Did you smell that?

 I have been tagged by Verbal Alchemy to list 5 scents i love so what the heck, why not!

1) I love the smell of book stores, we used to own a book store in Amman and I always remember how the store smelled like when we opened it first thing in the morning, the smell of new paper and magazines and stationary is just great!

2) I love the smell of some permanent markers, lol, my God I can’t get enough.

3) When you fry garlic with coriander ( kuzbara ) . Smells amazing, no? that smell when Mom makes the ti2layeh for mlukhieh , OMG so good…oh and the smell of when you melt butter on the stove. Good food smells good especially if I didn’t have to slave over it and cook it . I want my mommy 😦 .

4) Wood smells nice. When we first moved to our house and we got all this new wooden furniture and wooden kitchen cabinets it smelled really nice

5) The smell of the inside of a new car, be it the new leather or the smell of what ever it is that makes the smell nice. Did you know that some car companies actually work on the new car smell because they found out that the better the new car smell is the more cars they would sell and they experimented with different new car smells to sell more cars? Crazy isn’t it?

I tag Kinzi , KJ and Hamza


11 Responses

  1. apology accepted and I am back.
    I love most of the smells you’ve mentioned so it’ll be a bit difficult to come with the ones I like..but I’ll still do your tag. 😀

  2. was gonna mention the smell of a new car, especially with leather interiors. im enamored with fragrances and smells usually bring back memories 🙂

    thanks for doing the homework 😀 i enjoyed reading :hug: bless!

  3. Since I like the exact smells you do, I do not feel obliged to accept your tag 😛

  4. oh and btw 7aki, u have the link to KJ’s blog not mine! lol

  5. allah la ywa6rezlek, 9ar ja3bali mlukhieh 3ala hassobe7 🙂

  6. Hamza: YAAAAAAAAAAAY, my blog would not be the same without your funny comments 😀 . Glad you are back .. hehehehe

    VA:ooops, I fixed the link


    Ahmad: ballahy isn’t it the best smell IN THE WORLD????

  7. 7aki, thanks for the honor! THESE are some great smells, yum, I will have to really focus to come up with some good ones!

  8. nice nice 🙂

    i like the wood thing 🙂

    wallah i see my tag every where :COOL :

  9. KOZBARA YA333333333333333 … i hate kozbara … and thank u for mentioning the name in english … “give me this dish please … no coriander”

    i think it would work :>

  10. permanent markers? then what about paint thinners, acetone, or glue?

  11. Kinzi: The honour is all mine 😀 .

    Qabbani: Yeah your tag is soooooooooooooo famous now 😀

    Isam: Man kuzbarah is AMAZING, inta bas you didn’t have it the right way.

    Sel3: Glue is good too , hehehehe especially YUHU ..LOL , acetone is gross and paint thinners are just wrong.

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