Your Inner Gender is Male
You are rational, matter of fact, and quite dominant.You like to get things done, without any emotional messiness.You truly don’t understand most women. And you definitely feel more comfortable around men.No doubt about it. You’re a guy – at least on the inside.

I have been told by all my friends and all people around me (including my Husband) that I am really a guy!

I guess this proves it eh?

Just 2 days ago I was talking to one of my guy friends and I said:”I want to be a guy for a week to see how it feels like” my friend said: “but you are a guy” I said :”really? How so?” he said that I talk and joke like a guy and that I can hold my own.

Donno if this is a good thing or a bad thing mind you.

But I do look like the girliest girl though .. funny eh?

And yes, I do feel more comfortable around men; most of my friends are guys. Maybe because men don’t like to talk about emotional stuff ? or are mostly practical and give simple easy to follow advice? Not that women are impractical but they like to analyze and talk a lot and sometimes you really don’t need to analyze a whole lot you know….just go with the flow.

Another reason is that emotional stuff makes me like wanna gag … or cry … LOL… depending on my mood :S .

I like to keep emotional things to myself. I guess it makes it easier for me. I kind of face my problems with jokes really, the harder or worse the situation is the funnier I become.

Anyhooooooo, I talk too much.


13 Responses

  1. Quote: Anyhooooooo, I talk too much. End Quote

    I think you proved you’re a woman after all 😉

  2. LOL 7aki! you crack me up every time man!

  3. 7aki, maybe you missed it but I tagged you for marriage advice for those engaged blogger folk. After this post, I’m ready for a funny, practical look at how you and hubby keep things moving in your marriage. 🙂

  4. one more guy mother 😦 hehe I’m a guy too!

  5. No wonder why I like u 🙂

    I haven’t met a person that hasn’t used the term “abu alshabab” when addressing me.

    I just don’t get girls.

  6. no no, that is not a good test… want a real scientific test (this is gonna take a while) go to

  7. lol so we have something in common 😀 i’ve always been told im ‘one of the guys’ altho im all girly girl! lol i remember when i was 7 i told mom mama leih ba7ess inno ana sabi 😀 lol i still feel i’m all male up there, sometimes its good, coz u can be a little more practical and drama-free, plus being able to hold ur own is a prerequisite in this day and time..

    i think we all possess the ying and yang qualities, some guys are sensetive and in touch with their female side (still staying all man in other areas of their personalities/looks) and some girls are more male in the way they think and talk yet keeping their femininity (if that is a word in fact) its just the matter of creating a balance.

  8. No, I’m a female according to them…

    no offense.

  9. don’t overthink it. the test result is either male or female. So the chance is 50%.

    Hanging out with guys is great….unless you start contributing you own share of dirty jokes and going to strip clubs with them…

  10. in a world going hastily to machine as being the center of all works previously done by the mankind, it doesn’t matter how manly women have gone and how womanly men have become.
    ok this apparantly has no meaning .. dont waste your time recommenting .. i just wanted to post a comment and i came up with this ridiculous statement!

  11. OK Monica Geller.

  12. KJ: well of course I am a woman…DUH … hehehe

    whosane: man? … :face bilawe2:

    kinzi: no no I did notice, I am formulating the post in my head 😉

    salam: you toooooooooo. Aslan guys rock 🙂

    elijah: cool! I really don’t get girls wallahy sometimes too.

    Mariam: Thanks for the link, I scored exactly in the middle! Not male and not female, and based on the spatial stuff and the flip the picture stuff it said I was an engineer.. and I am not hehehe,, i got a perfect score on those. Coooool test.

    proudpali: I agree with you, I think maybe also what we are is affected by the childhood we grew and we might be compensating things that are missing in the parents or the spouse maybe? And I am a middle child too so maybe that kinda affects it..donno.

    Ahmad: LOL

    hamza: ew , no thanks I’ll pass on the strip clubs.

    ozz: this is VERY relevant wallah ya ozz, thanks for sharing 🙂

    globalorama: really?

  13. I’ll have to ask your brother!

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