Goodbye my Lover

This is James Blunts best work I think. Enjoy!

James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover

And please join me in congratulating me on my hundredth post!


15 Responses

  1. تتقدم اسرة عرب بالغربة الى حكي فاظي باحر التهاني على البوست رقم 100 طبعا كل هذا الانجاز ما كان ليتحقق لولا حنكة جلالة سيدنا المفدى الله يطول عمرو….


    Thanks Mohannad 🙂

  3. I’m still laughing

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL… @ Mohannad .. ya zalameh enta ta7sheesh …
    Congrats 7aki… 🙂 I love this song; my favorite for him is you’re beautiful… It’s his best song ever

  5. wallah dammak khaffan ya mohanned! … lol

    mabrook your 100th post 7aki! w 3o2bal el 1000! 🙂

    and that’s a really sad song 7aki 😦 .. shoo hal ka2abeh 3ala el sobi7!

    I hate goodbyes 😦

  6. that’s an awesome song, the chick misha in the clip is a real shagfeh

  7. You celebrate your hundredth post with James Blunt?

    And I thought I have seen everything.

  8. الف الف مبروك
    و عقبال الـ 1000 🙂

  9. aaaaweeeeha, wallah o 3amalteeha ya 7akiiii…
    aaaaweeeeha, o chatabti el post el meyyeh…
    aaaaweeeeha, o 3okbal ma nshoof postat wladek…


    chatebti: version falla7eyeh min katabti (you have wrote)

    Alf mabrook

    wallah zaman 3an el a3ras

  10. Happy Century 🙂

  11. Congratulations on your 100th post

    aaaaaah..that explains why you posted 3 posts together…you wanted to celebrate the 100th. 😀

    But “Goodbye my Lover”…you are not going to commit suicide..are you?

  12. Mai: Thanks buddy. I love that song too, I love all his album back to bedlam, but this song I donno, whenever I listen to it I get goosebumps.

    Whosane: Thanks 😀
    Yah, I think ghrab has been abducted by aliens, or he is funny because he is changing a lot of diapers lately.

    Sorry for the ka2abeh, I hate goodbyes too.
    Khalas next post will be another funny one 😀

    Hareega: yah, I thought the guys will like the video if not the song :D.

    KJ: You have seen nothing yet.

    Na3ouri: allah yebarek feek ya na3ouri w 3o2bal ma bintak itbalesh blogging 😀

    Ahmad: OMG HA HA HA HA HA HAH , ta7sheeeeeeeeeesh.
    Last time I heard zalghouta was like 5 years ago at my uncles wedding. My grandma is an expert.
    Thanks Ahmad, that was good!

    Isam: Thanks 😀

    Hamza: lol, no no, I published it and it said 100 and I was like :-O , surprised.
    Suicide: hmmmm let me see…NOPE…if I commit suicide how will I blog? Makes it impossible.

  13. mabrook on getting to 100 posts…they werent all 7aki fadi :o)

  14. yj3alo alf mabrook o 3okbal 3end chanaynech!!! mabrook el e7tefal, ma bdi a5areb 3alkeom el far7a bas el blog archive shows 98 not 100?

  15. Sam: Thanks Sam 😀

    Sel3: LOL, mazbooooooot, yeeeeeee, fdee7a. On my posts page it shows 100.

    I have 2 drafted old posts, lemme post them, he he he .

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