Biddi Mama

I realy miss her :(.

It’s all Tinkerbellas fault.


10 Responses

  1. Thanks 7aki and Tinkerbellas for making me start my day with teary eyes.

    *sniff sniff* :”(

  2. lol whosane … well misery does love company…:'(

  3. Been a long while for me too

  4. liesh hiyeh waayn?

  5. KJ: :(, it’s been 2 years for me.

    ChoCoHoLic: I’m in Canada she’s in Amman

  6. Sorry 7aki.. did not mean to dredge up longing.. insha Allah you’ll see her again soon!

  7. losers.

    I haven’t seen my mom in 14 days and I don’t miss her. 😛

  8. Tinker: inshallah 😀

    Hamza: You suck… 😛

  9. im here with my mommy..and im loving it…i go back to being a little kid when im here:)

  10. Sam: Niaaaaaaaaalik

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