What happened to Abu Shreek?

It has been 4 months since his last post and I check his blog everyday in the hope of his return just to be disappointed.

His blog was the first blog I read and the first to favorite.

 So what do you think happened to Abu Shreek? Do you think he quit forever?

 I hope not!

Abu Shreek. Come back.


3 Responses

  1. 3ayne 5air, el3’ayeb 3ozro ma3o.

  2. Forget about Abu Shreek….where is 7aki Fadi???
    Today was just ASS!!!!!
    And on ASS days, l count on 7aki Faid to entertain me.

  3. Bob: Well I TOLD you to entertain me, this is what happens when I am not entertained.

    And it is an ass week not an ass day.

    COME OVER RIGHT NOW to my desk and ENTERTAIN ME .. hehehehe

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