Adbusters, A dose of 7aki mish fadi

Adbusters is a magazine I subscribe to and love, what an eye opener.

From the name “Adbusters ” you get an idea of the aim of this magazine but it mainly:

“Documents the global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who work to forge a major shift in the way we live in the 21st century, by challenging the way information flows, institutions wield power, and multinational companies set their agendas. Engaging in fearless anti-corporate criticism, Adbusters treads contentious political terrain in a way that publications dependent on ad revenue or foundation money can’t. ”

It is truly the anti ad magazine.

It discusses a lot of issues from media corruption to how corporations are using the poor and the third world countries to advance and many more subjects that are very relevant to this generation.

One of their main focuses is how to empower and support local businesses.

Canada and the states have already turned into what resembles an amusement park were you can’t tell a street from the other because on every corner there’s a coffee shop chain, a fast food chain a shoe store chain , corporations corporations corporations, it’s like taking a stamp and just stamping all these identical shops everywhere, the cities have zero character and we are all like pennies feeding the machines. The small businesses are disappearing one after the other. Even when you own a buisness (lets say a Starbucks franshise) you are not really the employer or the owner, you are an employee at starbucks corporation so you have to do whatever they want you to do or you lose your business. It’s so very oppressive to creativity and character.

So please before you go buy your meal or your coffee or even your groceries, think of the small businesses and support them.

Check the magazine out, it is really good I promise. I also added their RSS feed to the left, check it out.

A small dose of some 7aki mish fadi doesn’t hurt every once in a while, no?  😉

Another thing, I have not worn any Nike products for the past 6 years and I am proud!

Think before you buy


14 Responses

  1. much better look of the blog
    will check the magazine

  2. Hareega: Thanks!
    The green theme was so uninspiring and depressing every time I looked at it all the creativity was drained out, was fugly 3anjad.

    I am glad you like this theme. I like it too if I say so myself.

  3. Your are right, there is a point about big corporations. It is a bit scary were we are heading.


    I just LOVED your blog new look and feel. I was just going to complain about how bad it was. It really annoyed me and I couldnt feel comfortable reading your posts.

    This one is much much much better 🙂 Thank you!

  4. first of all, lovely layout. now your blog looks very very professional

    Second, it is good to have a dose from 7aki that’s not fadi every once in a while. In fact, I think you should do it more often.

    Third, I am like you. I haven’t used a nokia product in more than 6 years after I watched a program telling us how they are exploiting the workers in asia. Maybe we watched the same program..lool

  5. hmm thats a sweet sweet post by ya. It is so true that cities are losing character so quickly but on the other hand there is so much you can do when people worry alot more about driving down the price rather than having quality product or a healthier one.
    btw i think am the only one that liked the old one better, save for the header that is:P

  6. Observer: Thanks! I am glad you like it.

    Hamza: Nokia? LOL, its Nike Hamza Nike not Nokia, unless Nokia exploits third world countries too. Does it? Yikes, Nokia is my favorite phone.
    Thanks for liking the new blog look.

    Bambam: You are right, the reason all the places like wal mart and the likes are doing good is because they are cheaper and of course the bigger you are the cheaper the products will be, most of the products they have are made in China. People now look for the bottom line, why would someone buy a kilo of tomatoes for 3 dollars if you can get it for 2. That’s the problem with small businesses in general, they are usually more pricy unless they have bad quality stuff and no one would buy that the stuff anyway

    😦 You don’t like the new theme? Why?
    Bas 3anjad Bambam the old look was very uninspiring for me, every time I looked at it I donno I went blank. I swear. It was weird.

  7. bambam: by the way, hilariuos link you have there, lol

  8. oh snap. I meant Nike…

    but I hate nokia too..but I don’t think they exploit ppl from 3rd country

  9. I fully support small business. It is something inherited in all Syrians, really – nothing makes a good shawerma like the local store in the alley

  10. nice new look 7aki..i like the colors so easy on the eye 🙂

    and i really enjoyed reading this topic..thanks for sharing about the magazine

  11. oh and love the new look 😀

  12. Hmm :S i swear i’d posted something like a milli second ago :S in7awalet ma3goul :S

  13. Hamza: ok good, I love my Nokia and i got worried for a second there.

    KJ: See in the middle east you have a choice of supporting small businesses, here they are going extinct

    OA: Thanks! and Thank!

    VA: lol lol , hmmm, the blog monsters maybe ate your other comment?
    Glad you like the new theme.

  14. Nice, except I’d think ANTI-globally about it. Think of unemployment, or the lack thereof, in the US if there was no outsourcing! Man, just FUCK Globalism straight into the ground.

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