Stat Whores

Let’s talk about bloggers who are OBSESSED with the blog stats.

One category which I am going to talk about are the bloggers who only release a limited RSS feed where you can only see the first sentence of the post.

Why do they do that?

Bloggers who do it annoy me because they are inconveniencing their readers. The reason why I have RSS is not to have to open a hundered websites.

My theory is that the only reason they do it is because they are stat whores, they want to gain every single click and see that counter going up and want to capture every single person who reads their blog.

Sometimes I don’t click to see the full post because I can’t be bothered .

Can somebody tell me? I am just curious to know why.


22 Responses

  1. Take it easy my friend. These things are not there to annoy you, but to actually help you

    First of all, in RSS, I am one of the firm believers of conservation. The idea is to give you the title, and a little excerpt. If you don’t like what you see, you just move on. If you do, you go on reading the rest of it.

    The last thing you want is a 500MB rss feed that completely defeats the purpose and the idea behind feeds to begin with.

    As for why people are obsessed with stats, well, why are women obsessed with their waist size? Why are people obsessed with how m any zeros they can add next to their bank account. It’s a matter of self fulfillment. Some people enjoy it. Other feel it’s proof of worth, or approval. You name it.

    Fact is, people -historically- enjoyed bragging about these stats to make others feel bad, the next generation took on the tradition and went on with it to prove to the older one that they’re worth it … and so on … so forth

  2. I used to do all my blog reading from the RSS client. Then I realised, that If you only read the rss feed, you will miss out on the images, videos, layout. Besides what you mentioned about some people writing excerpts and using more tags so that most of the article is not visible through the feed.

  3. lol Q, I am taking it easy. I guess the title is not as funny as I thought.

    But it still annoys me.

    Hani: I agree that you can’t see the layout and so on on some posts or blogs but RSS is convienet for 80% of the time where you don’t need to view anything but text.

  4. Or maybe they are oblivious to the option to begin with

  5. I can’t stand stat whores.

  6. This is all about freedom … the stat whore is free to send partial posts in RSS … and you’re free to check them or not …

    somethings never change … Arabs are freaks of control and we will never learn to let be or let go …

    this is not personally to you 7aki … please dont be offended …

  7. yeh i hate those too…soooooooooo annoyyiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!

  8. Are we talking about Bakkouz! aa? aaa? bakkouz is a whore, I mean stat whore.

    I guess when your blog become popular it become also pricey to maintain and it’s always good idea to generate extra money from advertising.

    Nevertheless, I believe if you keep bitching about how much traffic you have, you will never have good advertisers willing to advertise with you.

  9. some bloggers spend considerable effort preparing their posts. They are not paid, and if they are anonymous like me, unrecognized. Why would people like me blog? What reward is there in the whole process but to see how much response you get?

    I mean, all I am asking for is a measly little click to know that somebody bothered to read what I have to say. Is that so much to ask for? Are you so miserly that you don’ t even want to give a blogger that satisfaction?

  10. KJ: See KJ that would be true but the default setting is complete RSS in most blog hosts.

    Roba: yeah, tell me about it.

    Isam: First of all I am not offended because I didn’t understand what you meant, LOL , is it me who is a control freak or is it the stat whores?
    How can I be a control freak by wanting to see the full post?
    But if you are referring to the stat whores then YEAH, you are right…heheheh

    Sam: tell me about it!

    Jad: LOL Jad, no it is not anybody in particular, it is general and includes everybody heehhehehe.
    And Bakkouz releases the full post in the feed 😛 so he is not included

    In terms of revenue then this is a good point Jad, have not thought about it this way so I agree

    Khalaf: OMG OMG OMG, Khalaf is here??? NO WAY!!!! ..ahlan ahlan, I am a big fan of your blog. I do click on every single post of yours because you write good posts which makes you less annoying and worth the click hehehe.

    I should have called you a stat whore a long time ago if I knew you’d come visit… LOL .. just kidding just kidding . I hope you can take a joke and find humour in it 😀

    Miserly? No I am more lazy than miserly really.

  11. Blush! Of course I read your posts (I have you on my RSS feed, he he).

  12. Khalaf: I am on your RSS feed???? NO WAY !!!Coooooooooooool !!!!
    (ok I sound like a not very cool 12 year old now so I am going to stop,,, lol)

    Thanks for reading!

  13. i absolutly have no idea what RSS means. and i am too lazy to search about it. i know it has something to do with new posts.
    i hope i am not one of those stats whores. :s

  14. Yeah, now here is where it gets awkward

    I’ve never used a RSS Feed thingy (RSS READER?), so I don’t know what you are talking about.
    And I use so I’m not sure how to control how my feeds appear on the RSS thing (on JB my feeds are not a one liner).
    Most importantly, I don’t think my blog is on someone’s RSS feed 😀

    You are right, I see many people syndicating their blogs here and there, their blogs got so many logos and links to God knows what! Common rights what now?
    Yeah, it has been always a popularity contest!

    Now what’s really important here: Man, you got some language Haki! 😀 ya 3eeb

  15. Maher: lol Maher @ I hope I am not a stat whore, don’t worry you are not.

    Check out this link for a def on RSS .

    Firas: You are on my feed reader 😀 .

    And shu malha illnaguage, lol, the word is in webster dictionary 😛

  16. I can’t believe that this thing is such annoying to you. Annoying to the extent you call them “stat whores”

    lol at the nickname

  17. well some people can’t control their syndication software such as myself since i’m RSS/CSS/PHP illiterate and wordpress only sends out a few lines…or so i think. anyhow controlling RSS feeds isn’t really as much of a problem as people writing about traffic traps like mentioning the word “se!” or “fu!!” or whatever, or when people write about something popular just to get stat counts. in the end, these are blogs. sure, you can make some money off of them but it’s not worth selling out…not to me at least.

  18. Hamza: Finally SOMEONE laughs at the nick name, lol, but they are, they would sell their bodies for more clicks HAHAHAHAHA

    Mazz: I agree.

  19. lool 7aki, I think its more of girl talk that some guys just dont see the humor in it.. whores 😡

  20. Batoul: You are right, hence all the girls laughed and agreed and all the boys took it so seriously hehehhe

  21. what is RSS?!

  22. Ok, can you explain the post in non HTML-terms. An RSS reader is the equivalent of Google Reader right? But how can I tell if I have RSS? And how can I tell if my RSS thing does what you were complaining about? (Simply cause I really wouldn’t want to be labeled as a stat whore!).

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