Some very friendly exchanges at 7aki’s office

It is the summer and it’s very very tough to work … VERY … the weather is nice and the sun is shining and I work in a cave nay nay not a cave ; can you picture a small hole that is well … small ,dark and deep in the ground ? You there yet? Did you picture it yet ? That’s where I work.

To top all of this off we have STUPID people that we have to deal with.. yes … stupid people, they are around and they are causing some of us NORMAL people to have the following friendly exchanges at the office:

Exchange 1:

7aki’s side-kick/comic relief/buddy (we’ll call him Bob for short): I need a favour my friend…..Kill me but make sure its quick and messy.

7aki: LOL LOL.This is tooo funny because a moment ago I felt like killing someone! But hmmmmmm I have a couple of pencils man, stab both eyes and kill yourself . Makes it easy for everyone…I kinda I’m too lazy to come over and kill you myself.

Exchange 2:

7aki: shoot me ….over and over

Bob: If l were you I would book my flight to Jordon.
I consider you a good friend, so as a favour l ask that you shoot me before you leave.

7aki: 🙂 …I guess I can shoot you now. No? Maybe I’ll get SOME amusement out of it for a little while because you know with the trials and stuff and the motions and the appeals dragging on … then after that I will claim insanity ..then I will allege that William ( The nerd and kinda weird but in a funny way coworker) was the master mind and get a plea bargain in exchange of a pictures of him and Alex (He is the yuckiest, gross , dirty hygiene, dirty because his eye level never goes above the boob level , unbelievably unorganized, CHEAP and did I say GROSS) on the beach with his Speedo’s on…LOL….all of that has to be more fun than this shiznet!

Bob: The mental picture of Alex in his speedo is punishment enough. No wait, Alex in his speedo on the beach while eating sausages and talking at the same time (yes, he eats a giant sausage without a bun at lunch… I KID YOU NOT …and he talks while eating it so you have not so tiny sausage particals flying out of his yucky mouth ….. gross gross gross gross)

7aki: HAHAHAHAHAHA …. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Exchange 3:

7aki: kill me now and burn my remains

Bob: No please shoot me then spit on my bleeding heart.

7aki: LOL. Bomb me and pray over my tiny remains

Bob: Okay… burn me and then pour acid over my ashes….after l get reincarnated, find me and then do it again.

7aki:LOL. hmmm.
Half drown me ( not enough to die), then half burn me ( not enough to die) , then shoot me ( not enough to die) then bomb me…then reincarnate me and then do it again … LOL

Bob: Okay.
Force me to have dinner with Alex and Our VERY annoying loud obnoxious PM while the annoying help desk person (who has this snortish laugh no no it’s more like braying ) laughs in my ear – then shoot me.

7aki: OMG … LOL…you got me there I cannot top THAT!

Bob: Too funny! Lets just hire someone – this is too painful.

7aki: You think they would take Visa?

Sigh … Thank GOD it’s Friday


13 Responses

  1. loooool at you and Bob.

    eventually you’ll find yourself the abnormal guys living among the normal people.

    I was just debating with my friend the other day about which one is faster and messier in killing. Feeding a grenade to someone or blasting him with a rocket launcher…trust me, its a tough question and the answer is not simple. 😦

  2. I’ll hire someone to shoot u both, then I’ll shoot myself!!

  3. hamza: LOL .
    About the grenade, I think because you pull the pin and there would not be enough time for them to swallow it and get the hell out of there before killing everybody with them …lol.

    The rocket launcher idea is WICKED.

    Elijah: LOL… tab you hired the person to shoot us both why not let him shoot you too?…lol.. unless you wanna be the person shooting us both…we pay generously 😀

  4. hehe good stuff

    check out this site

  5. hmm am sniffing IM use at work…
    oh the wonders of corporate IM 😀

  6. Jundi: Hilarious link…lol.. Thanks

    no_angel: believe it or not all of this is by primitive email .. hehehe
    I was cleaning up my emails yesterday and I saw these exchanges and OMG I was laughing so hard I had to leave my desk because it was so quite and people thought I was crazy,,,LOL

    …gosh..if it was not for Bob I think I would age 10 years faster … HAHAHA he makes work so much more bearable …

    too bad I can’t publish some of the other stuff that goes on…hehehe .. comedy gold ..bas takhdosh il7aya2 il3am 🙂

  7. Sound like me and my cousin on google talk.

    Why don’t I shoot both of you so you can stop the quarrel 😛

  8. lol KJ, would ya? would ya?

    And it’s not a quarell it’s friendly banter…hehehe

  9. why dont i put u and bob in that cave of urs, AND bring in alex and the snorter, throw in a river of franks for alex to enjoy, then tickle the heck out of snorter (that’s take care of bob) and tickle the hell out of alex (if his laughter dint annoy u to death, the sausage particles flying around will take care of u) 👿

    and i wont charge a dime 😀

  10. HAHAHAHAAH … I gotta show this to Bob … OMG ….ewwwwwwwww at frank ew ew ew ew .

  11. Bob sounds so hot

  12. LOL Anon.

  13. […] at 7aki’s office Posted on August 8, 2008 by 7aki Fadi I am not sure if you remember one of our coworkers that goes by the name Alex , click the link, he is featured in exchange 2 but just to recap he is know to be the cheapest man […]

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