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Concealed Beneath My Skin

This entry was written by a freind of mine, she wrote it after I got married and left Jordan.

I was really touched by it.

Here goes…

Concealed Beneath My Skin

it’s hard to enter the next stage
when my tears keep themselves concealed beneath my skin
my words come out shakey if they come at all
and still i have not fully cried
i must, to proceed
it needs to be expressed to this silence
i know i’d rather be alone for them to flow freely
not when i said goodbye though
everyone was watching
i observed you and him in the light
you were dancing in each others eyes
the bride and groom
your portrait made me smile
you looked amazing, did i tell you?
my smile disintegrated thinking i would have to
say my goodbyes to you right there and then
you’re going far away
i’ll miss you, you know
i already do
and still i have not fully cried
i must, to proceed

Dated Jan 12, 2001…my wedding night.


2 Responses

  1. Hope you still happy with your marriage. It is hard to be away from home.

    Good luck

  2. Thank you oudi 🙂

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