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I have a confession to make

Here I am sitting here and bawling like an idiot….

Why? Because I love something. Something that is taboo, something I should not love. Logic says stop. My cool friends tell me to stop…even my uncool friends tell me to stop!!!

But I do and I don’t care and I will admit it.

I love Indian movies.

Here. I said it and I don’t care, un-blog roll me, don’t read my blog anymore. Go ahead judge me I don’t care.

So I am crying because of the stupid movie that I am watching is stupid…the hero of the movie loves this girl, this girl has a really good friend , the hero who loves the girl has heart problems so he wants to set the girl up with the friend , then the girl thinks the hero loves her and she loves him back, but then the hero tells her he is married (to his doctor) but he lies so she can stop loving him because he is dying, then he hooks the friend up with the girl with this elaborate scheme.
The hero then gets sick and goes to the hospital, the girl by a fluke meets the doctor while buying the engagement ring and the doctor tells her that they are not married.
The hero sacrifices his love so she can be happy after he dies.

Tab leh haik ilfilm il hindi? And she cries and he cries and the guy friend cries and I cry and then he dies after she gets married to the guy friend.. and she cries, her mom cries her new husband cries and I cry.

Tab lesh ilka2abeh, alla yikhrib bait ilaflam ilhinedieh.

But one thing, wouldn’t you love to like break into song and dance in reall life?

Picture this:

I would be sitting in a meeting room then all of a sudden I get up and start dancing and singing my update.
OR OR I would be at the cafeteria and then I would order my food and then break into song and dance.
Or I would be having a family mansaf reunion and everybody will break into song and dance between consuming the mansaf and the knafeh.

I tell you the possibilities are limitless!

I feel that I shared too much in this post ….I am officially not cool right now, but I don’t care.

Damn you Bollywood movies. It’s all my friends fault, she keeps getting me those movies.


28 Responses

  1. i like indian movies Too. especially there songs. Some songs are amazing.
    my mother is from Afghanistan,but lived Most of her life in Jordan.
    so whenever i want to make my Grandmother happy, i try to sing her some indian songs.

    if u want my advice, watch Devdas.
    one of the best movie u’ll ever see!
    the best movie in the world!

    bekkafee el hnood 3endhom a7la benet bel 3alam,, Aishwarya Rai.

  2. hunny whoever told u indian movies are not cool…doesnt know what they are talking about…they are the uncool ones….wallah sweetie til this day I havent met anyone both at work and private life who hates indian movies

    I will tell u everyone says they are real “drama queens” in their acting …but their movies definitley dont suck…

    I love the clothes and the dancing…and of course the love story =D

  3. Ah, Bollywood movies! They’re so bad that you just can’t stop watching. It’s like a car accident…you just can’t turn away.

  4. I used to, and still, make fu of how Indian movies are too soap-opery! they are cheesy, but beautiful. I remember my grandma would shut us up, all 10-25 grand children present, by popping in an old amitabh bachchan movie. the problem with those movies was that the hero really never dies. I am guessing that bollywood is going through a transition phase by killing the hero with a heart condition. I guess whatever makes the story more romantic and exciting.

  5. HAHAHA LOL OMG! what else ? LOL
    Indian films? would you explain how did your relation with Indian developed?

  6. Aha, it seems that there is other fans… 7aki you are not alone 🙂

    for myself, whenever I see an Indian movie on the TV I change the channel o basta3’fer allah

    but I don’t know, maybe if I give it a chance, I would like them.
    BTW, I have a friend who suffers from the same symptoms 🙂

  7. LMAO

    enokom enokom te de maha heee
    bodedom dokejum mane haha heee

    HA3 … nahee nahee

    ya3ne i know the stroyline is always aweful … but at least they are very colorful and the dancing is amazing …

    lol @ danicng in presentation

    still though i dont watch them … but my brother does and he LMAOs at them all the time

    and yeah … mabrook the iPod … how much did u get it for ?? here in KSA its for 1100 SR = 290 USD

  8. —->am shocked—-> picturing u in the meeting room dancing with ur new sandles—-> am shocked———-> picturing u caring ur new Ipod and singing an indian song u must be wearing a red sari so that ur manicor would fit—> am am hahahahahahahahahah——> picturing ur husband coming to the meeting room with black glasses and a old motor bike to save u from the basterds that is sorruonding u———> am am shocked:) :P—-> u fit for a bollywood star though ‘7alas ba7keelek ma3 ameecha batchan hada zalmateee 🙂

  9. *bewildered at previous comment*

    Now THAT is an Indian movie!

  10. I sometimes picture myself going to meetings wearing nothing but a tie..

    I love Indian songs too, my motto is, if you can’t beat them join them. They are going to dominate the world anyway by overbreeding. Might as well get used to it.

  11. if i watch an indian movie i just do that in hope of picking a word from the 4 words i know in indian; namely tiga, jaldi, zindagi and boholgie. and despite my concentration throughout the entire movie, sometimes i need to watch for 2 hours until one of these words come at the final scene. and i wonder then how comes a word like zindagi (means life) can be absent all this time!

  12. Maher: Wow, I will make sure I watch Devdas! And yes, some of Bollywood actresses are amazingly beautiful.

    Ghasheema: Good, so I am not the only closet Indian movie lover out there 😀

    Dave: So true, just like reality TV sometimes, you want to stop, but you can’t.

    Globalorama: I love cheese :D.

    The new age movies are so different now, most of them are placed in the US and England, and Amitabh Bachchan once in a movie was a womanizing cool dad??!! amitabh bachchan who was in an old movie shouting Allahu akbar and got shot 10 times and did not die…remember that movie?

    Jad: 3am tid7ak 3ala my dilemma ??!! 😦 .7aram Jad…I need help and support..hehehe

    I can’t remember how, but I remember watching them when we were kids, I stopped for the longest time and only recently I am watching them again, my friend is my supplier ..LOL, also a neighbour I have..

    Ahmad: yeah I am not the only one, YAY…
    You should, new movies are not like how they used to be zaman, they are like in between Egyptian movies and Hollywood movies, they are modernized, very addictive though.

    Isam: inta kaman ibtid7ak?

    Shu ya3ni: enokom enokom te de maha heee
    bodedom dokejum mane haha heee

    Allah yibarek feek, I got it for 299 Canadian :).

    Tiger: LOL, da7aktni @picturing ur husband coming to the meeting room with black glasses and a old motor bike to save u from the bastards that is surrounding u


    I can’t get that picture out of my head…LOL

    KJ: yeah man, I deleted it, film hindi il3adeh…

    Expated : LOL, imagine … well… I don’t want to imagine actually… ewwwwwwwwwwwww

    Absolutely, have you seen the movie “Bend it like Beckham?” After my husband and I watched it we said: man, we wish we were Indians cos they have a lot of fun and they WILL rule the world one day!

    Ozz: What do they mean what do they mean?
    tiga, jaldi and boholgie.

  13. I was once with a Paksitani and a Benglai friend , they suggested renting an Indian movie to watch, I told them “hehe Indiain movie, those movies last for 5 hours and three generations are born and die during the movie”

    They didn’t like the joke and I think they felt extremely offended!

  14. *shock* no way indian movies..!! o the shame! im so taking u off my blog roll!!!

    no 3an jad i used to love indian movies..my best friend(the one im looking for) is from pakistan and used to always bring an indian movie over and make me watch it with her…bas no subtitles she had to transtlate..it was fun..i’d watch them again if i find some with subtitles…i think they are a fun watch every now and them..:) we used to watch them alot in lebanon!

    o i just noticed..why are your comments moderated now?? did anyone anons make annoying comments??

  15. Yeah, the thing is, they got some really “nice” actresses, but the thing is, when they start singing……a Jordanian souB Obara looks more attractive.

  16. LOOOOL at 7aki Fadi. I love seeing those lunatic sides of you

    There are only two things that I didn’t do yet that will officially classify me as insane..watching mexican drama series and indian movies.

    hahahaha..Good one 7aki 🙂

  17. Hareega: LOL, do they still talk to you?? What you did is like a non Jordanian saying, Mansaf is the worst dish in the world and generations die and are born while you eat it…hehehe

    Sam: Wow, not understanding and waiting for translation would be torture!!! The ones I get are subtitled in English.

    About the Moderation, you got it.

    Firas: LOL@Jordanian souB Obara
    Are you really comparing a Jordanian show with Bollywood? I just got an image of 3abeer 3eesa singing and dancing, HA HA HA, ilordoniat dabesh man, it will never work.

    Hamz: hehehe, I am a lunatic indeed ya 7amza.
    Wow , zaman 3ala il Mexican drama series, in Amman they used to have Alesandra sa7..lol…ta7sheesshhhhhh, but that’s where I draw the line I despise soaps. I never watch them.

  18. lol 7aki, what an addiction! *head shake*

    the movies is one thing, I can put up with all the nonsense, but the songs! AAARGHH! Doesn’t it feel like it’s the same woman singing in all the movies?

  19. No, you are still cool 🙂

    I used to love Indian movie when I was young. Don’t watch it anymore. But the story sounds nice. I almost cried now 🙂

  20. Oh No i wasn’t expecting this.

    I’ve been trying to think of a comment but I’m speechless!!

    How can it be!

  21. who-sane: But the songs are subtiltied now, they are good hehehe…sigh….I am a hopeless case.

    Observer:LOL Observer, don’t cry…hehehe

    Elijah: The first step to curing my problem is admitting it, NO? YES? … I am a hopeless case :(.

  22. You know, I will let you off the hook if you do NOT watch Egyptian movies.

    *prepares voodoo spell*

  23. KJ: HA HA HA HA …no I don’t watch Egyptian movies. Not appealing to me.

  24. I like Indian songs, but I hate frustrating Indian movies, just cry X cry … and that’s it !!

  25. tiga: good
    jaldi: quickly
    boholgie: forget
    zindagi: life
    u can’t put these words in one meaningful sentence .. u just can use them individually.

  26. gradly: Man, you are right, kulloh i3yat….

    ozz: I can put it in a sentence:

    It is “tiga” to “jaldi boholgie zindagi” sometimes.

    ..yes? no? hehehe

  27. shekle 7atet comment 3al post el 3’alat don’t approve it, ama bel nesbe lal hindi! ya3ni mashala mezwe2a! ya3ni ma fe a7san men el eflam ele hendi, once in an indian movie the star found a little girl at the beginning of the movie and he toke care of her, in the end he found out that she is his mother! balla 3am te7ki men 3a2lek bet7ibi el aflam el hindi?

  28. lol sel3…but the new movies are cool, wallahy…hehehe..:(, I am a hopeless case.

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