On Going Commando, dating an Arab man and much more

In this post I asked people to ask me any questions they like and I think that was my first mistake …lol.. but here goes, fare is fare I said ask me anything and I said I will answer:

1) Davagy asked: What do you think about a non-Arab girl dating an Arab guy? What kind of reactions should I expect if I go to Jordan to visit his family and friends???

Are you out of your mind dating an Arab guy??? lol … just kidding ..(for real I am kidding before someone jumps on my throat).

There are 2 things that effect how the family will react to you:

a) Religion. 

Are you the same religion? Because this could make things easier in terms of the family reaction. I think in most cases the parents look the other way when their son is dating a non Arab and they will be nice to her and treat her well, But once it becomes serious and there is talk of marriage then it might get a bit difficult for the couple if they are not of the same religion.

b) Is the family conservative?

If they are they might have a problem with the whole concept of dating be it Arab or not. But from the all the people I know (the Arab guys who married or dated a non Arab) the family was nice and welcoming 🙂 

2) Bob asked: why some people choose not to wear underwear. It doesn’t take a lot of effort – a few seconds in the morning and it doesn’t need to be ironed. Its not uncomfortable – there are no sharp objects or belts involved. So 7aki Fadi, why do some people go commando? What are they trying to prove?

Allah la ywatrezlak ya Bob 3ala haik su2al.

here are my answers:

a) To save money, cos you know underwear is excpensive these days so maybe they would rather spend the 6 dollars (average price of a decent pair) to have a beer or something

b) To save the environment. Because when you wear underwear you need to wash it , this means more water consumption and also more lanudry detergent that goes in our already dirty lakes

c) To save time. In the morning you have to pick a pair and wear it so that takes like what? 2 minutes? so lets say you live to be 70, that’s 25550 days multiplied by 2 = 51100 minutes which is 35 days, for real you can do alot in 35 days

d) And last but not least because they are sluts and perverts … LOL

3) Maioush wants to know the craziest thing I have done.

OK I am certifiably crazy so anything I do  that seems normal to me might appear a bit  crazy to other people .. lol . 

I guess skydiving would be the craziest? Cos scuba diving is not that crazy I guess although it’s an extreme sport.

The latest crazy thing I did was on my last vacation . A girl I met on my vacation took me to this little pool at the spa (it looks like a Jacuzzi but it isn’t) that had ICE COLD water , it was zero degrees or below zero, BRRRRRRRRRR and she said, I dare you to go in, . There was a couple who were standing there and debating to go in or not. I think the woman managed to dip her toes in the water.. COWARDS I tell yah!

Of course I went in!! The adrenaline rush was AOWSOME, super cold then go in the normal pool and you feel you are in a Jacuzzi , it was Liberating and you feel tingly all over. 

Oh, and I did it twice after cos I liked it the first time … hehehe

OK enough bragging 😀

4) Maher asked: if they told you that you have a chance to meet a fellow blogger. who would that be?

Yeeee 3ala ili7raj 3ad, biddak shiklak itmashkilni (one word Awkwaaaaaaaaard)

Here are the bloggers I would like to meet in random order:

Roba, Hal, Whosane, Bambam, Muhannad ,Naseem ,Maioush Kinzi , Sam  and Proud Pali …I have to admit that these are my faves.

But honestly, there’s alot more that I would like to meet but these are the ones that come to mind.

I guess that’s it for questions.

5) For the other requests: Qwiader, Ahmad and GlobalOrama stay tuned for future posts 🙂

And oh, Hamza: I am going to ignore you :p


18 Responses

  1. yah yah yah…whatever to#4 :p

  2. oh come on.. you are such a hater. first I am not among your favourite bloggers AND you don’t answer my questions.

    *bans himself from checking 7aki fadi’s blog*

  3. 7aki, answers like these are part of why I can’t stay away from my computer! LOL!! Hey, honored to be a part of your ‘want to meet’ list. 🙂 ana wiyaaaki!

  4. Don’t ignore Hamza lest we ignore you!

  5. Unless you’re wearing a skirt, or a dishdasheh, where you can let it “hang out” (sorry for the mental image), going commando isn’t worth it.

    I just can’t do it, it doesn’t feel right. This is also why I don’t wear boxers, since in a sense boxer-wearers are going commando as they are no more than shorts.

  6. same here girl :hug:

    i’ll comment on the rest of it in another post 😀

  7. WOOOOHOOOO *does the ego stoking dance*
    ok where do i collect my rain check for a meeting 😛
    but seriously i thought u’ll skip the commando Q ?! ?! since u didn’t u missed the most important reason (IMHO) quickly in quickly out if u know what i mean 😀
    and commando dishdashe is retina damaging especially if they sit down :S or the sun is behind them (add cheap material to that image )
    YIKES !
    errr…. ENJOY? ??

  8. Thanks for answering my question 7aki. I have to admit I don’t have the easiest relationship with my boyfriend, but we love each other and he doesn’t seem to care what his family thinks, soooo lets just hope for the best. I just get nervous because I don’t know how they are going to react, I dont even speak the same language nor have the same religion…… :-S

  9. Sam: lol

    Hamza: Awwwwwwwwww 😦 . No no no I love you too 😀 . I do I do hehehehe

    I knew this Q was gonna get me into trouble :S

    Kinzi: 😀

    KJ: I love you too … lol … yallah 3eesh … lol..

    Hani: Yeah going commando is just not right and urrrm thanks for the mental image(s) :S

    Verbal: yeah yeah I know this is the worlds longest post…lol

    Bambam: Rain check eh… I should have stuck with Hamza and KJ hehehehe :p
    And EW EW EW at the mental image

    Davagy: You never know how these things go , they might meet you and love you a lot , good luck! 😀

  10. A non Arab girl dating an Arab guy is one thing. But what about the other way around? A non Arab Man and an Arab girl. I became Muslim 4 years ago and I proposed to a girl from Jordan. There was uproar from her family. They didn’t like it one bit! In a way i can understand it because this is a rare thing and of course the cultural differences. But would it be so bad? What do u think?

  11. O enti kman men my favorites, alla yojbor b 7’a6rek ya 7aki 🙂

  12. Eww Bob! heheh! What kind of question is this 😛

    And why spend time wearing underwear in the morning?!! Do you take it off at night??!?!


    7aki, here is a question for you: What is the best post you remember reading at any blog? and if you dont mind to answer, what is the best post you have read at my blog?

    Thank you…

  13. omg shu fi ktir 7aki! tayeb, here r my 0.02$

    1. really there is no generalization on the non arab girl/arab guy relationship, as no relationship is predictable and no 2 scenarios r the same, i suggest Davagy dont think or over analyze and just take every day as it comes, kismat is kismat at the end of the day 🙂 all the best!

    2. going commando is the most liberating feeling ever u shud try it miss id-dive-into-a-freezing-cold-pool-to-feel-liberated! as long as ur not announcing it to the world, ur fine! and thats why, it shud be ONLY ok for women to do 😀 coz, and sorry for reiterating hani obeid’s visual image, girls have nothing to “hang out”! sorry and ewwwww!

    3. lool howabout a bug tasting bet? been there done that yuck!

    this was fun 😀 long but fun 😀

  14. Stephen: (are you stephen from that TV show or is it a freaky coincidence?)

    In my opinion I do not think it’s bad. But as you said it is unusual and maybe needs getting used to in the Arab society and it needs to happen more and more to become mainstream.

    But not all families are the same, you were met with rejection from this girls family and you might be met with open arms from another.

    Mohannad: 😀

    Observer: Gosh there are sooooooo many posts that I loved on the internet, there is one by Hareega that cracks me up all the time called “yil3an abu hal shagheleh” written in Arabic … LOL … ta7sheeeeeesh la 2allah.

    Also there’s Naseems “A Poem For West Ammani Twenty Something Year Olds, Lately”

    As for you , I really loved this post “الطفل في داخلي” and other stuff too but this is the first one that comes to mind 🙂

    VA: lol . It is librating but it still makes them sluts and perverts HAHAHAHAHA

  15. Thanks for answering my questions :). You picked up nice posts.

  16. No not me 🙂 thanks for the insight

  17. I am a new visitor here. Can u tell me all about arab man, inside n outside…what did they like, attitude, habit and their opinion about woman and sex. thank u

  18. im an filipina n now happy being with an arb man from syria.. we go on smoothly n stronger,, race is not big hindrance to us.. racism is only in the mind of some exagerrated people.. he loves me. he’s my man n my bestfriend,, no one understands me like him..
    he’s proud of me even we have a diffrent race n color..
    like chocolate n milk.. buts d of it.. it ends up very sweet….

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