I can’t sleeeeeeeep

Yup, can’t sleep and I am sooooo gonna regret it tomorrow! Most probably I will be a walking zombie.

But hey, my boss is off so I will most probably come in late :D.

Oh, but I get in late everyday. hehehehe

Maybe I should not go at all .. HAHAHAHAHA.

By the way, I AM SICK OF BIENG SICK… seriously I got sick for like 3 weeks starting mid May and then I got better for 2 days … TWO … two. And then I got this annoying sore throat starting Monday LAST WEEK 😦 I still have a sore throat 😦 and I am tired and sick of being sick 😦 I have been sick for a month now … poor 7aki :(.

And I went to the doctor and she said just take cold medicine.. BALLAAAAAAAAAAAAH JAD …WOW.. couldn’t have done it without her! They pay her the big bucks to prescribe cold medicine? grrrrr

I should have called mama.


And 7aram 7aki ilzgheereh has a throat infection too 😦 but thankfully she got some antibiotics, and I didn’t :S, and she is doing great!

7abibty 7aki ilzgheereh, I kept tickling her today until she begged me to stop … hehehe…she was laughing soooo much that it kept making me laugh and I like to tickle her to hear her laugh, she laughs from her belly and it’s hilarious wallah… 7abibty 🙂

She sang me a song that goes like this: Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider X 100000 … LOL .. and she was giggling the silly billy 🙂 because she was supposedly singing her version of the “isty bitsy spider”.

Shu kamaaaaan? shu Kaman? Oh, I watched the movie Sicko thanks to No_Angel , it was GREAT. You have to watch it. It has not been even released in the theaters yet! God I love illigal pirating.

No_Angel , you are the best sharer ever :D. I dub thee the king of “sharing pirated materials like movies, songs and such.”

W bas.


13 Responses

  1. My god woman you are such a drama queen. It is just sickness! Drink some orange juice, some honey, and move your ass back to work, you lazy stupid thing!

  2. LOL thanks for title ! and i accept thou honor.
    *gets the crazy idea of starting peer sharing boxes accross the country were people drop things that they like to share with others…..*
    haha just read spider spider…. hope that rhymed with itsy bitsy, u reminded me of my nieces and nephews better get them to come over

    final note sleep is overrated and work is underrated

  3. KJ: you are such a meanie 😦 take it back.
    I have not complained all month! Meanie.

    No Angel: That’s a great idea!
    And yes it does rhyme with itsy bitsy spider .. lol

    And did you say that work was “underrated”, you think so? I HATE work and I think it should be banned!

  4. Been a month ha? Interesting.

    *looks at calendar*


  5. poor 7aki 😦 … what’s with all the sickness and insomnia?

  6. come on 7aki. Be grateful. There was a time where i got sick over 20 times in less than 2 months. Its becauss of stupid frequent changing weather in Canada

  7. Poor 7aki.. walahi I’m sick too, but I take tons of vitamins daily so el 7amdolla, I don’t get sick as bad as before now, i have sore throat, and common cold, el 7amdolla.. take some vitamins walahi it works… ask your doctor what’s best for you.
    LOOOOOOOOL @ 7aki el z’3eereh 😀 I used to have a cousin who really loves that song, when he was about 8 or 9 months old, he would wait till you say the “hey” part and he would crack up LOOOOOOOOOL he was so cute 😀 .. it’s the same hilarious lagh you’re describing with your little 7aki 😀 … so funny …
    M3afayeh ya amar.. take care of yourself 🙂

  8. whosane : donno ya 7sain 3anjad poor me 😦 .

    Hamza: yeah the weather here changes 10 times a day, not very indusive to good health.

    Maioush: Thanks! you are soooo sweet 🙂

  9. salamtek and salamet 7aki jr..didn’t know u had a baby..that is so sweet..alla ykhalelek iyaha ya rab..
    sometimes i enjoy being sick..taghyeer

  10. Mala2e6 : wallah nawwar il blog ahlan ahlan 🙂

    thank you 🙂
    Yeah i have a 3 year old daughter ,

  11. Lah lah, walla hassa elli sme3na ennek mareetha, salamat..

  12. allah yisalmak ya Mohannad 🙂

  13. سلامات سلامات .. ان شاء الله بتتحسني و بترجعي زي البومب
    ديري بالك على حكي الزغيرة
    و سلميلي عليها كثير السلام 🙂

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