Are you a genius? Decrypt this.(Updated)

You have to work out what the letters mean. See No 0 as an example.

According to MENSA, if you get 23 of these, you are a “genius”.

Only 2 MENSA members achieved full marks. See how well you do.   So give it a shot, leave me your answer and I’ll score it.

And no cheating, I mean what’s the fun in that?


if you can’t see the image please click here  

Or click this link to take the quiz online (Thanks Pheras for the link ) 

I will post the answers later.

 Update : The Answers


37 Responses

  1. khanjarreb
    (remember english isn’t my first language)

    26 letters of the alphabet
    7 days in a week
    7 wonders of the world
    12 signs of the zodiac
    66 books in the bible
    52 cards in a pack of cards (and WJ is Walla Jawabt-ha la7ali)
    13 states in the US flag
    5 toes in a foot
    32 is degrees in fahreneit
    365 days in a year
    52 weeks in a year
    1000 years in a millenium
    (9 P in S A)= 9 Palestenians in San Antonio !

  2. Man this is really hard eh!!!
    Anyways, this is what i managed to guess:

    1- 26 letters of the alphabet
    2- 7 days of the week
    3- 7 wonders of the world
    4- 12 signs of the zodiac

    7- 13 stripes in the U.S flag
    8- 18 holes on a golf course

    10- 5 toes on a foot

    18- 12 months in a year

    23- 365 days in a year

    25- 52 weeks in a year

    27- 60 minutes in a hour

    32- 1000 years in a millenium


  3. yay i know these min zaman, so i wont say im a genius, i just remember stuff 😀

  4. I answered 16 so far, PLEASE don’t list the answers though, not just yet.. How many did you get?

    I’m having a hard time with all of the 13 things, it really is an unlucky number. I thought of the first 13 states in America, the 13 stripes on the flag, 13 guns in an army funeral, but nothing seems to work!

  5. By the way, some of the things, I knew by chance (like 15 players in a rugby team and 66 books in the bible), but I’m REALLY loving this!

  6. VA: Well sometimes genius takes practice.

    Pheras: I got 17 and then I got bored ( well stuck more than bored really) and started cheating … heheheh.. but aren’t they so cool? glad you are enjoying it 😀

  7. oh and Pheras, the 13 number, the answer is up there, you answered it 🙂 , but play with the words a little bit, I thought that one was easy.

  8. Well, I’m stuck at 27 now! I’m taking the test here:

    So that I can check if my answers are correct. I am now stuck at these:

    7 13 S in the U SF
    12 3 B M (S H T R)
    19 13 is U F S
    24 13 L in a B D
    30 9 P in S A
    31 6 B to an O in C

    But I can’t cheat! I need to solve them all! Are the ones I have left VERY hard or what?

  9. number 7 is sooooooooooo easy, you answered it ya Pheras 😀

    12 is impossible, like , for real?
    30 is easy(ish)

    Thanks for the link 🙂 by the way

  10. Ok, I just solved 7, so I have 12, 19, 24, 30 and 31 left.

    12 is really weird, I thought of the Holy Trinity, measurements??
    13, I thought of army funerals? the Last Supper?
    24 I’m thinking of something that has to do with letters and the alphabet, or something in a dozen?
    30, I thought of the planets, I thought of South Africa, South America?
    31, I thought of carbon (its atomic number is 6)? Passover?

  11. ok I’ve got 12 so far. If I put more time to it I can figure out more

    It just pisses me off that it doesn’t accept my answer for:
    11 P in a F (S) T

    I know it is “11 players in a Football (Soccer) Team”.


  12. Pheras, your guesses are really really really close .

    Hamza: welcome, this is fun eh?

  13. OK, it gets better!

    13 is unlucky for some! and 13 loaves is a baker’s dozen!

    Only have the
    30 9 P in S A
    31 6 B to an O in C
    12 3 B M (S H T R)

  14. Bakkouz and Hareega, sorry , your comments were stuck in the spam:

    But Hareega: (9 P in S A)= 9 Palestenians in San Antonio ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA

  15. Great Exercise, i like these things very much:)
    I got 13and then got stuck so i started cheating then i discovered that many of these i would never ever know coz they are culturally or religiously related, such as Rugby players, US flag, 66 books in the bible, come on, please.

  16. Hmmm I’m sure I answered this last night .. but my answers are not showing 😥

  17. So technically I am mentally handicapped………..

  18. Khalas, I give up. 30 is enough; what are the answers (or at least hints!) to numbers: 12, 30 and 31?

  19. Ok, 30 is 9 provinces in South Africa; but 12 is biblical something, then the Holy Trinity something, right?!

  20. i think first time i tried that it took me a while but i managed to get 23 ….
    and i hated them for the australia and south africa thing



  22. Tayyeb what’s the answer to 31?

  23. 6 Balls To An Over In Cricket.

    the australian one i was bitching about 🙂

  24. Damn, that’s way too hard…I don’t even know what does it mean!

  25. thats not hard, the info is just no there

  26. Off topic, I just tried those wasabi peas that you recomended, and it tastes like Vodka or spirto 😀

    BTW, you hate it but you can’t stop eating it..

  27. Ballahi ya Mohannaed ma hommeh the best?

    OK , since now you tried those, try Wasabi Almonds, OMG they are even better than the peas.


  28. Bilal: They are culture specific, most IQ tests are, so they are not really a measure of how smart you are.

    Q: Your comment was eaten by the web monsters

    KJ: HAHAHAHAHAHA, so how many did you get? LOL, you always crack me up KJ.

    Bambam: I got 17 and then I got bored .. lol , so you are a genius? Explains a lot :p just kidding

    Pheras: wow , good job!

  29. Alla la ywa6rezzllek, sharet el big can o soret m7’alle9ha!Marati kafrat, dagato o sarat bedha traje3 😀


    inta allah la yutrezlak shu fatastni min ildo7ok , HAHAHAHAHA.

    Bas ilmohem , inta 7abeto willa la2?

    My daughter insited on tasting it by the way and then she just licked it cos she always licks new food , shatra, and her eyes were as big as saucers .. HAHAHAHHA child abuse

    Bas isma3, it’s peas so it has to be good for you, vitamins we haik

  31. Q :heart: wassabi … a3teeni fil 3adal 🙂

  32. Bagollek safaget big can o btgoleeli 7abeto? It is like bezer you can’t stop once you start 😀

    Jude lessatha z3’eereh bas wait 3lay, balshet asl7’ha mansaf 🙂

  33. i did it before i answer like 13 Questions .

    but you know , u need good english 😀 to know it …

  34. I got 2 😀 One of them simply because it was in front of me 😛 I am most brilliant!

  35. i got 11

  36. I’m smart enough…… I’m more of an artistic person 😀

  37. lol, I haven’t had to think this hard since college.

    I only got 11.
    26 letters of the alphabet
    7 days of the week
    18 holes in a golf course
    12 Month in a year
    365 days in a year
    60 minutes in a hour
    52 weeks in a year
    64 squares on a chess board
    5 toes on a foot
    29 days in Febuary in a leap year
    7 wonders of the world

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