7aki domesticated?

I could not resist posting about this:

We were invited to a BBQ yesterday and etiquette requires that you bring something with. I being the worlds worst procrastinator (WORST) I always end up buying whatever it is I am going to bring

Not this time! I made the most delicious salad ever ever ever.
It is sooooooooooo good inno I think it’s my favorite salad in the world!

Here’s the recipe, it is so easy anybody can make it. Even men, or Maioush ( Tab Mai, isatwa ilRoz willa la2? hehehehe) can make it.



– Boil pot of water (water equal to amount of couscous) (I used too much so maybe 3 cups would be good)
– Once boiled, take off stove, add couscous, let stand until water is absorbed (5 minutes)


– 1 Cucumber – slice and cut in half (Cucumbers here are on steroids so one cucumber is like maybe 3 normal ones ?)
– 1 Box Cherry Tomatoes (small) – leave whole (so it keeps well)
– 1 Can Black Sliced Olives
– 2 Red Peppers – chop into small cubes
– ½ Red Onion (or quarter) – chop into small cubes


– Basil, Parsley, Mint (hand full of each – chop finely) (you can skip the Basil if you want)


– ¼ Cup of Olive Oil (you can add a bit more)
– 1-2 Tbsp. Vinegar
– 1 Tsp. Dijon Mustard
– ½ Lemon – Squeezed
– 1 Cube Garlic – Minced
– Tbsp. Mayo or Yogurt – Optional
– Red Pepper, Herbs – Finely minced Tbsp.
Whisk all above ingredients together.


– Crumbled Feta Cheese (lots)

Prepare couscous and let stand to cool down. Chop veggies and add to couscous. Add dressing and then add the feta. You can also drizzle with olive oil before serving. Add salt and pepper to taste – optional.

W sa7tain w 3afieh…I wanted to say that for EVER..HAHAHAHAHA


22 Responses

  1. are you sure ?? we can dot ,

    but its look like Mo salad O_O

  2. oh i have never seen this salad b4! dont mind trying though!

  3. mesh 3aref iza Maioush ra7 toskot 3al mawdoo3 … o bel nesbi lal men fa ana bagdar a3’morek 3’amer bel wasfat 🙂 bas ana men mesh 3adi … ana men faw2 el 3adeh 😛

    ana awwal marra akaltHa hay kanat fe netherlands … akalet kosoksi henak 4 times in 10 days … yemken the younger holland generation will think its a national cuisine … bas zaki la sho el 7aki ya 7aki …


  4. Nice to read a recipe from you and a picture too!! great job!
    i have one comment though, don’t you think that you should have used more veggies and herbs or less couscous? i would not use yogurt or mayo with it.
    thanks for the idea and the new recipe, i will try it soon but modified…seems very healthy and light!

  5. MQabbani: I used too much Couscous, I should have changed the ingredients.

    Lamoush: You should, it’s great :).

    Isam: Tab yallah post some recipes!

    Summer: You are right! I used too much couscous, cos the recipe didn’t say and I used 5 , that’s why it’s a lot, so I put use 3 up there.

    Yes I did not use the Mayo.

    Tab post the modified version 🙂

  6. it looks good 7aki,, never tried it before, reminds me of something between tabbouleh and fattoush,, or you know shu ja3bali halla2,,, maftool:) i just came from college n im starving.. ya3ni, not the right post to read halla2, hehehe

  7. hey 7aki what do u mean “Even men” !

    ok ok, back to the recipe:
    definitely what summer said alot less coscos (and sinca mama says its 3eib am gonna call it maftool, k )
    so 1 cup of muftool should be fine with that (IMHO)
    the dressing sounds like a ceaser salad dressing minus the eggs and Parmesan.
    so i would add a lil kick to it
    2 tbsp molasses and 5 drops of tobasco
    sounds good tho

  8. Tala: Tab yallah go eat!

    No Angel: Ouch , my ears hurt. Why are you shouting? LOL

    Well my husband only cooked for like 6 times in the past 6 years. So althogh the chefs are men, the average Joe does not cook :p.

    And yes, yes , put too much “maftool” …LOL..3 cups would be better than the pciture above

  9. 7aki, one day i will post the modified version…i like to make it and take my own pictures…this time there is no one to cook for!!
    to No Angel, Cesar salad dressing has Anchovies in it, and no eggs, but I have to go to the recipe to double check!
    I thought the best chefs are men! 😉

  10. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 7aki, “Even Maioush” LOOOOOOOOOOOL motet deke7 when I saw it 😀 …. Jad 7ashashet 😀
    El roz wala stawa wala 3ala balo, ejat mama mshan tenqez el sha3b elli 3endi 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    Now let me tell you, as long as there is boiling included ensi mawdoo3i 😀 … boil water add stuff and cook it? Ya lahwi, I’ll screw things up for sure mafi masloo2 jahez?
    Looks yummy walahi, bs esma3i, walahi feyye amal, an abs beddi 7ada ywa2ef ma3i o y3alemni LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  11. 7aki, pa-roouuud of you! Masha-allah, mabsuuta minnak, ma a7sanik inti fil matbukh!

    Cute hat-tip to Mai, too!! 😉

  12. raheeb. sar jay 3a bali.

  13. Summer: I am looking forward to your post 🙂

    Mai: hehehehe…bas hadi ibtighly ilmai and then put the couscous for 5 minutes not boil the couscous…ta7sheesh…ta3aly 3indi ba3teky dars.

    Allah yikhally ilmamat taba3oona, I can’t wait for her to come visit, I will not go in the kitchen at all … hahahaha.

    Kinzi: ahlan wa sahlan ya kinzi, hada kulloh min zo2ek :).

    Roba: for real for real Roba, you should ask your mom to do it for you, very good and healthy!

  14. My God 3an jad ennek addicted to Blogger! LoL.. take a chill pill ya benet!

    Thanks for the, uh, meal, although I am not too fond of the photograph 😛 It looks like someone puked it.

  15. so I see two photos..One before serving and I assume that the other one was AFTER serving.

    Maybe nobody ate from it and you posted this to find some appreciations on the blogger world.

  16. KJ: :p.

    Hamza: LOL Hamza…walak they ate like pigs wallah…hehehehe and they were fighting over the leftovers….inno who will take them home!

    Da7aktni ya Hamza.

  17. wow 7aki no way..u actually took something u made to a bbq? i’m still not ready to do that..i either get my mom to make me something…or just stop at sobey’s and pickup something..

  18. hala sar el koskos (el maftoool bel 3arabi) yen3amala salad!!!! wainek yamma tshofe banat el youm sho 3emlo bel maftool, sala6a ya 7aki, ya 3aib eshoom!

  19. Sam: I did, can you believe that? Well when my mother in law comes back I get her to make me stuff too…hehehe

    Sel3: lol..da7aktny…malha ilsalta? goes well with the BBQ 😀
    And by the way, maftool is very different than Couscous

  20. it is different because ele be7awel ye3mal maftool o ma bozbot ma3o besame couscous o be3malo salata :p

  21. OMG Sle3… LOL.. that cracked me up.. HAHAHAHAHA.

  22. sorry but it looks disgusting

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