Why I wish I was 3

Me: I loooooooove going in the tub

Little 7aki: But you are not in the tub, I am in the tub.

me: You are right. That’s why I wish I was three so I can go in the bubbly tub like you

Little 7aki: Are you 4?

me: no I am 31 waaaaaaaaay older than you. You know why I also wish I was three?

Little 7aki: Why?

me: So I can go to school and shake my wiggles out and play hot potato after breakfast.

little 7aki: but but but (she stutters when she is trying to say something important) if you were three who will drive?

me: HAHAHAHA. Yeah i guess it would be a problem. Who would drive?

I can’t believe she said that , it is logical thinking, she linked me bieng three , to school , to who is going to drive her to school if I was three.

The other day she said, “mom when I am a big girl can I drive?” I told her , “of course you can, I will teach you to drive when you are a big girl.” I think she loves the car and driving , seems to be on her mind a lot ….. FA3ES!

 So why I wish I was three:

  • To get a warm bubble bath EVERYDAY
  • To shake my wiggles out after breakfast
  • To play with toys to learn , yeah wouldn’t that be cool?
  • To get hugs and kisses all the time from everyone, I love hugs 🙂 .
  • Not to have to work
  • To learn somehting new EVERYDAY
  • To get waited on hand and foot day in day out
  • Somebody buys me cute little clothes and shoes
  • To feel excited about everything and anything, I am no longer excited about anything anymore, it’s like I’ve seen it all and bought it all.
  • Somebody reads me stories aaaaaaaaaaall the time.

The list can go on and on and on and on and on…

So hey, I think I am going to start a tag here:

Why do you wish you were three? Give me at least 5 reasons. And if you want ot tag someone else go ahead.

I tag: Tinkerbella, BambamHareega, Muhannad (zaman 3annak Muhannad 🙂 ) ,whosane , Ahmad , Isam , Roba , Proud Pali , Expated in Dubai and Sam.

OH OH, Bob and William too!


20 Responses

  1. Be careful of what you wish for…..No one wants to wake up with messed up bed sheets.
    Naps, I would say the naps tops it all.
    3 is the age they are cute, right? When do they turn all biting ,kicking and ER material? But yeah, you got a smart kid 😀 , I guess you both need to come to an agreement on what precisely “big Girl” this age corresponds to.

    A bubbly tub? Mmmh… ok next this morning: I’ll get a nice ducky and something to make bubbles…..

  2. nice tag liked it:)

  3. The best thing about being 3 is the lack of responsibility, I just don’t remember being stressed out when I was 3

  4. Your little 7aki is so adorable, god bless her.

    Anyway, i don’t think i want to be 3 cause as fun as it is people will be making all of my decisions for me (like dressing me like a puppet 😛 ), i’d like to be 16 or 17 again, no responsibilities with all the fun 🙂

  5. No tag me 😦

    I want to be 3 to have people appreciate everything I say and even rejoice as anything I say seems to be said by a glorious leader or something 🙂

  6. aw so cute…kids say and do the cutest things…:)

  7. well, while I was reading this I was waiting for the FA3ES part 😀
    if you hadn’t said it, i would have been disappointed 🙂

    little 7aki is so smart, allah y5allekom laba3ad…
    and thanx for the tag.

  8. Hehehhehehe. Moogle is getting a liking to Little 7aki 😛

    I wish I were three for the following reasons:
    – Raiding the fridge at night is an exhilarating but punishable experience
    – I have the RIGHT to nag
    – Everything is novel
    – Whatever wrong I do, I can always say sorry and pull a cute sad little face, then do the wrong again 😛
    – I will get along well with Moogle

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! FA3ES.. daba7teeha la el benet ad ma btef3aseeha 😀 bokra 3ala kabar beseero ynadooha ya maf3oosa LOOOOOOL! 7abeebti little 7aki.. FA3ES!!! 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    (eza el LOL taweeleh 3adleeha madam 😉 )

  10. Although Little 7aki sounds charming, I personally don’t wish I was three! I dislike kids, and I love my car far too much!

  11. Since i am boycotting my blog lately i’ll post here

    rzn 1 : Everything was so big it made it more fun to climb and 2itsha3bat everywhere

    rzn 2: Nagging actually got you what you wanted !

    rzn 3: You get the royal treatment, maids at your command, drivers, hand feeders, bather, story tellers and occasionally a jester disguised as dad
    (thats like 5 reasons right there)

    rzn 4: you can so fool people easier when you are three, all it takes is a fake tear and those puppy eyes to reduce grown up men to pleading. A power i kinda would like to preside on although i dont think it was that conscious at the time.

    rzn 5: Can i hear a hell ya for nap times 🙂 just pass out wherever you want, and you will magically find your self in bed eventually….
    wait that sounds kinda like uni…. I guess the awesomonstrosity of it never grows old 😛

    btw lub the lil 7aki series ….

  12. me at 3 was not my best era at all.
    I was a nagging, spoiled little kid who was a pain in the neck for the family. In fact, my cousins held daily meetings to decide on the best way to refrain me from assaulting their gatherings.

    I don’t mind being 1. I was the center of attention from everybody. Everybody was holding me like their teddy bear and I was always a victim of fa3es especially my cheeks. No wonder my face is elongated. 😛

  13. Nice , allay ye7meha little 7aki …

    me 3, lool , it will be a fun , though am a lonely son and at 3 i have on elder sis and another still day old ,

    i will be the King , cuz am in jealousy mood of the new baby and the only boy

    its the heaven 😀

  14. Kefek ya 7ajjeh? Jad zaman 3anni 😀 walla ya 7aki el wade3 busy shway-draseh o katha, and for the first time I teaching a class 🙂 So I am busy most of the time..

    Imagine this: sal6i ga3ed be7ki 3n el globalization and technology.

    I will answer your tag soon enshalla. Salamz for now..

  15. IHA: LOL at the messed up bed sheets, I had to wash the sheets twice last week, but they have this great invention where there are plastic padded sheets.
    Well, the kicking and annoying stage passed thankfully, they go through it from 1.5 years to like 3.
    LOL@ the ducky.

    Tiger: heyyyyyyyyyy Nimer, wainak? min zaman ma shoofnak man! ishta2nalak, Haik ma bittol 3ala im 7aki ilzgheereh?
    Tab you like the tag? Answer it 🙂 .

    Asma: Poor 3 year olds, they have a different kind of stress , but the beauty is that they forget it quickly, kiss them on their bellies and all the stress goes away.

    Bakkouz: Thanks 😀

    But see Bakkouz, puppets are cute.. hehehhe , and you won’t know that people are your puppet masters, for real, you won’t even remember what you had for lunch, so it all does not matter.
    To be 16 17? The horrors of high school and tawjeehy and all htat crap, insa man.
    My favorute age was between 19 and 25 .

    Q: lol Qwaider, tab yallah 3eesh I tag you too 😀 , I except the answer soon! Heheheh
    OMG you are soooo right! Whatever my daughter says I LOVE.

    Sam: Thanks!

    Ahmad: Thanks!
    LOL, maskeeneh how much she gets a good fa3es.

    KJ: HAHAHAHAHAHA, well he is fluffy so she will like him, does he bite?
    OH MY GOD the nagging, that’s all 3 year olds do. But you know why they do it? cos half the time adults ignore them so they need to be persistent
    And yes, the whole sorry sad face works too well, they have the world all figured out.

    Mai: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL walik ana daiman baftos do7ok 3ala LOLtik it taweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeleh hehehehe
    Maskeeneh, ra7 yeseer 3indha 3o2deh min kotor ma baf3asha.

    Roba: HAHAHAHA. tab you can change your tag to “Why I don’t want to be 3 again”, by the way, little 7aki already loves cars and can’t wait to grow older.

    Bumbum (hehehehe) :
    1-so you like to be a monkey? Is that your Chinese sign? Heheheh
    2-Nagging, sigh, the nagging kills me man, she nags and nags and nags till I give her all the chocolate that she wants, lol, for real, I give her anything to stop the nagging.
    3-See you understand me too well, I would like to be either a 3 year old or J Lo
    4-LOL, true my friend true. But it is conscious man, it is, they know their power, my daughter once was doing that, she was fake crying, and I said, don’t you laugh and she burst into giggles the little monkey.
    5-She does not nap anymore…waaaaaaaa333333333, mommy needs a break cos kid no nap mommy no nap either 😦
    Thanks for loving the series, I will keep them coming.

    Hamza: Being 1 is really cute, OMG little 7aki had the worlds chubbiest cheeks and the biggest eyes EVER mashallah, aklat fa3es la inharat.

    Qabbani: Thank you 🙂 .

    Mohanned: Oh yeah I heard about you giving the class, I hope it is going well?

    I remmebr the first time I gave a course ( I used to give technical IT courses) when I was 22. It’s nerve racking the first time then you start having fun with it 🙂 . It was sooo much fun wallah I loved meeting new people all the time.

    Yallah good luck with that and kiss Jude for me please, you need to post about her sometime 🙂

  16. LOL…this post was adorable. and LOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ mommy 7aki and “shake my wiggles out after breakfast”.
    Altho I do miss some things about being 3 (yes, I answered your tag :D), I still think all the things I had to give up are worth being in mid 20s. This is the best age… FREEDOM!!

  17. ya labbi shu cute!!

    i always enjoy ur posts when it had anything to do with u a little 7aki 🙂

  18. lool ma azkaha.. the things mothers do to temp their children.

  19. Tinker: heheheh, the wiggles are sooooo much fun.
    Thanks for ansering the tag , I really liked it 😀 .

    OA: Thanks ! I’ll keep them coming, I can’t help it, little 7aki is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

    Batoul: tell me about it! I am her slave.

  20. When you are 3 years old, the world is still full of wonder but as you get older the faculty of wonder leaves us and the world becomes a habit.
    I want to be amazed and thrilled by the things that l now take for granted. I wish l was three again.

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