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7aki ilzgheereh (aka 7aki junior) used to only fall asleep on the soundtrack of the movie “BLOW” , pretty good soundtrack if I say so myself, really really good.

A conversation between mother and I:

Mother: Wow 7aki ilzgheereh loves these songs, calms down when she hears them

7aki: Yes, the songs are great, kinda all over the place, like the song blinded by the light, black betty, Glad and Sorry, classics.

Mother: Aha, I like the songs on this CD

7aki: I agree very nice, I let 7aki ilzghereh listen to things I like, no lullabies for her

Mother: What is this CD called so i can use it for little 7aki when you are not around

7aki: It’s called “BLOW”

Mother: BLOW??? what an odd name. What does it stand for ?

7aki: ummmmm, it, hmmmm :7aki avoids eye contact: BLOW is cocaine; to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana.

Mother: :SHOCK: you put your daughter to bed on BLOW.

7aki: :very nervously: he he he, yes.

But in my defense , the soundtrack is soooooooooooooooooooooo good. Check it out

And those lullabies, turn my brain cells into mush and I won’t be a good mom and we don’t want that to happen do we!

Moment of realization that my daughter is listening; yesterday in the car she was singing along to my oldies CD mix ” you may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one” and then she sang, “oooh baby baby it’s a wild world”, she sang to every single song and I was in :SHOCK:

Better take the EMINEM cd out of the car because he is “naughty” and “a potty mouth.” he he he he.


9 Responses

  1. My god you are terrible! Child abuse! *calls social services*

  2. 3an jad..some lyrics are so nasty..and the problem is when there’s something catch thay kids really want to learn it by heart..I mean like the candy shop song,50 cent, thats just too much for kids !

  3. 🙂
    I used to play the radio ( 70’s and 80’s music ) in the car when the kids were young…they were introduced to great classics such as the Beatles, the stones, Floyd and all the great 70’s and 80’s music, they even talk about it now with childhood memories! but back then the lyrics were not as bad as many of the songs these days!

  4. you listen to EMINEM?

    Withthese songs I don’t 7aki junior will like the new albums for nancy ajram and haifa wahbi that are supposedly “for kids”.


  5. KJ: :(. But the soundtrack has no profanities in it.

    Salam: OH my God yeah some of these songs are really bad, that’s why I stick to classics and popish stuff when my daughter is in the car, 50 cent’s Candy song is gross by the way, I personally don’t like it.

    Summer: nothing better than the late 60’s early 70’s music, I love listening to them a lot.

    Hamza: Well only if I am in the car by myself, this guy is just a potty mouth :D.
    And I don’t listen to Arabic music a lot gotta download then burn then this then that, too much effort!

  6. lol yeah 7aki! The last thing you want to happen is have ur kid rapping to Eminem’s lyrics!

  7. whosane: HA HA HA. I Just got a mental image of little 7aki singing, ” I’m sorry mama, didn’t mean to hurt youuuuuuu, didn’t mean to make you cry” he he he he.

  8. good stuff for the kid to start with .. it’s a wild world

  9. ozz: it is a wild world indeed.

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