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Welcome to my new place!

Since I started contributing to arabexpats I started thinking about moving to wordpress. It has a lot of cool widgets , has a nice look and feel and also has more control.

I have been working on this for a while so I hope you like it more than the old blog 😀 . I think the old one was “khanshoor”.

 But I am going to miss my old blog , just a little bit.

 So do you like it? do you? do you?


28 Responses

  1. Hey! I like your new place!

  2. mabrook, it looks nice! i like it

  3. welcome to next stage in your blogging career

  4. badri!
    :p :p

  5. Ya mabrook .. ya mabrook 😀

  6. whosane: Thanks!

    Sel3: Allah Yebarek feek. Glad you like it.

    Nas: Yeah, that’s what I thought too 🙂 .Thanks!

    Mariam: LOL … la2 wallah badri min 3omrek…hehehehe

    Qwaider: ya shukran ya shukran.

  7. Mabrookulations.

  8. Mabroookkzzz!!

    I like the drawings on the top left corner :>

  9. Hey there! Nice move, I like this place much better! I have been thinking of moving to wordpress as well, but the thing is… I am a Googler, and as such, I have to remain loyal.

  10. Yay, wordpress. Ahlan ahlan 🙂

    *whips up a link to plugins for a housewarming gift*

    I heart wordpress.

  11. Mabrooook 🙂

    WordPress ROCK 🙂

  12. o LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLEEEEEEEEESH 2al Maioush yora7eboon b 2al 7aki 3ala el wordpress o damat el afra7 deyarkom el 3amerah 😀
    o ya hala o ya hala b 7aki … i love ur new home sorti jaretna 😀

  13. Finally you left. At least your new theme doesn’t imitate mine anymore. 😛

    Welcome to wordpress. I might upgrade anytime soon. From msn space to blogger was a huge step. This will be another leap in my blogospherian activities

    and by the way, the impersonating guy commented on KJ’s latest post. 😦

  14. 7aki, lovely!! I HAVE to do something now~

    I heart wordpress too.

  15. Mabrook!

    BUT I have to be honest with you 7aki, I dont like this template and color 😦

  16. Ya reto alf mabruk…

  17. hmm , just test why my pic not there ..

  18. Jad: A thank you thank you 🙂

    Maher: Thanks, I like them too 😀

    KJ: I was jealous of all those cool wordpress blogs, blogger is nice but limited. Thanks!

    Roba: My first (and only) housewarming gift, YAY, I’ll check it out. Thanks Robz!

    Qabbani: It does!

    Mai: HAHAHAHAHA.Ahlan jara 😀

    Hamza: Yeah I was mismiresed by the template of your blog i had to copy it, LOL LOL . What an ugly template man, hwat was I thinking hehehehe … just kidding.

    I guess everyone knows that it’s not me 🙂

    Kinzi: Thanks Kinzi!

    Observer: Allah yibarek feek. Maybe this new template is too girly, LOL .

    Ahmad: Allah yibarek feek.

  19. Mabrooks, La6eef el theme..

    One question, was it you that left a comment on my latest post, because it doesn’t sound like you 🙂

  20. Thanks Muhannad 🙂 . No it was not me.

  21. Nice :)))

  22. Mabrouk

  23. Tinker and Moey: Thanks 😀

  24. Hey 7aki Fadi! Love the new blog and welcome back from your vacation! I’m glad you have fun and some relaxation time!

  25. *5ushi bi reglek il yemeen*

    heyyy, i do i do!!
    and welcome back 7akouk, missed ya 😀

  26. Davgay: heeeyyyy, good to see you drop by 😀 .

    Damdoum: I missed you tooooooooo 😀 .

  27. mabroooooook … yetrabba be3ezzek … and so you switched to wordpress ?! it’s really a cool service although i’ve not try anything else ..

  28. Gradly, Thanks 😀 , yes it is cool, I’m really lovin it.

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