Darab ilmadfa3 willa lissa?

Ramadan … how fun it was when we were kids.

Our family tradition was for the whole family (meaning my family , my uncles wife and kids and my other 3 single uncles at the time ) to go to taita and seedos (grandparents) house for iftar on the first day of Ramadan.

I remember how much fun we had! All the kids would always wait anxiously outside on the veranda for an hour before the sun sets to wait for madfa3 Aliftar (they fire a cannon at sunset to announce breaking of the fast). As soon as it’s fired we would run inside and say, “darab ilmadfa3, darab ilmadfa3” so we can start eating and taita (Grandma) does her last minute things.

She would always make the following, wara2 dawali and koosa with rack of lamb (Ryash?) , shaikh ilmookhshy (koosa ma7shi bi laban ) hummus with meat and samneh … yuuummmmm and lentil soup that has kufta meatballs in it (yum yum that was my favourite , I would like gorge on that and ask taita to put extra kufta chunks for me , man I used to eat like a trucker , oh I guess I still do .. hehehehe) and for sweets she would make her famous 2atayef.

Right after we eat it was TV time to watch abu 3awwad. We LOVED it as kids and couldn’t wait for it to start. But I just wanna know one thing, how did we like it??? for real??? It was soooooooo lame but we loved it. Also we watched other Nabil Sawalha shows over the years. Then we would watch fawazeer Shirihan, 7awl al3alam yalla nteer 3alla tayert fawa fawazeer (or something like that) She was amazing!

Then after a while people chow down the dessert and drink their tea and start heading home to spend the whole night with the family.

I don’t know but when I was a kid I used to love Ramadan more, it was more special for me.  When we grew older we hated going to taitas house because we thought it was lame so we would eat sooo fast so we can run home to go out with our friends.

When we were kids we were also more pure of thought, now we always have negative thoughts and gossip thoughts and angry thoughts, all we thought about when we were kids when we were fasting was how amazing we were and how much God loved us because we were fasting and about that Lentil soup ( I guess I still have thoughts about that lentil soup still hehehehe, I think I am going to make it on Sunday).

By the way, is there still a Madfa3? Did they start doing it again because I remember it stopping for years and it wasn’t there when I left Jordan.

If it did stop you guys living in Jordan should start a petition to reinstate it, It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool.


14 Responses

  1. nice memories of Ramadan.
    i guess kids always love going to their tita’s house…it is very special there, they get to do what they cannot do at their own homes!
    the food sounds amazing!! but nothing vegetarian…no?
    Enjoy your Ramadan and your Shorabet adas!

  2. Happy Ramadan 7aki 🙂
    so you guys are just like us, first day of Ramadan the whole family gathers at teata’s house for HUGE Mansaf 🙂 more than 56 of us in one place LOOOOL! god i swear that sometimes i imaged kids running on the sealing 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! i have so many cousins and they are all kids.. jad Ramdan is so much fun in Jordan 🙂
    yen3ad 3aleaki o 3ala 7babek ya amar 🙂

  3. happy ramadan! nice post!

  4. Happy ramadan 7aki

    yes, things are always brighter when we were kids. We didnt use to feel the rush of time like now, and everything looked more glorified back then

    Still ramadan is enjoyable 🙂

  5. yeh thing are alot more fun when we are kids.especially eid…now it doesnt really feel that special…i guess there is no madfa3 here..i never heard it..i wanna hear it:( but there is msa7araty…but aparntly he is not loud enough to wake me up!:(

  6. Ramadan Mubarak woman!

    You also effectively described my childhood. There is no more madfa3, except on the first and last days of Ramadan

  7. What in the world is a madfa3? They actually did that?? I don’t ever remember that happening, not even on 1st or last days??
    Nice story tho… the first day is always jam3et el 3eyleh with lots n lots of good food 🙂
    Ramadan Kareem!

  8. happy ramadan 7aki,
    actually, this ramdan, I feel nothing special but the change in routine 😦
    i started seeing people after work 🙂
    but there is something missing…

    And regarding “Abu Awwad”, don’t be surprised that you liked it, because most probably back then you had two channels on your TV; Amman and Syria (as any Jordanian family) and abu awwad was like ….. like …..
    lets see…
    Star Trek? no that was in the eighty’s, mmmm
    Desperate Housewives now a days?
    I never watched it…

  9. ahh.. I agree. The older I get, the less festive I become about things. But I think when theres little 7aki in the house, things do start to kick back festive again! Living the spirit through the soul of little 7aki ❤ cutee.

  10. ahhh the madfa3…how much do I miss it
    I remember how I used to beg baba from the minute he gets home to take me to see the madfa3. Sometimes when he would in a good mode he would pack a bottle of water and some dates and drive me up to see the madfa3. I don’t remember how the drive home would take forever due to the insane traffic because seeing the policeman firing that canon used to be the highlight of my day! I remember that there used to be several locations for canons in Jeddah…which makes me too wonder if they still have that tradition?

    I know what you mean about how Ramadan is un-festive now…well the 7:30 iftar is not making it easy to live the rituals of Ramadan. sigh. Well, enjoy your lentil soup 🙂

  11. Summer: Yes our taita used to spoil us, and seedo more even. I guess te hummus and the salad were the veggie dishes … lol. Thanks you also enjoy your Ramadan 🙂

    Mai: Happy Ramadan to you too!
    Mashallah 56, wow we were only 15 of us since all my uncles married later.

    Hareega: Thanks! Happy Ramadan to you too!

    The observer: I absolutely agree, everything when we were kids was brighter and more fun. Now we are jaded. Happy Ramadan to you too!

    Sam: No madfa3? That’s too bad. When I was in Amman the msa7araty was high tech, he used to go around in his car..lol..

    KJ: Ramadan Mubarak to you too man! Wasn’t it so much fun to wait for the madfa3?

    Tinker: Ramadan Kareem to you too :).

    Ahmad: Happy Ramadan to you too Ahmad. I havn’t felt Ramadan for the past 6 years man. Here in Canada it’s just like any other month but you are hungry during the day and can’t think past 3 o’clock .

    You never watched Abu Awwad???? And you call yoursefl a Jordanian?? lol you really didn’t miss out.

    Batoul: Yes we are trying to make it special for little 7aki.

    Dandoon: You got to see it ????? That would have been AMAZING to see.

  12. of course I watched it, that time a child was not allowed to be 12 years old if he didn’t. 😀

    I meant that Abu Awwad was the best show ever that time, since we had no other choice back then… 😉

  13. in irbid there is still a madfa3 working in ramadan, it’s on the highest hill in irbid and its sound can be heard in the areas around it. but to my family house it doesn’t reach. instead, my family this year is relying on the wolfdog that my little brother brought, this dog is always silent, it rarely barks, but when el adaan starts, every time, 5 times aday, the dog raises head up and starts this wolf kind of “3uwaa2” until the end of el adaan. this 3uwaa2 is a new confirmation on the breakfast time according to my family.

  14. Ozz??? is that you?? OMG it’s ALIIIIIIIIIIVE … hehehe, long time no see buddy 🙂 .

    ta7seesh that wolf-dog.

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