You have to check this out, have to have to have to. بيضبيديا

Here’s the link to بيضبيديا HILARIUOS.

Thanks to Bakkouz for putting it on his blog.



8 Responses

  1. this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the net! LOL!

  2. whosane: The stuff there are crazy! I can’t believe the effort they put on it , and kulloh takhweet!

  3. Yes, its funny, but it has no ethics.
    What I mean is that it insults religions and some people.
    And that is not a freedom, they can’t hurt the feelings of people just to make others laugh, don’t you think so.

  4. that’s really funny

  5. Ahmad: this is exactly why I find it funny :).

  6. that is FREAKINGLY FUNNY 🙂

  7. ahlan ahlan bi abu ilshawakeesh.

  8. lool


    fee nas fadyeen ash’3al ye3malo haik websites 🙂

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