Hi, my name is 7aki and I am a Musicolic too!

Remember the post when I said I am a Bookaholic? Well I have been kinda not reading as much for the past 3 weeks and listening to more music. It’s so weird that for the life of me I can’t concentrate and read more than 10 pages a sitting, ME, who read a book a week! ME, who goes crazy without reading! ME who reads the cereal box at breakfast if I don’t have something to read???? Did I say ME?

So, Hi, my name is 7aki and I am a Musicolic too!

The world is coming to an end I tell ya!

This is why I bought the IPod because for the past 3 weeks I got sick of my 512 MP3 player and the limited amount of( is it 20 or 30) stupid songs it holds.

So I have 30 Gigs of music to fill (7,500 songs) and I am running out of song titles to download and I need your help!

Give me names of 3 songs that are your favourite favourite favourite and you think are a must must must have in my library.

You can give me more than 3, but 3 is the minimum!

Oh, album names are welcome too :D.

Oh oh, and easy on the Arabic.

Oh oh oh…I use limewire, is there a better application?

Oh oh oh oh oh… Audio books are welcome too. Where can I download them? And 2e7em…for free.


17 Responses

  1. Hi Musicolic 7aki.. I’m Maioush and I’m a Music freak.. big time 😀 …
    Sho elli easy on Arabic ya benti.. Arabic music is the best now if you want names of Arabic songs you will need another 40GB LOOOOOOOOOL
    There is a song I reminds me of you for Najwa Karam, it’s her new hit called “Haida 7aki” LOOOOOOOOOL.. this song is desighn for you 7abeebti 😀
    There is a very beautiful song by Saber I post about all the time called “allah ye7meek” , and go ahead and download ALL Fadel Shaker’s albums, they are all great..
    For Ragheb 3alama:
    Sa3b Tgheeb
    El 7ob el kebeer
    Layaleena el 2adeema
    Naseeni el donya

    For Asalah Nasri:
    Naseebi beek
    Bean edeek

    For Amr Diab:
    Tamelli Ma3ak
    Allah la ye7remni mennak

    OH WOW… I AM A MUSOC FREAK .. somebody stop me right now… stop or else!!!
    wait I’ll email you some of my lists “etni tlli jebteeh la7alek, mesh la2yeh t7otti heak 5abareyeh ‘3ear la ashkali?? 😀 LOOOOO

  2. Here Without you – 3 doors down
    Tell Me – Pdiddy & Christina
    Power Mix – Dj Tiesto
    Say it right – Nelly FURTADO
    In The End – Linkin Park
    chaiya chaiya – Dil Se (indian song)

  3. Use BitComet (google it & download it) to download “torrent” files and then search for whatever you want on isohunt.com, WAY much better than limewire!!

    Here are my essentials:

    1- Songs for Van Morrison:
    a) These Are The Days
    b) Tupelo Honey
    c) Brown-eyed Girl
    d) Sweet Thing
    e) Into the Mystic < --- A MUST! 2- Wish you were here – Pink Floyd
    3- All Buddha Bar CD’s
    4- Buena Vista Social Club
    5- Andrea Bocelli

    Can’t think of more 😦 but that’s enough from 1 comment I guess.

  4. Oh and if you’re into country try anything for:

    – Tim McGraw
    – Alan Jackson
    – Garth Brooks

    Oh and of course, the MUST DOWNLOADS:

    – The Boss! aka Bruce Springsteen
    – Eric Clapton
    – Bob Dylan
    – Johnny Cash

    And Groove Armada, Lifehouse are really good!

    In addition to some of Staind, Bon Jovi’s, Nirvana, Aerosmith, System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Metallica … ok you see where that’s going …

  5. *googles his collection of 3075 songs*

    I have many many many songs to recommend.
    1- hard to say goodbye -celine dion & paul anka
    2- can’t we try – vonda shepard &
    Dan Hill
    3- When you tell me that you love me- Julio Iglesias & Diana Ross
    4- Where the wild roses grow – Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue
    5- Breaking the habit- linkin park
    6- My baby shot me down- Nancy Sinatra
    7- You give love a bad name- Bon Jovi
    8- Home Again – Blackmore’s Night
    9- La Isla Bonita – Madonna
    10- When you cry -TOK
    11- Please forgive me- Bryan Adams
    12- Mi chico latino – Geri Haliwell
    13- Rai Nb Fever -113 Et
    14- You give love a bad name- Bon jovi

    As for Albums, I’d say go for all albums of Josh Groban, richard marx’s best hits and chris DeBurgh love songs

    Of course, I recommend ALL the songs mentioned by Maioush. They are really the best.

    and I am like Who-sane. I use bitComet. You can use websites like “www.torrentportal.com” or http://www.torrentspy.com” to download torrents.

  6. Heeyy 7aki 🙂

    here you go, you probably know them

    the mamas and the papas – California dreaming
    Beth Orton – its not the spotlight
    Scorpions – you and I
    Silverchair – love your life
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give it away
    Katie Melua – Nine million bycles in beijing
    Annie Villeneuve – je t’aime
    Pink Floyd – Hey you
    Dire Straits – Money for Nothing
    Bjork – Joga of Emergency
    Aerosmith – Crazy
    Des’ree – you gotta be
    Blues Brothers – Sweet home chicago 🙂
    Simon and Garfunkel – 50 ways to leave your lover
    Aretha Franklin – Respect 😉
    Ace of Base – All that she wants 😛
    Bryan Adams – Heaven
    Ozzy osbourne – Dreamer
    Third Eye Blind – Deep inside of you
    John Frusciante – with love

  7. hey 7aki, one thing is the music on my blog 😛 but u already know those

    So here are 3 more
    am gonna stick to 3
    rue de soleil – angel eyes
    Tiësto – isos 4 cd2 (does that qualify as a song ? its over 60 mins)
    Wir sind Helden – Gekommen um zu bleiben

    as for a way to get them i would think Bittorrent is good.
    personally i don’t like bitcomet and use utorrent its easier

    but the best way is to get invited into an invite only tracker since ur in canada and all you don’t want the RIAA sending you any letters 😀
    (but don’t worry not much of that going on in canada)

  8. يا سعد عمرالعبداللات

    توت توت اطر زغنطوط عبد المنعم مدبولي

    احنا فراشات صغار ريمي بندلي

    you said three, right?

    if you want more just ask me, I actually have the Madbooly one.

  9. hamza I’m surprised “Total eclipse of the heart” is not on your list, must’ve slipped 😛

  10. I’ll give the oldies, cuz that’s all I listen to 🙂

    Simon & Garfunkel
    Sound of Silence
    I am a Rock
    Homeward Bound

    Fleetwood Mac:
    Second Hand News


    Led Zeppelin:
    Stairway to Heaven

    The Logical Song
    Take the Long Way Home

    Bon Jovi Keep the Faith album, These Days, and Destination Anywhere (Jon Bon Jovi)

    Pat Benetar:
    In the heat of the Night

    All I Wanna Do
    These Dreams
    Nothing At All

    Oh you said 3??? ooops

  11. u have to give me a genre or i wont be able to help u … 😦

    but if i must …

    current :

    Outlandish TOTALLY
    John Mayer TOTTALY
    John Legend
    Natalie Furtado
    Justin Timberlake (only the last album)
    Alica Keys
    Damien Rice TOTALLY
    Rachel Fuller TOTALLY

    i could go on forever u know … so i will stop here


    Nirvana TOTALLY
    Eric Clapton
    Jimi Hendrix TOTALLY
    Ray Charles TOTALLY

    5alas i have to stop … but i had to write something down cuz el 3asfoora told me u like my kinda of music 🙂

    Peace !

  12. 1-Pull me under- Dream theater (images and words -album-)
    2-ultra- home (Depeche Mode)
    3-All I ever wanted (Depeche Mode)

    that is what I could think of now 🙂

    Any books you recommend ?

  13. Maioush: LOL, da7aktiny, tab yallah I am waiting for hte email.

    Maher: Thanks!

    Whosasane: Thanks and thanks! I will try this software.
    And Country….no thanks … hehehehe.

    Hamza: Wow Hamza hada inta qadeeeeeeeeem :).

    Tala: Nice taste you have there. Thanks!
    I totally forgot about “Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give it away” Thanks for reminding me I love this song!

    No-Angel: Thanks I guess..LOL..have no clue what you listed here, but will be fun discovering them :).
    And yes, in Canada nobody has been arrested yet.

    Globalorama: hmmmmm, ok.

    whosane: LOL.

    elijah: oh yeah, Led Zeppelin:
    Stairway to Heaven
    Love it.. Thanks!

    Isam: It’s Nelly Furtado.
    Good list you got there. Thanks!

    Bashar: Thanks!

    For book, oh my where do I start??? Check the link up at the top, I put my recommendations there, but I love the following:
    1) The red tent
    2)Lullabies for little criminals
    3)Shake hands with the Devil
    Guns germs and steel
    tipping point
    a short history of nearly everything
    the book I am posting on the right hand bar..
    and the list goes on and on and on!

  14. الطشت قللي الطشت قللي يا حلوة قومي استحمي
    كذاب يا خيشة كذاب قوي دنل كنت فاكرك فهلوي لشعبان عبدالرحيم
    اركب الحنطور واتحنطر
    جاجاتنا وجاجاتكم برعن سوى
    ماشي — امل انت تنال اعجابك

  15. I have so many to list.

    My style of music is the incredibly odd new-age stuff. You may want to try Loreena McKennit. My favorites are “Dante’s Prayer” and “The Dark Night of the Soul”


  16. KJ: I think I’ve heard her stuff. I check her out.


  17. anything but ordianry (by avril)
    candyman (by aqua)
    good bye to the circus (by aqua)

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