Wow, 5 pounds.

I lost 5 pounds in the past 5 days. I went from 134 (60 KG) to 129 (58 KG). This is the ideal weight for my height I think which is 5’8″ (173cm).

Wow, haven’t been this thin since ..hmmmm…I was

I think I am going to celebrate by buying me an I Pod…he he he , has nothing to do with loosing weight but I need an excuse to spend that kind of money.

This is what I am planning (in my head ) to tell hubs.

7aki: 7ayaty, I am going to buy an I pod.
Husband: Why? What’s the occasion?
7aki: Nothing I lost 5 pounds and I think I deserve an I Pod.
Husband: But you don’t need to lose weight!
7aki: I know but I did, so bonus, and I am going to celebrate 😀
Husband: But you don’t need one.
7aki: oh yes I do.
Husband: But it’s so expensive, it’s like for $ 400 and…..
7aki interrupts: Well I didn’t hear you complain when I got you the PS3 for our wedding anniversary.
Husband: An I Pod is a great idea….

What do you think? Will it work?


I am bored. Could you tell?


14 Responses

  1. Adam can never win an argument with Eve.

    So what would happen if you gained those 5 pounds back? I think he should revoke the iPod..hehehehe

  2. hahaha!

    good one 7aki! and mabrook the 5 pounds weight loss 🙂

  3. five hundred mabrouk the weight loss!! and alf mabrouk for the IPod when you get it!! Enjoy both!

  4. You GOOOOOOOOOOOOO GIIIIIIRL 😀 .. good for you, now we are the same weight ;).. it feels great doesn’t it? 😀 … you totally deserve in IPod for it.. and yeah, that PS3 trick will TOOOOTALLY make you win LOOOOOOOOOL … but $400??? I guess it’s a little cheaper than that if I’m not mistaken

  5. now we are the same weight u and maioush except im few feet so jealous! why cant I lose 5lb….when i lose those 10lb im buying myself something nice and banana split! :o)
    regarding the ipod, keep on talking about it everday, and eventually he will be like buy the damned things already….that is what i did with hubby when i wanted to get lazik…khaleeto yekhrah the letter l a z i and k..:) na’ na’ na’:o) works everytime…:o)

  6. Ya Raito Alf mabrooooooooook

    Hubby should get you the iPod without you asking. Just because you’re a good girl 😀

    Coming to think about it … hmm… so you girls “Plan” the retaliation even before the guy says anything? Wow! Talk about chess masters! … hmm you just push him straight into your gambit!

  7. Hamza: ha ha ha ha ha about revoking the IPod, you have a point, I am glad that it’s not HIS point..

    whosane: Thanks!

    Summer: FIVE HUNDRED??? wow, maybe if I was an elephant. .LOL.
    Thanks Summer, I will definitely enjoy both.

    Mai: Yayyyyyyy. It does feel great, but I need like new jeans and stuff to show off the new curves ;).

    The one I want costs 400, did you see it? The new IPod? It 80 Gigs. But I am open for negotiations, I can settle for the 299 one I guess…he he he

  8. Sam: Banana split ..yuuuuuuuuuummm..I am hungry, better go for lunch soon.

    I already started talking about it , HA HA HA HA , kinda getting the ball rolling.
    And lol about “khaleeto yekhrah the letter l a z i and k” the last thing a man wants is a nagging wife :).

    Q: Allah yibarek feek Q and 3o2bal yeseer 3indak mrs Q.

    Yaaaaaaahhhhhhh, talk some sense into him will ya?

    Lol, Yup, us women just sit there all day plotting the perfect chess game ;). It’s an art.

  9. Ya Allah why are women heik too demanding! Enno so what if you lost 5 pounds… go gain them back!

    Ne7na guys are so easy to please. We lost weight, we ask for sex. We are upset, we ask for sex. We are so happy, we ask for sex. We want to convince/be convinced, we ask for sex.

    Into el neswan want iPods and cuddling and clothes and shoes and so many other things.

    Be simple! Erdi el 7abib w khalli yerda 3aleiki and everything else goes.

  10. Mabrook the weight loss …

    and it is waaaaaaaay cheaper than 400$ … the iPod Video with 30 GB is for around 250$ … of course there are cheaper models …

    but tell ya what … the PS3 wouldnt work cuz am sure he bought u sth really nice on ur anniv. sa7 ??

    :waqfet somood ma3 ma3shar el rejal: 😛

  11. KJ: lol, nobody told you men to be simple.

    Women want it all.

    Isam: But you don’t know what happened Isam, our Anniversary is in Jan, we said we are getting simple presents and I tricked him and got the PS3 so I guaranteed the whole year…ha ha ha ha.

  12. 5 pounds in 5 days?! What the heck is your secret?

  13. abarclay12 : I had a lot of work at the office and i forgot to eat for five days.

  14. […] So I didn’t have to use the whole losing five pounds story. […]

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