Parasailing, Snorkling with the Sharks and the Rays and Scuba- diving …YIKES!

First of all I like to thank you Bob and William for the outstanding job you did blogging. Good job guys! I really think you should start blogging .. for real.. I am still amazed at how William managed to understand what “Vitamin W” was, man you are a genius

Second I had a GREAT time on my vacation …. Great great great time :).

The drinking , the laying by the pool and at the beach , the not doing ANYTHING (I mean ANYTHING) that is constructive or good for humanity (as if I do any of that anyway … lol ) but we got to do pretty cool stuff too .

This is the schedule of a typical day on our vacation:

9:30: Waking up and TRYING to rush to make it to the breakfast buffet that closed at 10:15 but ending up being slow and lazy anyway and never making it and getting kicked out of the buffet cos we get there at 10:14 EVERYTIME … lol .. so we end up going to the other buffet that did not serve eggs 😦 and have bread and cheese only for breakfast 😦 .. If I ever see cheese again I will hurl .. lol

10:45 : Go sit by the pool and do NOTHING … seriously!

But believe me to do nothing is an art .. it is .. OMG like you are even lazy to get out of the pool sometimes and go back to your lounging chair … they even have a guy who goes around and asks you what you want to drink so you don’t have to walk 10 steps to get a drink … LOL … for real .. gosh … I betcha the people who work at resorts hate the tourists guts cos they feel that they are a bunch of glutinous lazy people … heheheh

11:00 : do nothing but sit by the pool

12:00 : do nothing but sit by the pool

1:00: do nothing … LOL you get the picture

But I did read 2 books by the pool and we got to meet a bunch of cool people which makes it easier to sit and do nothing because you chat about this and that and about how the Dominican people use the phrase “cheapy cheapy” a lot … LOL

My Husband and I got to go parasailing which was amazing because they leave you up there for a good while , like maybe 5 – 10 minutes! They took a lot of pictures with us up there.

Then on another day we went snorkeling with the Manta Rays and the Nurse Sharks on a half day trip, now that was AMAZING , to be soooo close to the Sharks. But whenever a Ray came close I could not help but stare at it’s tail/stinger and remember Steve Irwin.

Also on that trip they took us to a natural sea pool which is a shallow water pool in the middle of the sea that is amazing… how do these pools form? Inno you are in the middle of the deep ocean and then there’s a shallow pool? Pretty cool!

Then I went scuba diving and it was AMAZING, I got to see some beautiful Corals and fish .. Mind you NOTHING compares to the Red sea! All the divers were envious cos I trained there and did all my diving there and they said how pampered I was cos it’s the best place to dive EVER … so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AQABA PEOPLE!!!!!

I only got to do it once 😦 because I tried to go scuba diving in the middle of my trip but the sea was choppy for a couple of days so they cancelled all the dives and then the third day they did not have enough people to go for that dive so I ended up diving only once on the day before we had to leave 😦 , so I was a bit disappointed cos I wanted to go more than once and I did not get the chance … but never the less the dive was pretty cool.

Some Hilarious stuff that happened on the trip:

1) The lack of the English language skills (everybody and their dog only spoke Spanish)

Ta7sheesh the menus there wallah, examples:
– Shrimp with Galwic .. which is Garlic
– Sea Fruit Rice ( which is sea food rice)
– Food of the see … ma2saaaaaah
– Creeps … LOL LOL .. which is Crepes , can I have two creeps please ? HAHAHAHAHAHHA
and the list goes on and on I can’t remember cos it felt like everything was misspelled

2) Until now it is a mystery to all the Americans and the Canadians we met to why does the local MC/DJ for the night show kept saying “Mississippi, it’s show time” and kept saying “Mickey Mouse” all the time .. by the way, my husband wanted to kill him on many occasions because he was too annoying … like you have a mic, why are you shouting in it???

3) OK this is tooooooo funny, We went to the Japanese restaurant which was ..get this.. was serving chinese food and was playing Arabic Music … HAHHAHAHHAAHAHAH wallahy. It was toooooo funny .. they thought Arabic music was Chinese and that Chinese food was Japanese, Hubs and I could not stop laughing when we ate there.

4)We wanted to buy Cigars from a local guy (who turned out to be from Haiti who spoke English and French and not a lot of Spanish, now how confusing is that??) so my Husband and I spoke some Arabic and I was telling him,” hadol ilcigars kteeeeeer ghalieen” (these cigars are too expensive), so the guy was like , “what is this language, where are you from?” so I said “we are Canadian”, he said “so is this English? I don’t think this is English”, we told him “it is Arabic”, he was super confused, so he said you “speak English and this language ( he could not even remeber how to say Arabic) in Canada?” I said , “no, we speak English and French in Canada but my husband and I speak Arabic.” So he had noooooo clue what an Arab was, or what Arabic is or anything … I do not think Arabs exist to people living in the Caribbean lol.

5) Husband and I could not but make fun of people so these are some nick names we gave some people:
– Cranium .. lol … this guy had the biggest head on the planet
– Alragul alakhdar (The green man or the Hulk)this guy was so pale white to the point he looked green
– booby girl, this woman was playing a game by the pool and by accident her boob was hanging out for a good amount of time that she got stuck with this name…lol.. she was super popular with all the men after this incident .. hahahaha.

This is enough for now I will fill you in with other stuff later, if I feel like it .

Random stuff:
– I missed you guys. I really did , I remember Bambam once said that he felt silly that he missed ” my Online buddies in which the main interaction I have with them is through the web” Well I missed you guys too.

– I also remember Naseems post about the challenge of unplugging, about if you can completely unplug from everything for 2 days? Well I did and for 10 days, I have not browsed one webpage, talked on the phone (except with my daughter :)) or facebooked or sent SMS messages and I tell you something, it felt GREAT .. it really did. Kinda made me less addicted to blogging? maybe?? Or maybe not we’ll see


OH OH OH I almost forgot … I have a WICKED tan … like OMG soooooooooooooooooooooo nice

OH OH OH OH my husbands tan is so dark now that when we are walking in the dark I ask him to smile cos i can’t see him otherwise …HAHAHAHAHAHHA..but I think the joke is getting old cos he does not laugh anymore when I ask him to smile ..LOL .. ya3ni ana baradet wish il3aaaaaadeh.


22 Responses

  1. LOOOL…welcome back 7aki, your vacation sounds like it was AWESOME!! The local guy selling cigars cracked me up… how out of it do you have to be to not recognize a HUGE culture and language in this day and age… he must be smoking “special cigars” ..hehe

  2. I don’t know how you had the heart to leave 7aki el z3’eereh :.( If I leave the house for more than 6 hours I feel horrible 🙂

    But seems you had good times, you deserve it, bas beddek katleh 3shan tarakti el banooteh la7alha..


    Mohannad: ro7 albi 7aki ilzgheereh . But baba 7aki and mama 7aki needed a vacation, we have not been on a romantic getaway for 4 years …. it takes a toll man, allah yikhalilkom Jude inshallah yaaaaaaa rab but once she gets a bit older you might need some time away 🙂

    It’s healthy actually for her and us and she got to get pampered by the grandparents, ana wislni khabar inno 7aki ilzgheereh was rakbeh her grandparents LOL …
    3iz ala ilakher.

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 7aki, 7ashashet 3aleaki, sounds like lots and lots of fun , ya 7aram 7aki el z’3eereh, I’m glad that she was a good girl be’3yabek, and GIIIIIIIIRL I’m so jealous!!! You got a good tan??? I want one too 😦
    But I’m so happy that you had so mush fun, we all need such a vacation once in a while 🙂

  5. Welcome back 7aki … I for one missed you! And regret that I didn’t make it to the trip with you to see booby girl! sho hal 7az!! 😦

    Allah yhanneekom ya hilween ya rab 🙂

  6. 7aki, I think I just posted a comment with another name!! could you change it for me? thanks!

  7. looks like you guys had a blast! would have loved to see cranium! seems like a good let-bash-some-people kind of fun 🙂
    oh, and get UV lights in your house! you’ll love the effect it has with your supa-wicked tans!

  8. Sounds like fun! Jay 3a baliiii taaaaaan

  9. welcome back…*LOL* …did u think about what you will be blogging about while relaxing by the pool?? glad u had fun..we missed ya…

  10. Welcome back 7aki sounds like u had a blast and 4 years … i bet you kept thinking lil 7aki was there all the time

    the guys were great they cracked us up and they are the variety that keep workers sane, though am a lil disappointed for not having any D&D references atleast i got some superhero ones 😛

    so u did the 10 day detox, now its the relapse time … and boy its going to be a relapse *mwahaha* it took me a week or so to catch up to everything i missed 😀

    stingrays *shrug*

  11. oh oh get them to have some input on ur work related blogs, and maybe guest blog everyonce in a while since i think 4 years is a looooooooong time to wait till u take another vacation 😛

  12. Good to have you back!! it seems like you had a great time. i am not sure if i can do what you did, be away for ten long days from the web and communication!! Kudos for you!
    i think i have been once to your blog when you were not here and it did not feel the same…so a real welcome back, you were missed! 🙂

  13. Damn, my blog missed your LOLing comments.
    Welcome back 🙂

  14. that is so awesome!! LOL, that was a hilarious trip! well, we’re all glad you’re back 7ak7ookeh 🙂

    william and bob did a great job .. and please do convince them on getting their own blogs … they’re amazing (and hilarious) writers!

    again, welcome back 7aki!! it’s always great to have you around 🙂

  15. Oh! I just read summer’s comment, DAMN, I never thought about it, to be away from the net for 10 days?? that sounds impossible!

    7aki, how did you do it? come on tell us, weren’t you sneaking to check the posts and comments on your blog from the business center every now and then? 😉

    7akiiiiiiiiiiiiii, I envy you wallah, as I was just telling oriental arabesque, I haven’t had a vacation in more than a year 😦 … and all this is so depressing for me … DELETE THIS POST RIGHT NOW!!! 😛

    oh and “by the bye”, you gotta lot of catching up to do! You missed a lot, did you vote already by the way? If yes, WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR? WE DEMAND TO KNOW!! lol!!

    damn my comment is too long, khalas I’ll get lost 🙂

  16. Mai: Thanks Maioush 🙂

    Q: lol Q and thanks I missed you guys too 🙂

    Kinzi: I did not see another comment ya Kinzi, are you sure?

    Mazz: yeah Cranium has a HUGE shaved head .. for reall it’s freaky ..HAHAHAHA

    As for the UV lights, I don’t want to scare little 7aki … lol.

    Roba: Thanks Robz. Tab roo7y 3ala il3a2abeh again :).

    Sam: To be honest with you I did … LOL as soon as I saw the creeps on the menu I was like BLOGGABLE … hehehehe, 7atta now my husband see’s anything and tells me blog material .. LOL…ta7sheesh .. wallahy I missed you too guys :).

    No Angel: yeah 4 years … inno WOW .. since I got pregnant with little 7aki and had her we only went on family trips with her so it is always kid friendly and trust me you get tired of the little slides and the spaghetti and meat ball stains on you clothes and Mickey mouse and sand all over you from the sand box and the bear show and and and … lol … 7ayaty little 7aki , I have a blast with her when we go on vacation, I promised her inno next trip she will come with us 🙂 I’ll take her snorkelling, she will be my little snorkelling buddy, gotta start training her so she can dive with me when she is bigger hehehehehe.

    I am glad you liked Bob and William. They had a blast and loved all the comments. I am also surprised William did not talk about D&D since he runs the program for Gods sake … hehehehe.

    Yes I am relapsing YIKES ..I am officially off the bandwagon .. lol

    And yes they loved it so much they will most probably guest blog every now and then 🙂

    OMG this is like the worlds longest comment reply in the history of 7aki

    Summer: I have to admit the first couple of days was tough and then you kinda forget about it really.

    And thanks for the nice words 🙂 I missed you guys too.

    Expated: ahlan ahlan ya expated. You are right, I do lol a lot at your blog a lot don’t I ! hehehehe , mahoo you are funny.

    Whosane: Before I reply to your comment and before I forget, Bob LOVES your nickname.

    I am trying to convince them to blog , we’ll see how it goes, William is on vacation so it’s only Bob and I here this week, and topper has been making perfect attendance, it will screw all our statistics …grrrrrrr

    Wallah ya Husian inno it’s easy to unplug for a week, funny that my husband had a really hard time without a cell, he was going crazy .. but I can live without phone and internet for a long time if I wanted to :).

    I didn’t cheat … LOL. I did not bring my laptop with me.

    And OMG I have been doing some catch up, shu hadi ilfaday7 man .. it is kinda funny, but not really, inno funny in a sad way .. I don’t know what to say .. draaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaa …

    Wow my reply I think is longer than your comment(s) .. lol

  17. welcome back 7aki. nice post, seems you had a great time, happy for you.

  18. Wait, is Topper the one always “sick”?
    If so, since William is gone and Topper has had perfect attendence, then maybe William makes Topper sick??
    Just a thought.
    William and Bob, you did a great job.

  19. Sel3: Thank you :).

    Emily: Wow a theory worth looking into. I will go over it with

  20. My god so much to read! LoL.

    The Japanese rest thing is so true, even here in the UAE. With rare exceptions, most of them even serve mlookhiyyeh. Hehehe

    Glad you had fun 😉

  21. hey hey hey … am back 🙂

    quick notes :

    1- nice job for bob and william (isnt that the same name ?)
    2- its good to hear abt ur nice times in the dominican
    3- congrags on the move to wordpress …. is there RSS for comments for everypost here ?? i think not … which is bad 😦
    4- Why green ?

  22. Isam: Ahlan ahlan ya Isam 😀

    3_ I really don’t know if there is RRS for comments, yallah allah byi3eenak now you have to visit my blog more to see the comments

    4- I donno why I picked green, I like the picture on the left, but you know what, green is so uninspiring, maybe I will change it later

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