An Explosion at 7aki’s House

Here’s how the events transpired.

I made little 7aki a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast. She does not eat the cheese inside aka the egg yolks , she insists that it is cheese, so she ate the whites and I left the yolks in a bowl.

Baba 7aki does not like to waste anything, seriously, he has a chronic leftover eating condition, if I happen to cook a big quantity of anything and we have leftovers he will keep eating that dish untill it’s completely done, LOL, OMG like he would eat the same food for three days until all the leftovers are finished…Abu jbara il3adeh …but I digress.

So Baba 7aki takes the 2 egg yolks and puts them in the microwave and next all I heard was KABLAAAAAAAAM.

One of the yolks exploded leaving my microwave in a disastrous condition.

Here are the pictures.

The explosion

You should have heard the sound , it was crazy.

The remains

These are the remains, lol, I swear to God there were 2 egg yolks in there.

Lessons learned:
1) I guess you can’t heat up boiled eggs in the microwave
2) Never believe your husband when he says “I will clean up the mess in a bit”

Oh, and by the way, nobody was hurt during the filming of this post.


23 Responses

  1. man do I got a lot of catching up to do here ..

    Love the new look though … the previous one was not so 7aki fadi-ish .. excellent choice 🙂

  2. WOW!!!
    7amdillah 3al salameh 😀 That was amazing!
    I didn’t even know those can explode 🙂

  3. Who – Sane :
    I think this new look looks more who-saneiesh hahahahaha 😛

    hmmmmm …Explosion …are u sure those were eggs not chemical stuff or something it seems that baba 7akee is ‘7alayeh naymeh

    wallah wenkashaftoo ya zo3ran bedkom tedroboo estegrar el balad bas 3ala meen 6ayel beek el majalee sar 3endoo ‘7abar weenak ya mohannad 3an hal giosah he3he3he3he3:P

    I liked lesson number 2 …it is soooooo me GO GO BABA 7akee 😛 U ROCK MAAAAAAAAAN

  4. Ya 7abibi 3leki 😀
    Salamat and one more thing if you use the microwave a lot.
    Chicken and beef liver also explodes.
    And if you heat any kind of liquid in the microwave make sure you keep it away from your face, because sometimes there is static energy that is released once you move the liquid.

    My eyes hurt, yalla salam..

  5. LOOL

    7amdellah 3a salameh 3ala heak o allah ye3en 3ala Cleaning 😀

    so thanks for the info 😀 , i like egg cold any way ,

    another thing u cant use tin paper in it i did it one and ti was firework 😀

  6. OMG, looooooooooooooool.. yalla 7amdella 3ala salamitkum ya dar 7aki, hehehe 🙂

  7. lesson # 3 everything that gets over microwaved explodes or actually burn. did you ever try toasting bread in the microwave? you would die from the smoke

    7aki- your microwave looks something like my microwave when i came back from my trip to Amman. I think my brother had some mini food explosions.

    here is an effortless tip to clean it. microwave a big bowl of water with a sliced up lemon in it for 10 – 15 min. then just wipe with a dry cloth. repeat if needed. baba 7aki is gonna love this

  8. clean up the mess in a bit!! what a big fat liar..I have one of those at home! they never clean up the mess..problem is every time they’re in th ekitchen there’s a mess left fpr you to clean up..even when they’re in for a drink of water!

  9. o no! hubby is the same like yours..he hates wasting food and always promises to clean up and does not…he keeps on holding it off knowing that i will get sick of the mess and eventually do it myself……and what is wrong with kids and yolk…mine wont eat it now i do not boild eggs for them anymore!

  10. LOOL
    this is the first time i see egg yolks explosion, hahaha poor microwave

    it was a nice read, Thanks 7aki

  11. o hasa re7et el bayt bayd? yuckieieieieie

  12. O




    *packs his cleaning materials and orders a flight to 7aki Land*

  13. OMG!! that’s too much much mess!
    but el 7amdillah no one got hurt at least 🙂

    men & cleaning the mess! hmmm that just doesn’t work!

  14. Ouch, this looks soooo bad… when’s the cleaning lady from heaven when you need her?
    how did little 7aki react?

  15. lol @ the lesson # 2 learned!

  16. Who-sane: hey hey hey, whosane fee baitina? ya mar7aba ya mar7aba..
    Glad you like the theme 🙂 . yallah go catch up :-p

    Qwaider: I know, this is news to me, this is the first time we heat up egg yolks, lol, don’t recommend it.

    Nimer: lol@ sleeper cell, man htat made me laugh. No sleeper cells here, the explosion was pure egg yolk.
    And go go baba 7aki??? Mashi ya tiger, I thought your loyalty is to me :-p

    Mohannad: HAHAHAHAH @ My eyes hurt…lol..fataset do7ok ana wallahy, tab salamat man, inshallah they are good now.

    Ok so to compile a list of expoldable microwave stuff:
    Egg yolk
    Foil paper (now that’s dangerous cos this not only explodes but also makes fireworks)

    Are there any more?

    Qabbani: Did it have any foil in it? Cos foil paper makes fireworks in the microwave

    Secratea: hehehe. Well I am glad our dilemma made you laugh, lol.

    Salam: no 7aram 7aram , baba 7aki cleaned it up, but after I nagged him for a bit. And lol @ make a mess even when they’re in for a drink of water!

    Sam: yeah, my daughter is a hit and miss, sometimes she eats it and sometimes she does not.
    Baba 7aki is annoying when we eat breakfast and he says, oh oh don’t do a thing I will clear the table, so he goes to drink coffee and smoke and does God knows what and the table is not cleared for an hour, I stopped listening to him and I clear it right away.

    Jad: yeah, the egg smell was pretty bad I had to like ahawy ilbait

    KJ: KJ, did you ever consider moving to Canada? we pay the maid handsomely, then you don’t have to worry about career options and stuff like that. Hehehhe

    OA: No no the microwave compartment is sealed well so nobody was hurt during the filming of this post.

    Sister: shufti ballah ya sister? Wainek ya Roza? but baba 7aki was Roza, LOL.
    Little 7aki was clueless.

    VA: hehehehe

  17. Dana: Heeeey, Thanks for the great tip, I will pass it on to Baba 7aki 😀

    I never put bread in the microwave, the bread gets so weird.

    And yeah, what’s up with men and using the microwave???

    Tala: glad you like it 😀

  18. LMAO…and I thought that I am an amateur when it comes to coooking and using the microwave.

    this post made me really laugh

  19. LOOOOL…cheese?!?!?! thats ADORABLE!! the way kids percieve the world eh.
    well im glad to hear Mr. 7aki owned up and cleaned up the mess!
    And THANK YOU DANA for that tip, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind as my microwave looks like 7aki’s almost every time hubby tries to reheat sth (he always punches in 5 mins for some freakin reason!!) and only slightly better after he “cleans it!

  20. This has happened to me before! It’s a weird thing, an explosion of boiled eggs. If it’s any help I found this interesting article on the subject:

    Here’s the more relevant part if you don’t feel like reading
    “Microwaved eggs can reach temperatures much higher than if they were simply boiled in water at 100° Celsius, says Jim Hutchison, a physicist at the University of Aberdeen, UK.
    At these elevated temperatures, water inside the egg, mostly in the white albumen, vaporises – even as the albumen solidifies. If the pressure inside the egg exceeds the breaking strength of the shell, the egg will explode.”

    Consider yourself lucky it didn’t explode in your face.

  21. Hamza: LOL, glad you enjoyed it 😛

    Tinker: yeah my daughter is hilariuos hehehe. OMG what’s up with men and micorwaves? baba 7aki loves to over heat things too..grr

    Dana: Wow Dana this is really interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing 😀

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