Bob, his wife and peaking

Bob: It’s amazing how people peak at different times.

Bobs wife: What do you mean?

Bob: That people at a certain point in their life stop looking ugly and start looking pretty. Like some people would be very ugly kids but they become pretty once they become teenagers, or once they hit their 20’s

Bobs wife: yeah like Sharon Stone, apparently she was an ugly child, did you see her pictures?

Bob: Yeah I did.

Bobs wife: but I wanna know one thing.

Bob: what?

Bobs wife: When will you peak?



23 Responses

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, this is funny hehehehehe 😀


    low ana ma7alo bal6osh-ha kafff ba’7aleeha tseer teshbah saba7 fa’7re lool

  3. Mai: shu hada inti btid7aky haik taweeeeeeeeleeeeeeeeeeeh … LOL LOL

    Maher: HAHAHAHAAHAH … itkhayyal?

  4. allah ysa3ed bob’s wife 3ala bob…ya haram it must be hard being married to an ugly bob ..:)

  5. itha el gird b3ain ummo gazal, then Bob is really ugly.

  6. poor Bob.

    If I were him, I would have said that peaking is not a good thing. Because after a peak, there is a fall.

    Bob should tell her that he is always improving and rising and she’ll never see his peak point. 😛

  7. hehehe, funny 🙂

  8. haha ,
    it’s good bob didn’t tell her that he already peaked

  9. lol, Gaweyyeh 😀
    Ya 7aram ya Bob

  10. Sam: And she is a shagfeh Kaman…lol


    Hamza: LOL, good advice, I am going to go tell him, actually he reads the blog so he’ll appreciate your advice :).

    Observer: 🙂

    Hareega: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH … OMG …. Trueeeeeeeee , I think his wife just likes to have some hope, no? Imagine if he already said that? She would be devastated .. lol.. good one Hareega.

    Ahmad: lol

    OMG people, your comments are funnier htan the post wallahy … LOL

  11. hehehhe

    You have funny friends 🙂

    I don’t think I peaked yet.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA KJ … LOL … you are funny!

  13. Ya captain Bob,
    StoB, StoB
    Khidna ma3ak 3a blaad il-7ob

    Em. I just needed to get that out of my system. Thanks

  14. loooool! if it happened to me i wud find anything solid, hard, preferably metal and has a peak to hit and cause a lot of damage with! good thing bob tolerated the comment lol!

    bas ta7sheesh 😀 i’ll try it on my better half today lol before he ever comes up with it!

  15. expated: erm, ummmmm , lol? … heheeheh…
    But I have to admit, your creativity just astounds me .. LOL

    proudpali: hahaha, please let me know how it goes with the husband.

  16. Aaaw that was cruel.

  17. not yet married but min bloggek la bab il sama 😀 my fiance is very domestic lol (aleef ya3ni :D)

  18. لوووول 🙂

  19. elijah: it was, but you gotta admit, too funny .. lol.

    proudpali: lol @ aleef. 3o2bal il3oros inshallah.

    na3ouri : 🙂

  20. Poor Bob, I can imagine the look on his face.. this is too funny.. say hello for me

  21. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey nevermind.

    Will do 😉

  22. yiiiii, so THIS is why Arab men don’t want their women Westernized. Imagine Miss Nip-n-Tuck 3abduuniyya saying it to her gursh-bound, 20 year senior hubby!

    I missed your blog, always a giggle to be found.

  23. LOL Kinzi, iamgine ?????

    He would say, 3aleih iltalag bilthalatheh innik tis7abiha

    Thanks Kinzi kollek zo2 :D.

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