Random conversations with little 7aki

little 7aki: Mommy can you paint my nails please?

Me: OK sweety

I paint her nails and they are like little imlabas a7mar( red candy) and i want to eat her little fingers

a couple of minutes later I serve her food and she says.

little 7aki: mooooooom, not now, lets wait until my nails dryyyyyyyyy

My daughter is 3!!!! Wait till my nails dry?? LOL … fa3es


At Bed time:

me: close your eyes so you can sleep

little 7aki: but i don’t wanna. It gets dark when I close my eyes 

Me: but if you keep them open you can’t sleep

little 7aki: but I wanna see the room

a bit later:

me: OK mommy , good night. I have to go down stairs and start the dishes

little 7aki: no no stay with me for 5 more minutes (and she sticks her hand 2 cm infront of her face to show me 5 fingers)

me: ok I will stay for another 5 minutes 

during the 5 minutes little 7aki says: I have an idea!

me: what is it?

little 7aki: why not daddy start the dishes when he comes home?

me: that sounds like a GREAT idea!

5 minutes later: OK sweety , goodnight the 5 minutes are up.

little 7aki: where are you going? We said Dad will start the dishes!! I had a great idea remember?

me: LOL

Yup, you should start training them early and often … hehehehe … maskeen baba 7aki now he has to deal with 2.


23 Responses

  1. aaawwww cuttteeeeee

  2. you have a shotout in my last post

  3. ooo, so cute

    y5alelk yaha 🙂

    she wants baba to do the dishes? allah y3eeeenoooooo!! 😀 LOOOOOOOOL… la bs gada3a mdabreh 7alah amn hala2 😉

  5. LOL…too cute!!
    But smart too, mn hl2 she has already learned how handy men are 😉

  6. awwwwwww.. she is sooo cute.. Allah ye’7aleeeeeha 😉

  7. you know what 7aki fadi, I’m starting to make a connection that about 50% of us bloggers are pisces (especially the personal bloggers)! I don’t usually believe in zodiac stuff but there’s gotta be something there more than a coincidence!

    I just bombarded my blog with posts, it’s embarassing how I can’t control how much I write

  8. Did you make sure she repeats this GREAT idea in front of baba?

  9. 7aki, rabaytiiha mazbuut!! LOL!!!

  10. zaman 3an L7 … o zaman 3an 7F kaman … wenek ??

    i hope ur not detoxicating LOOOOL

  11. loOoOOoooOool, smart and cutteeeee.
    Allah y5allelek eyyaha.

    and so nice post, zaman 3an heak postat 😉

  12. Kids are wonderful….. I dont have children, but I have three nephews and two nieces and they are the sunshine of my days, even though they are far away 😥 …..

  13. ya albi 3aleiha….i wonder how u stopped urself from biting her little fingers…so cute and smart smallah 3aleiha 🙂

  14. heeeehheeee… 🙂

    so cute… so smart! God bless her …

  15. ya labiiiiiii ana! smalla 3aleiha allah ye7meeha, cheeky little girl 😀

  16. Baba 7aki will have a lot to say about this!

  17. بتجيبو الكلام لنفسيكو 🙂
    انتي كمان فهميني كيف بتحطيلها الاكل و لسا المناكير ما نشف

    الله يحميها و يخليها
    افعصيها عني كمان مرة

  18. hehehe

    she sounds like my kinda girl 😉

    Bravo mommy 7aki and baby 7aki … I think I like your strategy 🙂

  19. Little 7aki is very cute and will forever be cute because she does not age. Little 7aki has been 3 years old for 5 years now.



  21. “little 7aki: but i don’t wanna. It gets dark when I close my eyes ”
    that must be the cutest sentence ever said on this PLANET…God bless her

  22. lool too cute. shes a clever little 7aki.

  23. Asma : Thanks!

    Qabbani: Allah yikhalillak illi bit7ebhom.

    Mai: Willah shu bitfakryy? Ana baraby gada3at … hehehehe she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

    Tinker: Exactly, men are very handy and it’s been a hidden seceret for past generations so we need to expose it and teach our daughters…I am going to start a club!

    Secratea: Thanks!

    Asma: LOL Asma, inti hyper … hehehehehe

    Well you are giong through what we call the blogging honeymoon period where all you want to do is blog blog blog…don’t worry it will pass

    So inti kaman Pisces?

    Salam: you know what’s funny, if baba was home she would be begging him to stay with her in bed and she would tell me to go away … LOL ..cos I get frustrated quickly and want to go downstairs and he would be willing to stay with her until she falls asleep

    Isam: haini hon, wallah mashaghel il7aya bti3raf hehehehe.

    Ahmad: Thanks and thanks , yeah the mental block is hopefully broken and more to come inshallah.

    Davagy: awwwwwwwwwww, I hope you get to see them soon.

    OA: meen allek ini ma akalthom?

    Khawaja: Thankkkkkkkkkkssssssss!

    VA: She is cheeky 🙂

    Na3ouri: LOL … ma3ak 7a2. and tonight a7la fa3sa 3annak .. heheheh

    Khalida: yeah, poor husband, he is not gonna know what hit him … lol

    Bob: to you she will always be 2.5 … hhehehehe

    Maher: 😀 .. thanks

    Dandoon : and god bless all you love 🙂

    Batoul: she takes after her mom … lol

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