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While 7aki is Away the Mice Will Come Out and Play

(Isn’t it purrrrrrrty?)
I will be away for a record breaking 8 – 10 days from my blog … YIKES..to those who know me well will know the effect this will have on me.

BUT BUT BUT no matter what the effect will be I am not taking the laptop with me on my vacation DAMMIT…I am unpugging from everything.

So because I don’t want to leave the fans stranded (yeah right, fans HAHAHAHAHAHA, who am I kidding?) without the usual dose of 7aki Fadi (I mean seriously, admit it, you love il 7aki Fadi) I have recruited none other than Bob and William (who were featured here , here , here and here) to guest blog for me while I am away.

So dear readers sit back and relax as you enter the minds of “The Bob Man aka small brown man hehehehe” and “William the D & D king aka only recently known as the MENSA man”.

Bob and William, BEHAVE!

My fellow bloggers, BE NICE!

Why did that feel like I am talking to kids on a play date? hehehehehehe.

Oh oh one more thing, no Arabish comments because Bob and William don’t speak Arabic.

Have fun you guys as I sit on my ass for 8 days and do nothing but drink and eat and soak up the sun!

Oh oh I am going Scuba diving and horse back riding and Seadooing and waterfall climbing …. wow, on second thought maybe that’s too ambitious, I’ll need a vacation after the vacation…

OK, I will eat and drink and sit on my ass and do nothing for sure and then I’ll see about the other activities when I get there .. hehehehe.

Disclaimer: 7aki is not responsible for anything resulting from Bob and Williams posts. Their opinions are solely theirs and do not necessarily reflect 7aki’s opinions. Unless they are funny and not political. But I guess funny political is OK .


18 Responses

  1. enjoy ur vcation my dear… we will miss you so much, have fun to the max.. kisses to little 7aki 😀

  2. Have a great vacation!

  3. Enjoy your vacation!!! I wish I were going on vacation, all I’ve done during my vacation from school is work, work and work….. I REALLY need a couple of days away of everything before I have to go back to school!!!!
    Anyway, lets not talk about me and my depressing life, enjoy everything you do. I’ve been wanting to go horse back riding for a long time!

  4. sounds like a crazy, cool idea 😀 will keep coming, have great time on your vacation 😀

    the question is: would 7aki check in if there was an internet place on the vacation site? 😀

  5. heh, forsa nsha77e6 bel3arabee 3al keif keif aboona 🙂

    hey, have a very very nice vacation u and ur family 🙂


  6. Have a nice vacation 7aki.
    and waw, what a great idea, I’m looking for meeting your friends (Bob and William)…
    It doesn’t mean that we won’t miss u 😉

  7. enjoy your time off.

    bob and william,

    ahlan wa sahlan. into ray7een tifga3o fi hal modawanneh

  8. Thanks All 😀

    Tala: Why are you putting ideas in my head ? lol

  9. LMAO at mariam ayyash

    7AKI 7AKI 7aki..don’t forget to remove the comment moderation while you are away..Let us interact with William and Bob.

    Shush away while we enjoy our time with them.

    and hey..take looooooads of pictures.

    see ya when you come back 😉

  10. Oh wow, that place looks so gorgeous, I think I’m going to cry…
    Enjoy your vacation… for you, and for all of us stuck in windowless hell (aka work).

  11. Hamza: no worries! 7aki Fadi gave me the “phenomenal cosmic” moderation powers, so your comments will still be seen and you can interact with Bob and I.

    I can’t even begin to approach the artistry and wisdom of 7aki’s posts, but I will try to get a few up over the course of my time here.

  12. have the best time 7aki …

    Bob and William … let’s see what u can do

  13. Are you SERIOUS, you’re having TWO people to post on YOUR ONE blog in your absence?

    You ARE a freak

  14. I look forward to reading Bob’s and William’s posts. William, please don’t get too Einstein-ish on us please, we’re not all MENSA men here 🙂

    7aki, enjoy and bring us some goodies while you’re at it! 🙂

  15. Have a good vacation 7aki!

    Welcome to Bob and William 🙂

  16. enjoy your vacation! i wish i was going where u r going instead of where I am going! wanna swap??
    have a great time…drink lots and relax lots..ah few days with no kids, i am so envious! (not really..)

  17. ان شاء الله انك بتنبسطي و بتغيري جو
    سلامي لحكي الصغيرة 🙂

  18. a D&D guest blogger … talk about a foreign invasion :S
    it should be interesting, and yeah have fun on the vacation

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