7aki taking a wife? HA?

Usually I am not for women marrying women but I am willing to make an exception.

The reason being is Rosa.

I met Rosa 2 months ago, or was it 3? I can’t remember.

Oh how much I love Rosa…

She is the reason of so many relaxed Saturdays that I enjoy without having to do much around the house

She is the reason of keeping me sane.

She is the secret to keeping my marriage from falling apart.

She is our cleaning lady.

She not only cleans the house she even sometimes does the laundry, folds it, she changes the bed sheets, she once cleared out the fridge and cleaned it without me asking her????

She once cleared out my pantry and cleaned it too…WOW… she once folded my daughters clothes and PUT THEM AWAY IN THE CLOSET AND DRWAERS EXACTLY in the right spots.

You don’t understand; this is a VERY big deal…finding a good maid in Canada that would do all of the above and without being asked to is extremely rare…you would not even THINK of upsetting her…for real, I am so scared of upsetting her in the fear of her leavening me….

Don’t ever leave me Rosa…..you are the best thing that happened to me in a while .. LOL

I heart cleaning ladies


25 Responses

  1. Yeah … I love my Lupita too … she’s an angel or something!
    A good maid is worth her weight in gold …

  2. hmm you guys got mexican maids in the west .. i7na hon east asia, india, euthopia even .. hehe ours is indonesian but i don’t love her 😀

    lol and i noticed how you said she can leave you if she feels like it .. foreign maids here in the arab world don’t usually have that option :/

  3. I love Guadalupe too

  4. LOOOOOOL 7aki… you love you Rosa, and Qwaider love his Lopita, i hear ya my dear, a good cleaning lady is the best thing can ever happlen to a working mom with a kid .. yalla allah y5aleelek yaha 😉

  5. Qwaider and Hareega: I want to start an “I love cleaning ladies” club..lol … shu ra2ykom?

    Anybody else wants to join?

    jundi: well she is actually Portuguese (from Portugal).

    Wallah masakeen the maids in the midlle east 😦 ..
    7aram more like slaves than anything..
    Rosa makes 90 dollars a visit , what a maid makes a month in some middle eastern homes.

    Mai: hehehe, w allah yikhalilek illi bit7ibehom inshallah…you needed a Rosa when your mom was away.

  6. let her spend more time with 7aki junior and in few years your daughter will learn to speak portugese. 😀

    and 90 dollars a visit? that’s more than working 8 hours at wal-mart. :S

    I would’ve been your maid…2 years ago. :S

  7. I don’t have a maid.

    I do all the things your maid is doing.

  8. you reminded me bi my Juliet 😦
    she was great and amazing..very clean, very organized and fast too (some are clean but kteer nayteen ow bi3lo el 2alb) and as you said, she used to do things without asking her, once she cleaned all the kitchen’s cabinets..ya3ni took out everything..cleaned the shelves and returned everything to it’s place..
    i was so sad when she had to leave the country!

  9. bidi menno 😦

  10. Nice to know the write of a blog I USED to enjoy reading is against homosexual people having equal rights when it comes to marriage.

    Its a bit hypocritical coming from someone who quotes “My choice is what I choose to do And if Im causing no harm It shouldnt bother you Your choice is who you choose to be And if your causin no harm Then youre alright with me”

    I just wonder how it affects your own life in any way?

    allah yekhaleelek Rosa 🙂

  11. Hamza: lol Hamza. Well she only comes every couple of weeks so little 7aki won’t learn it.

    KJ:Good stuff :). you will make a wife happy some day.

    Oriental: Wleocme to the club 🙂

    proudpali: lol … tab jeeby minno.

    Anon: Hey Anon .

    I was talking about ME personally marrying a woman :).

    I really don’t care either positively or negatively about same sex marriage, I am very neutral on the subject. I do believe that it is the most amazing human rights achievement for Canada to allow same sex marriage.

    They marry they don’t I really don’t care. It does not affect my life in any way , shape or form.

    Anyhoo, if this is your first time commenting, welcome!

  12. Rosa? Guadalupe? Lupita? Juliet? These are all really beautiful names!

    You guys are so lucky! I remember our maid’s name was so difficult to pronounce that we used to call her with her father’s name! 😦

  13. LOL. I’m firing the woman that cleans my house today. She loses things and doesn’t clean properly and I’m getting very lazy.

  14. whosane: tab waht was her name? … lol

    elijah: Well we fired the lady bfore her because she was OK and then she got lazy and sloby. Don’t worry I am sure you will find the perfect maid eventually …hang in there . hehehe

  15. LOL I would’ve expected better from you 7aki!!! You’re considering marriage just because she cleans and keeps a good house… you sound like an arab GUY. 😛

  16. Tinker: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… you are SOOOO right?!?!!?

    I do sound like and Arab guy … you got me there 🙂 .. lol

  17. Wow what a classist bunch of pure stupidity. I’m embarrassed for you (all).

  18. Catholic Sunni Shia: hmmmmm, please explain HOW I am “classist”?

    Did I in any way, shape or form insult or say anything that would make me ” classist “, on the contrary I am in deep gratitude hence my post.

    There is nothing I dislike more than people just dropping slogans around. Please before you start preaching get the facts straight.

    For you information by the way , this maid makes 30 dollars an hour . The minimum wage in Ontario is 8 dollars , she makes more money than a lot of people I know.

    In any case, welcome to my blog.

  19. I didn’t just say that you were classist, I said the entire conversation reeked of classism. It’s a bunch of people sitting around discussing their maids and saying how they would fire them for doing X and Y and how grateful they are that they do A and B without being asked to. The whole things reeks of…. classism.

    But here are some examples, since you asked and I have nothing else going on right now:

    You guys are so lucky! I remember our maid’s name was so difficult to pronounce that we used to call her with her father’s name! :(“

    Dude, it’s her name. Homegirl goes to your house and CLEANS it for you, learn her name, I bet it’s not that hard.

    And then there was this one:

    ” elijah said…

    LOL. I’m firing the woman that cleans my house today. She loses things and doesn’t clean properly and I’m getting very lazy. “

    But do I really need to explain all that is wrong with that one?

    Followed by this most ridiculous response”

    ” 7aki Fadi said…

    whosane: tab waht was her name? … lol

    elijah: Well we fired the lady bfore her because she was OK and then she got lazy and sloby. Don’t worry I am sure you will find the perfect maid eventually …hang in there . hehehe”

    P.S. tinkerbella, you should change your name to thinkerbella. Thinkerbella sounds both cute and more creative than stupid plain tinkerbella.

  20. Catholic Sunni Shia: You really need something better to do.

    I would fire ANYBNODY who was not doing a good job, why would I pay 30 bucks an hour for a slob? I don’t understand why you think that if somebody hires a maid and talks about him or she is classist. What if we were talking about a car mechanic? Would you feel like that too?

    I think you are judgmental and because of your comment to tinker I would like to add that you are arrogant. Now why would you say that to Tinkerbella? Is it because she does not have a pretentious name like yours that is intended to attract notice or impress others? Is it supposed to have a DEEP meaning or something? LOL… I have to admit I was bored and you are entertaining me.

  21. Wow, you really are sensitive about being called classist.

    Did you really think that my comment to tinkerbella was that mean or offensive or arrogant or something? Seriously guys, this is just a blog. It’s just a blog comment. Also, I thought thinkerbella was a very clever name (I made it up-maybe I am arrogant) and she didn’t say anything stupid (like the rest of you) about her maids.

    Also, I wasn’t trying to be “deep” with my blogging name. My mom is Catholic my dad Sunni and I thought I’d throw in Shi’a because these are some sectarian times we’re living in.

    OK now I’ll run along and find something better to do.


  22. Catholic Sunni Shia: I am not really that sensitive but the use of words “classist bunch of pure stupidity. ” followed by “ridiculous ” followed by “stupid plain tinkerbella” and “she didn’t say anything stupid (like the rest of you)” is what makes me reply.

    Your comments are loaded, your use of words (you used the word stupid 3 times among other things) make me think that you are arrogant.

    But I could be wrong. You might be the nicest person on earth 🙂 how should I know, this is the problem with web interaction you can’t really know for sure.

    So relax :quote: “Seriously guys, this is just a blog” :end quote:.


    But hey, I have to admit thinkerbella is pretty good name.

  23. Allah yekhallelek Rosa 🙂

  24. Catholic Sunni Shia: Please tell me it’s that time of the month for you, cuz it’ll be damn F’d up if you’re always bitchy, silly and nasty like that.

    AND WHAT IS UP with dissing other comment leavers? Me, KJ, tinkerbell, and everyone here! You’re not only dissing the blog’s owner, you’re dissing whoever agreed with her, how fucked up are you?

    You got serious issues my friend, actually you’re not … You got serious issues, and just by taking a quick look at your crappy nickname I managed to identify two major ones: identity/religion crisis and schizophrenia.

    I have problems with many blogs around the net, but I wouldn’t visit each and every one of them to start a feud and make people hate me, but if that’s the purpose of the stupid comments you’re leaving then I’ll say you’re doing a pretty good job, people do hate you, I personally despise you and I haven’t even visited your blog yet. What a despicable person you are for leaving such comments.

    IF YOU DON’T LIKE A FUCKIN BLOG THEN SIMPLY DON’T FUCKIN VISIT IT! Go get busy with something useful, or take your chill pill or something.

    Sorry 7aki, do excuse my French, you know I’m not usually bad, but these idiots really do get on my nerves!

  25. whosane: no problem, feel free.

    I don’t know what’s going on lately but the net (3ala ra2y no angel) is full of trolls nowadays

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