A conversation with little 7aki

little 7aki: I love you mama

Me: Awwwwwwww … I love you more than the sky

little 7aki: I love you more than my juice

Me: I love you more than my eyes

little 7aki: I love you more than backpack

me: I love you more than my soul

little 7aki: Mamaaaaaaaa? Do you have a soul?

Me: Yes I do

little 7aki: I don’t have a soul? Do I have a soul?

me: of course you do, we all have a soul.

little 7aki: where is it?

me: hmmm, I don’t know, I think it’s inside you

little 7aki: but it’s not in my belly! I didn’t swallow it. There’s only food in my belly

me: lol

And then I proceeded to af3asha fa3es … hehehe


26 Responses

  1. girl you are a blogaholic 😛

    get help and then help me get help lol

    but i have to admit thats so cute

  2. my smart sisters used the term “tel3at roo7e” when they choke up with food and discovered that Soul is in the adams apple … and they always ask to yboosone 3ala roo7i cuz they know am ticklish like crazy in that spot …

    cant wait for my vacation

  3. ma azkaha! A bit too early though to be soul searching:)

  4. LOOL

    nice inside u aa

  5. AWWWWWWW……very cute…i miss the little ones!

  6. That’s just so adorable 😀

  7. The amazing mind of a child!

    Fa3es … Fa3es!

  8. loool , this is so cute 🙂 , how old are they btw !!! ya3ni i think it’s a little early to be thinking about this 😛

  9. loool…looks like you’ve raised her to love her juice and her backpack more than anything else. 😛

  10. Ghasheema: hehehe .. I live to blog

    Isam: awwwwww

    Salam: I KNOOWWWWWW, I was surprised when she asked me 🙂

    MQabbani: 🙂

    Summer: little ones are sooooooo pure 🙂

    bakkouz: ahlan ahlan. yeah I love her to death.


    ma7joob: she is 3 years old 😀

    Hamza: LOL, well no whatever is infront of her she uses , at this age they are still building the imagination, one time she told me she loves me more than her nose .. hehehe

  11. If she loves you more than her backpack I bet she loves baba more than her pink bow 😉

  12. So cute, my little cousin once told me:
    “ba7ibik 2ad ishi ma ba2dar a7imloh”

    Top that!

  13. how cute 😦 … 3an jad bedha fa3is! and how cute is elijah’s cousin is so cute too! children are so beautiful

  14. Can you give her a kiss from me? 🙂

    She is all *soul*. So sweet and cute! Adorable!

  15. loool 😀

    Allah ye5alikom la ba3ad..

  16. awwww…she’s adorable
    kids always surprise me, they’re too smart for sure 🙂

    and i love how u refer to her as little 7aki, that’s cute too
    y’7alekoun la ba3d

    P.S this is my first comment in ur blog, but i read many of ur posts 🙂

  17. لووول
    الله يخليلك اياها و يحميها
    ما شاء الله 🙂

  18. hehe i remember once as a kid telling my dad i love him more than allah .. lol to think i used to tell my dad i love him .. anyway so he told me noooooo ghalat ma biseer and he proceeded to give me a short religious lecture hehe .. i still remember that 😀

  19. KJ: OMG … we just got her a pink bow…freaaaaaaaakyyyyyyyyy

    elijah:AWWWWWWWWWWWW that is sooooooo sweeeeeet. See, to play the “I love you more than” game you have to be the best topper .. it’s good training … hehehehe

    whosane: They are sooo pure and cute and …sigh..ba7ibha…fa3es man FA3ES.

    Observer: I will kiss her extra just for you 🙂

    Jasim: shukran 🙂

    Oriental: thanks a lot for reading 🙂 and allah yikhalilek illi bit7ibeehom 🙂

    Na3oury: allah yikhalillak 7ala and um 7ala 🙂

    Jundi: OMG LOL….fataset min ildo7ok..fa inta since then 7arramet to tell your dad that you love him.

    By the way , why do we when we get older we stop telling our parents that we love them?

  20. 7aki to answer ur last question..why do we stop telling our parents that we love them?

    i think when wew are older we express that love in many other non verbal ways..as children we are amazed by the power of words and we want to use it as much as we can..our new toy..

    i love to talk to children more than adults..they reveal the secrets of universe to you with their pure souls

    God bless you both

  21. u have been tagged 🙂 its not long dont worry 🙂 and its … i might say … relevant 🙂

    how old is little 7aki?
    and damn what kinda great juice does she LOVE this much?
    she is sweeter than ice-cream

  23. Mala2e6: You are right wallah.

    Today I told her I love you she saif I love you more than YOUR sould …awwwwwwwwwwww … 7abibty.

    Isam: AlllllRIGHT

    dandoon: She is 3 😀 … and she is sweeter than Icecream, bakolha akel everyday 😀

  24. Have you deleted your “happy marriage” post?

  25. no summer i was updating it

  26. glad to see it back up there…because i wanted to leave a comment!

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