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I am sick of commuting. SICK.

On Friday there was a tornado , it took maybe only half an hour, I was on the train listening to some music and dosing off then I wake up and all of a sudden the sky went black, and there were torrential rains, I was like HOLY SHIT, 10 minutes ago there was sunshine?? It was really like in a blink of an eye the weather changed 180 degrees.

So what happens? A tree decides to fall on the track and stop the train!!!

I was stuck on the F’n train for 2 hours, TWO HOURS until the emergency people came and cut the tree.

Gladly my neighbour was home and she picked up my daughter for me or poor little 7aki would have been stuck at the daycare until I got there. I love my neighbours; they are like my 2nd family but with improvements…hehehehe.

So on the train I got to chat with the passengers sitting next to me and we talked about how last year or 2 years ago there was a person who committed suicide by jumping in front of a train and delayed hundreds of commuters (including me) for up to 4 hours until the mess was cleaned up and the police did their job.

A person who decides to commit suicide becomes a selfish prick by jumping in front of the train in the midst of rush hour. Heck not only rush hour but anytime!

OK, you wanna die, hell, do it, but can you do it on your own time? Can you not delay hundreds of commuters? Or traumatize the driver and passengers who had to see you die?

For God’s sake, if you want to kill yourself and thinking about jumping in front of a train, think again and try and die with the least impact on other people!

OK, if you insist on jumping in front of the train, can you do it on the weekend maybe?

Makes me MAD.

In Japan if you decide to jump; the family of the person who committed suicide has to pay a penalty of 60,000 dollars for delaying everyone and to pay for the costs of getting things back on track.



11 Responses

  1. poor 7aki! i hated the commute to toronto..bas i was driving there…from hamilton to toronto…looking at it back…what the hell was i thinking??!!! when i finally lived in mississauga and worked in mississauga it was soo much better…a 10min commute…with flexible hours! phew what a difference!
    and haha about the suicide person..ya3ni 3an jad so selfish! i guess it was overdone in japan for them to implement that law eh?

  2. aaah..the good days of the GO train. Thank God that I lived in mississauga. Transportation was rarely a problem to me…except Sundays 😦
    But those accidents of ppl jumping in front of the train have happened more than once. What’s even more fun is that the media hails the person who saves the day rather than find out why the person jumped in the first place.

    So in the end, we really need superman. 😦

  3. reallyy?? they do that in Japan? another reason for me to love those asians!

    yabaye low teje te7ke la jartek be amman troo7 tjeeeb el benet men school..bet7amlek meet alf jmeleh!! lool

  4. Sam: Wow Hamilton to Toronto drive everyday..you are a trooper! or were I guess.

    Leave it to the Japanese to come up with an efficient deterrent..lol..so if I was Japanese and hated my parents and wanted revenge I would jump in front of a train hahahaha

    Hamza: yeah, Superman would be PERFECT..I can picture it , is this is a bird , is this a plane? no it’s superman . ya salaaaaam , he would have lifted that tree in 1 second!

    Maher: LOL, yeah , lazim after they pick up the kid we do a mansaf to thank them..hehehe

  5. Looks like someone is in a bad mood!! Tawli bali ya benti 🙂
    Well, in a way I can relate to that since the traffic is killing me here in California, I was stuck once for more than 5 hours (NOT MOVING), and couldn’t even get to the next exit!!! i was listing ti my music and calling people to kill some time, but GOD!!! 5 HOURS??? My was killing me, I hate traffic
    Glad you made it safe from the tornado

  6. *wonders why 7aki is so upset*

    It is just two hours. That’s like a regular day of a one-way commute here 😛

    Sorry about the tree 😦

  7. I thought you were in Jordan :/

  8. 3adi 7aki,, heik il dinya,, marrat khalas you donno from where things get in your face. Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

  9. Mai: LOL..I am actually in a great mood bas jay 3abaleh fashet ghol!

    KJ: Wow, you need to move closer to work! and by the way, this was preceded by 1/2 an hour on the subway, and it was Friday, and I wanted to get home and chill and I was pissed :s…hehehe

    And Toz 3ala iltree..hehehe

    elijah: 😮

    tala: Thanks taltoul.
    Sa7. The month of May sucked ass and I was hoping June would be better is all :S.

  10. This comment is a declaration of truce…

  11. Mohannad: tatafadal usret 7aki Fadi…..akmel ilfaragh


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