Happy Father’s Day :)

I want to wish Husband and all the Dads out there a very Happy Father’s day!

This is what little 7aki got her daddy with a little help from Mommy, it’s a Tiffany’s money clip, cute isn’t it? Husband loved it!

And there was a little card that said ” I love you Baba”.

She also painted him a nice mug at school and she was sooo proud of it when she gave it to her Daddy after they had a little mini golf thing at school where he got to bond with little 7aki without big 7aki bieng there to annoy both of them hehehehe.

Dads ROCK :).


14 Responses

  1. Since I don’t have kids, this is meaningless to me 😛

  2. LoL @ kj well same happens to me on mothers day but I don’t mind it one bit, it reminds me of my blessings haha

    Happy father’s Day to Abu 7aki

  3. Nice gift!

    How cute 🙂

  4. neyyalhom el fathers, they get meaningful useful personal gifts! mosh zay mothers, they get khallat, or ghassaleh, or sishwar, or even a ticket to a massage!

  5. awww! bless!

  6. KJ: Well if your sole relationship is with a game console I can understand why you have no kids … hahahaha

    elijah, PŕōuđPāŀĩ and the Observer: Thanks!

    Mariam: OMG you took these words out of my mouth! but I wouldn’t mind a massage though..they are amazing.. you gotta have a massage with a good massage therapist to appreciate them :D.
    One mothers day I got a photo frame :S , I hate photo frames. and another time a cup htat is usless, I hate useless cups … hmmm. I think I need to retrain husband

    And lol at sishwar .. HAHAHA I have not heard this word for ages!

  7. كل سنة و كل الباباهات بخير
    و ان شاء الله ينعاد عليكم جميعاً بالصحة و العافية

  8. Well thats only in the states and canada. babahat around the world get zilch !
    happy papa day (tho even parents find it kinda meaningless and it shows by how much they don’t care about it compared to mother’s day)

  9. that is soooo cute! 🙂

  10. whoops, guess I’ve become Jordanian, we didn’t do much but offer wishes. I even left Dad with the kids alone twice on Father’s Day! BUT< I did dedicate a whole post to him, hope he knows what an honor that is. :S

  11. Thank you zaki fadi

  12. Blasphemy! I just didn’t find a girl who shares my gaming passion 😀 nothing beats a hot erotic vibrating Wii controller 😉

  13. AAAWWW how sweet 🙂 … how nice of you guys, yala happy fathers day la Abu 7aki el z’3eereh 😀 “it’ sounds funny Abu 7aki” LOOOOOOOOOOL

  14. Na3ouri: Thanks!

    No-Angel: you are right, and it becomes very commercial, but because the school makes a huge deal and my husbands coworkers make a huge deal we kinda celebrate it and go out for lunch or something :).

    Whosane: keef bas :). 3o2bal ma tseer baba 🙂

    Kinzi: lol, 7aram baba kinz. But I am sure you show him the love every day 🙂

    KJ: lol, did you see that spoof about that on you tube? Pretty funny!

    Mai: I know, abut 7aki ilzghere sounds a7san…7asait abu 7aki inno aboy ana 🙂

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