3anjad EFT..shu had???

I just got of the phone with sister , she has a trip to the states in June so she said, hey, let me stop by sister to see 7aki junior (AKA 7aki ilzgheereh) so she is in the process of getting her a visa and boy let me tell yah.


Why for Gods sake do they think that everybody in Jordan who applies for a Canadian visa are going to stay here? I don’t get it….

She has been here twice, traveled literally all over the world, already has an American visa and they still need STUFF to prove she has money and she is not gonna squat in Canada. We even sent her an invitation letter for Gods sake saying that we guarantee her return, what more do they need? Blood?…lol

Now this is not the issue, the issue is that the people, and may I add , the Jordanian staff at the consulate in Amman are soooooo rude, I can remember when I was applying for immigration how they talk to people, you would think that they are like the counsel himself (who was by the way the nicest person ever), I was like, my goodness if this is the consulate, then Canada is gonna suck, so unfriendly, so bitter. I think they are bitter cos they work there and most probably they have never seen Canada.

I really think the Canadian consulate should consider hiring Canadians. People that know how to smile and who can answer questions without making you feel like you are an insect that they just want to shoo away.

If they give her a problem I swear I will call them and al3an sansafeelhom (whatever that means…he he he ) , or I’ll let hubs do it, he’s good at these things. He has experience since they bugged the hell out of him when my papers were getting done.


10 Responses

  1. canadian consulate in jordan is really the worst consolate especially
    the way they segregate and treat us like we are inferior to them. Other than the glass that separates between you and the staff, I was extremely by the way they speak to us through that damned microphone like we are lepers or something

  2. tell me about it…hubby’s parents could not get a visa..and do not get me started on the bitch in the embassy in syria…i really wanted to kick her skinny ugly ass! everyone was taking her crap because the wanted to come to canada..but hell i wasnt going to take it from her and told her off..snotty little biotch! ooops..i used too many curse words sorry..but im still so pissed off at her..how dare she treats people like dirt and she is just a measly receptionist!


    Ok am kidding, I’m not that anal, really, wallah. 😀

  4. Yeah, well maybe should Jordan start doing the same.

    Give them all really hard time to get into Jordan, would be great for tourism.

  5. Hamza: Yes, and they are a bunch of im3afneen that let power get to their heads.

    Sam: mazboot, ya3ni inno they are not powerful but they use the fact that people need them to act like ASSES, please feel free to swear cos they deserve it.

    Hal: HA HA HA HA HA …ta7sheesh, welik wain kunty ghatseh?

  6. Firas: imagine? We are already having a hard time getting people to come to Jordan

    By the way, inta w hal..ian’t it like soooo late in Amman?

  7. Firas and Hal are camping outside the Canadian embassy. good thing they have wireless : )

    the Americans (or the Jordanian staff) are taking their sweet ass time issuing visas to my two little sisters, imagine.

  8. Let hubby do it. He will feel so manly and you can thank him later 😉

  9. Oh, and regarding your iPod, well, el zol dayman elo 3awamlo… I mean, the PS3, wow! LoL. Tell him you want the ipod and that you would put only tracks of him singing to you.

  10. Golobaorama: lol, I guess they might be camping.
    Your little sisters ???sigh, it sucks doesn’t it?

    KJ 1:Yeah I should :D. But if it does not work? He will be upset.

    KJ 2: LOL LOL. True true, but him singing ..not sure if that’s a good idea..

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