Hi Everyone.

I would like to bring to your attention that someone has been leaving comments on other people blogs pretending to be me.

That person is using a profile that looks identical to my blogger one making the comments look legitimate. But it’s not me commenting.

If you see a suspicious comment please let me know. It is very easy to impersonate someone.

Thanks Summer for bringing this to my attention.

A note to the person doing this: Shame on you.


19 Responses

  1. That’s creepy. The deception would quickly be revealed, though, as few can replicate your wit, 7aki

  2. 7aki,
    This is a problem for everyone.
    That’s why, on my blog, I offer my registered users a layer of protection. But for others, all bets are off (I can still know :))

    Anyway, people who know 7aki .. will know that who ever it is .. is NOT you

  3. OPS!!! Walahi 7aki enno mesh ana ..
    This is weird!! Hmmm, I haven’t seen any around, where did u see the comments?
    Well I guess you are famous enough that you started suffering from identity theft 😀

  4. I would like to say sorry to hear that, and congratulations … if someone is doing this that means you’re someone so important that people wanna steal their identities

    did you leave 2 comments about the videos i recently posted (yesterday)??


  5. Kinzi: it is creepy isn’t it. I don’t understand the amount of hate somebody can have to continue to harrass me like that.

    Oh well what can you do.

    And thanks for the compliment you are sooo nice kinzi :).

    Q: thanks Q 🙂 I hope people who know me know that I would not say the things this person has been saying.

    Mai: LOL Mai, ana fakkaret inno inti ya mai hehehehe.

    There were some on KJ’s blog and some on Summers.

    Well I guess there’s a price tha comes with fame … LOL.

    Hareega: you think? Heheheheh

    And yes I did leave you those 2 comments 🙂 That guy in the first video is just locco ya Hareega.

    By the way, thanks for blogrolling me 🙂

  6. You are welcome…i hope whoever is doing it to stop!
    Mabrouk for being famous! 🙂

  7. 🙂

    welcome , your not the only one i catch 6 comments like that , so i do post about how to fake comment so all take care about that ..


  8. Summer: I hope he stops too.

    I don’t know why he is doing it to begin with , but oh well, that’s life eh , you have the people who go out of there way to do good things and maitain respect and good manners and the people who go out of thier way to do the bad things.

    Qabbani: You too :). Yallah what to do, I hope that people know that I would not comment on their blogs in this manner.

  9. oh its happened with KJ too. but the idea of a profile pic is awesome.

    so were it you who left the last comment on my post “abu ballout”? 😛

  10. how sick is that? o well i hope the dragon will help:)

  11. hehehe

  12. Keshi has been having the same probs
    she solved her probs

    talk to her at

  13. Thanks Saby

  14. 7aki Fadi, this person has made a whole new blog.. check it out.. wallahi this is becoming freakish

  15. 7aki, were you, or your imposter, asking me if I was Jewish on the Ultra Slacker Dad post?

  16. […] weird how these things happen on the internet, I wasn’t planning to talk about it until I saw 7aki’s post, I don’t know but it’s getting really uncomfortable for me that even on my personal […]

  17. did we really reach this kind of stupidity? Why people? for God’s Sake stop these actions!! its really shame!

    this is so sick!
    7aki, be sure that the one who is doing that is just jealous from you! inshallah..he/she will stop soon!

  18. Secratia: Yeah I saw it, it’s silly more than freakish that someone would waste all their time to do this.

    Kinzi: It was not me asking the question.

    Maher: Thanks Maher.

  19. Thanks for telling me, 7aki, I’ll delete it.

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