Ha? A loony? You mean a crazy person? Why would I have a loony?”

Hot dog guy : “What crazy person? I want a Loonie.”

The newly immigrated 7aki: blank.

Hot dog guy: “Do you have a dollar?”

The newly immigrated 7aki: You call your dollar a loony? Why on earth would you call it a loony?

Hot dog guy: Have no clue. We just call it a Loonie .

Yes, it’s called a loonie

And guess what they call the 2 dollar coin? A toonie.

awwwwwww, how cuuuuuttttteeeeeee. How can you hate a country that calls its dollar coin a Loonie and its 2 dollar coin a toonie?

By the way it’s called a loonie because it has a picture of a loon on the back, I googled it and I went to tell the hot dog guy….he he he

Click here for more info on the loonie and the toonie , there are pictures in there :D.


14 Responses

  1. I can imagine the confusion! Loonie and toonie, LOL!


  2. looool. This is so true. My friends told me about it when I first came to canada but I thought they were bluffing me. I didn’t listen to them till I learned the hard way (similar to your experience)

    But I gotta agree, they are pretty cute 😉

  3. uggh dont get me started on the tooni…it made life soo much harder when they brought it out..i admit that $2 bill was uuuugggly and the tooni is so much cuter! bas it made loonies so scarces i had a hard time doing the laundry when i lived in mississauga. but yeh the names are so cute eh??


    everything we do is STILL better than those down south hehehhe

  5. LOOOOOOOOOL looni and tooni 😀 .. I can imagine your face looking at the guys “eno malo ebn el masroo3a had?” LOOOOOOOOOL
    I actually still get confused when people around me say stuff that I never heard before 😀 .. I act like I know exactly what they mean while I have no clue what the hill they mean 😀 LOOOOOOOOOL life as a new immigrant is so much fun LOOOOOOOOOL

  6. Wallahe that reminds me of poopoo and peepee since we are dealing with lots of those these days!

  7. Ah! If that is the case then I would like to propose a Moogle coin!

  8. sound nicer than naming our coins (shelen) and (bareezeh)

  9. ah such a funny thing to talk ABOOT , eh ! Stay where yer at, ’till I gets where yer to

    OH CANADIANS !!!! Tragically Hip from A to Zed !

    so , do u know what milk in a bag is now ?? :>

    hey dont forget the Tim’s double-double ok ?

    and Am telling u for the last time . dont be sorry cuz i stepped on ur foot OK ?

    ps. this might not make sense to you , its ok i mix up sometimes 🙂 (oh this was some serious brainstorming)

  10. you know what they call the 2.5 piastres coin in jordan? Gar6a!

  11. Who-sane: yah, confused I was.

    Hamza: totally I also thought I was being bluffed!

    Sam: I have a 2 dollar bill saved :D, pretty cool. They are rare, they have Niagara falls on them.

    Ghasheema: :D. Absolutely. Canucks rule.

    Mai: Oh the acting, when I first came to Canada I would be sitting in meetings and they would crack jokes, htat are really not funny, lol, you gotta have a Canadian sense of humor to understand and laugh at them, so I would go, ha ha ha ha ha..lol. But I guess I learned to appreciate their sense of humor now :D.

    Mohannad: Oh the fun!

    KJ: Moogle, I guess that would work. I mean Loonie? If Lonnie works, Moogle will definitely work.

    Ozz: LOL…so true, never thought about that..HA HA HA.

    Isam: hmmm, well I do get it.
    For a guy living in Saudi you know a lot about Canada, eh!

    Sel3: LOL, yah, biddi afham, why garta? Did they garato the shilin and it became a garta??? LOL…sigh.

  12. LoooL that’s really funny 😀
    and OZZ: u forgot el (ta3reefeh) 😛


    and 7aki i know alot about everything … i even have a four digit IQ 🙂 and oh yea my cousins are canadians 🙂

  14. Manal: yah, zamaaaaaaaaan 3ala ilta3reefeh.

    Isam: LOL…maskeen inta.
    Wow, 4 digits? fazeeeeeeeeeee3, yah, and trees grow on Mars…HA HA HA

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