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You are not going to BELIEVE what happened to me yesterday

I am above average height, 173 cm 5’ 8” so I am pretty hard to miss or not see, right? …RIGHT??? WRONG.

Here’s how the events transpired ( I like this word, I am going to try and use it all the time hehehe).

Last night I went out with my coworkers for a bite to eat after work so my husband had to pick my daughter up from school.

See, both baba 7aki and I have cars to make life easier so I won’t strangle him every time he needs to pick me up or drop me off.

This is my car, it’s cute, a small SUV so not like a huge car or mini van or anything. It’s not like there are 100 seats you can’t see, right? ..RIGHT????


Yesterday baba 7aki missed the train so he had to drive to Toronto to go to work, so instead of driving back home because traffic is insane he decided to leave his car in Toronto and take the train and then take my car to pick up little 7aki

This meant that he had to pick me up from the train station.

So I call him ahead of time to tell him when I will be arriving so I don’t have to wait for a long time (like he usually likes to do). My train arrives and I walk out to the parking lot and there he was waiting in the car with little 7aki in the back seat, so I was like, this is great, he’s here on time and little 7aki is there and she loves going to the train station so I was pretty excited ( yeah I get excited easily).

I opened the back door to give little 7aki a kiss, plopped my purse in the back, shut the door to go around to sit in the front , as I was going around, the car started moving, I was like , oh, maybe he needed to clear the lane for another car. But then the car kept moving farther and farther, I was like , WTF??? What’s going on, and then the car kept going farther and farther until it completely exited the train station leaving me stranded in the middle of the passenger pickup lane trying to think WHAT HAPPENED????

Some people would be so hurt that their husband did not even notice they were not in the car before they decided to drive off.

And some people would be mad as hell that the husband did not even notice them banging on the door while the car was abandoning them.

Some people would be puzzled to how a Father would hear his daughter crying in the back seat saying “where is my Mommy, where is my Mommy” and then still proceed to drive and leave the Mother stranded.

But I am not some people because I could not help but laugh and wait till he realized that I was not in the car and drive back.

I waited for 4 whole minutes.

He comes back, his face was white as a sheet preparing to be completely shit on, I tried to keep a straight face as long as I can and pretend I was upset so I can give him a hard time but I couldn’t stop myself from bursting into giggles when I saw his face.

This is gold, every time he is going to piss me off or annoy me I am going to tell him: “Oh, you are sorry? Are you as sorry as you were when you abandoned me at the train station?”.

I am going to remind him of it every chance I get.

I even taught little 7aki to say, “ You are a silly Baba. Did you forget Mommy at the train station?”

This gives the “Married people don’t notice each other” a new dimension.


29 Responses

  1. God help baba 7aki

  2. HA HA HAAAAA!!! This is awesome!
    The same thing happened to my cousin, he was going to the airport, so he went to the car, Mom and brother in the front.. He puts his bags in one side, and tries to walk to the other side when the car speeds off!

    They arrive at the airport with no cousin in the back! And his mother starts saying …. “Akhadooooo” (referring to evil spirits)


  3. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. LOOOOOOOOOL, thats hilarious! your poor hubby must have had a long day, haram 🙂
    As we can see, both mommy and lillte 7aki are not gonna let him forget it 😉
    pure genious… now he won’t be able to say anything to you for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time

  5. loooooooool , how cute

  6. Hah! Be nice though, God may allow a 7aki-slip to even up the score. I’m giggling at little 7aki, “silly Baba”…

  7. HAHAHA that’s so funny! 4 minutes is a long time wallah!

  8. I don’t think it was about you being short or anything.

    Its just for some strange reason, I am happy that baba 7aki did this to you but I dunno why.


  9. LOL….bs maskeen baba 7ake…one little mistake and the girls team up on him…
    did he assume that you maybe sat in the back seat when you opened the door and placed your purse their?

  10. OH my god that’s hilarious!!!! LOOOOOOOOOLLLL, what would have been is if you decided to disappear somewhere so that he would be looking for you and freaking out thinking you disappeared into thin air in the backseat LOL

  11. LooOoOooOl, thats funny, really… 😀

    “his face was white as a sheet preparing to be completely shit on” LOL, but awwk
    and LOL at “ You are a silly Baba. Did you forget Mommy at the train station?”.

    do you react the same to such situations? or just when you are excited? 🙂

  12. did u check if there was any babes on his left ?? 😛

    come one maybe he thought u hopped in the back seat !!!!

  13. HEHEH, I’m laughing so hard my boss thinks I’ve gone mad.
    I can totaly see the look on his face when he got back.. Priceless.
    oh, oh, can you get me a car while you’re guilt tripping him.

  14. This gives the “Married people don’t notice each other” a new dimension.

    hahaha…that was hilarious…i liked the funny story…and ya 7aram ya baba 7aki..we2e3 bi shar a3malo :p

  15. *LOL*

  16. LMAO – OMG THIS MADE MY DAY!!! thank you baba 7aki!

  17. Sel3: laish God help him? I WAS abandoned ??? lol

    Qwaider: That is too funny, and I thought 4 minutes was too long, so did he make the flight.

    Tinker: Yup, poor baba 7aki, maskeen, I will use it for MONTHS to come, wait till I tell his parents and friends, LOL, at every dinner party this will be the story HAHAHHA.

    Ma7joob and GLS: 🙂

    Kinzi: a 7aki slip of this proportion? I hope not….

    Deemco: wallahy 4 minutes is a long time, but in his defence when he exited the station he couldn’t do a U turn because of the traffic.

    Hamza: AHA! I KNEW IT!!!! 😛
    Ya shamatet il 2a3da2 …LOL

    Dana: Yeah he assumed I sat in the back, but , I am always loud and annoying so how can he not notice I was not there?

    Asoom: Well part of him turning pale is he was so shocked that I was not there, I told him, what you thought I was abducted by aliens? Maskeen wallah he was pretty shaken up.

    Ahmad: I get more upset if he doesn’t get my coffee right, lol, I am weird.

    Isam: lol, yeah the only babe he had was little 7aki 😛

    Sister: yeah yeah could you picture it?? it’s a combination of mortification and utter fear.

    OA: LOL, yeah 7aram baba and HAHAHAHAHA

    Sam: 😀

    Shanna: I thougth you were my firend :S , why have all my friends forsaken me and sided up with baba 7aki, PEOPLE, I WAS ABNDONED …LOL

  18. I don’t know which is more bewildering – the fact that he left you or the fact that he came later to pick you up!

    No amount of rockets in the salad will help int he upcoming month(s) LMAO

  19. HAHAHAHAHAAHHA KJ, man you are sooooooooooooooo mean.

  20. Well 7aki dear it just had to happen…use it fully to your advantage 😀
    just off the top of my head…Baba 7aki can start the dishes now and you and baby 7aki can have more time to paint you nails …

  21. LOL, TOTALLY Dana. You are smart!

  22. LoooooooL! ta7sheeesh!!

    I totally envy the west for having trains..

    7akiiiiiiiii, ta7sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, ya7leelo baba 7aki, bs radet fe3lek betjanen, ma twaqa3et 3an jad!! 😀

  24. loool, i loved your reaction..
    My dad gives the “married people dont notice each other” even a better dimension.. he drove over my mom’s toe while she was putting my bro into the car seat :S ahh wo back & forth wallaw. lol

  25. Maher: Yeah trains are cool when you are not sitting next to some loud or obnoxious or a smelly person.

    Mai: HAHAHAHA…hada ilol shaghaleh ma3aky. Mahoo 3anjad it was way too funny not to laugh, for real it was like out of a reality show, lol.

    batoul: lol, 7aram your mom, lol. tab shu sar fee your baba? akeed your mom did not laugh heheheh

  26. yeah, he made it … but barely

  27. LOL!

    Wow, that was awesome, I’d react just like you.
    I first freaked out when I thought your husband didn’t actually see you drop your bag in the back seat, and that he decided to leave at the very moment you wanted to get in. THAT wouldn’t be funny. Left in a train station, without your bag/money/cellphone. How would you go home!!

    Thanks for the laugh! 😀

  28. […] I think it was a sign of things to come […]

  29. Waaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahy
    waahahahahahahahahahahahahahyyyyyy … I cant stop.. Woman you made my day! thank you for sharing!


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