7aki , William and Bob revealed!

This is how Bob, William and I look like.


This is the Bob man slave driving people at work while he reads my blog everyday (hehehehe, it’s actually the other way around, people drive him crazy).


William wearing his Indiana Jones hat but in black. And the tie, he wears it EVERYDAY.


Me chillin listining to my IPod


12 Responses

  1. They all are sooo cute!!!! Can you make one of those for the topper???? 😀

  2. HAHAHHA Davagay, I was telling Bob and William how I couldn’t create the topper cos there are none that look like her (she’s not really cute hehehe), but I’ll try, maybe I’ll give it a shot .. hehehehe

  3. 7aki, worth waiting for! What inspired you? Cute, you are, btw !

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 7aki, how cute 🙂

  5. 7aki, I like the way you look in this portrait, it is sooo cute, hehehe 😉

  6. Thanks Ladieeeees 🙂

    Kinzi: Boredom inspired me really .. lol

  7. so william always carries a bottle of water around. and bob looks like a 17 year old techie…is he? 😛

    and I’ll not even start with you 😛

  8. pretty much Hamza, Bob is 17 year old guy trapped in a 36 year old body , he’s not really a techie and not in business either, he is in the twighlight zone.

    And yeah, water is Williams hobby, he runs a water club…hehehehe.

  9. you look just like i imagined u…i think i saw u at the mall once..i knew that was u…ok i’ll shut up now..:) cute ..

  10. You’re black! But you have white 7aki feet.

  11. Sam: You DID ??? when when ? what mall??? you should have said something!!! Ok I’ll shut up too, lol.

    KJ: LOL, no no I am as white as William :S it’s the tan that is already fading and then I will be white 7aki again in no time 😦

  12. how did i miss this post! this is adooooooooowable! love ur hair girl 😉

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