You Got Very Important Mail

(A contribution by Bob )

Topper (see earlier 7aki posts) is a topic of conversation for many reasons:

1. For being a topper (anything you can do she has done better)
2. Excuses for not showing up to work (“Would you believe . . .”)
3. Less than 55% attendence record (and dropping!)
4. Generosity (continually keeps a communal candy bowl full, takes her “favourites” out for dinner, etc.)
5. High salary (it would make you sick)
6. Job responsibility etc (we used to know, but now it’s a mystery)

But today, Topper surprised us. We had a meeting where all senior management was attending, but Topper did not come to the meeting. Toppers’s excuse: ‘I’m waiting for an email”.

The entire management team was at the meeting – so we know Topper is not waiting for an email from any member of the senior management team.

We have already established that we do not know what Topper actually does on our team (point #6 above). Topper is rarely present at work (see point #3 above) and has tons of excuses (see point #2 above) but now Topper is not here when she is here . . .

So I’m asking 7aki readers, what email could Topper be waiting for?

By the way (for all of you who have asked or wondered): yes, a substantial amount of work does get done at our place of business, much of it coordinated and carried out by Bob, William and 7aki. We just need a place to vent our frustrations over some of what goes on, and this is that place. If we didn’t have this outlet, you might be hearing about it on the evening news instead . . .


5 Responses

  1. did it ever occur to you that we have a spy among 7aki readers who might be forwarding up to date news of the posts on this blog?

    don’t be surprised if the trio’s identity is exposed any time soon

    *goes back to typing emails*

  2. u know thats someone u should enjoy talking to at lunch break, bring the topper, put her in the middle of the group, and take turns:…
    – hey topper, i want to tell you about the day i was a complete asswhole!
    – u know topper, im an idiot
    – topper, did u know i tried to electrocute myself one time? (u gotta tell me how she’s gonna top this one)

    on the other hand, sounds like somebody told her that he or she staired at the monitor one day for 10 minutes and they could swear to god the email got in faster than it should have… “hey, i staired through out the whole meeting!”

  3. she applied for wife-swap and waiting for the email confirmation.

  4. She’s waiting for email confirmation of her new starring role in a reality TV Show: “How to Keep Your Job And Still Do Exactly What you Want”.

    You three must go nuts. I can’t believe she still has a job.

  5. […] come to work today because………..<spinning the wheel of excuses, where she stops nobody knows>……. “Her cat had to have emergency […]

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