I have been tagged by Isam .

It’s pretty sad when people say:

“I wonder how if there are some people who will score higher … i tag possible candidates …”

…. LOL .. wow…when poeple start reffering to you as “A possible candidate” you know you’ve hit bottom.

Well, be happy Isam , you are as addicted as I am :p.

77%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2Online Dating


10 Responses

  1. LOL
    well so far i get the highest 😦 97% 😦

  2. e7na belhawa sawa 77!

  3. jebet 55

  4. 55%

  5. 51%

  6. Qabbani: LOL LOL are you serious??? OMG … ya 7araaaaaaaam … inta you need blogotherapy … hehehe

    Sel3: Ahlan rafeeq :).

    mohanned, hamza and hareega: tsk tsk tsk … what a shame!…aren’t you ashamed of such low scores??? He he he

  7. :ezbehlal:

    sth wrong abt the test for sure !!! how r u supposed to score as much as me ???? u run more blogs … u post daily … u blog abt imaginary conversations for heavens sake !!!

    :5afef 3aglo:

  8. lol Isam: You have 2 blogs too man and you post everyday … sometimes more than once a day…lol

    Maybe you read more blogs than me? I don’t read a lot of blogs … LOL … w ba3dain 3adi ya3ni ,hal2adeh z3ilet that you are the same score as the queen addict? Hehehehe

  9. Lies. We all know you’re over 100000% addicted

  10. LOL…man there are some questions in this quiz that are crazy, I guess I am not as addicted as I could be.

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