Your most worthy opponent is you

I was riding on the subway today and the guy sitting next to me was wearing a T-Shirt that said:

“Your most worthy opponent is you”

It got me thinking to how true this statement is!

How many times we don’t do something because we think we can’t?

How many times a woman gets abused by her husband and chooses to stay because she thinks she can’t make it on her own and decides to leave after it’s too late?

How many times do people dream of doing great things and when the first obstacle comes they just quit?

How many times a mother stands and does nothing knowing that her child is being abused by someone close for fear of losing her partner?

How many times ……..

It makes me sick how humans are so weak sometimes.

For me, I let my opponent win when I don’t speak up when I know I need to. I hate myselfs guts afterwards. But I am working on it and getting much better :).

Do you remember a time when your opponent won?


11 Responses

  1. Your article has been added to

  2. Thanks Anon 🙂

  3. I’m not getting it 😦 …

    do I need to be schizophrenic to understand this? then again, it is late, and I might be a bit slow ..

  4. I agree, It is very true.
    you set your own limits.

  5. The mind is a silly thing. Don’t succumb to it. Stop thinking, be yourself and be stupid 😀

  6. whosane: lol…I guess being schitzo might help!
    Read comments below.

    globalorama: We so do! But learning to overcome the self set limits is hard sometimes.

    KJ: It is KJ. I have an issue of over thinking sometimes :(. But working on it :), this blog kinda helped a lot.

  7. a way to achieve more, I have found, is to set very high standards for myself.

  8. globalorama: That is good advice!

  9. I never shut up even though I’ve been into lots of trouble because of that but I don’t care as long as I feel I did something and wasn’t quiet about it!

  10. oh and I eve speak up fr others although it has nothing to do with me 🙂

  11. elijah: Good for you! Can you give lessons?

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