A Chimp

So I was checking out Tololys blog and she had this post that showed which daemon she was.

She was this beautiful Leopard so I decided to check mine and I thought, maybe I will be a strong lion or maybe a polar bear or something like that but here it is … taddaaaaaaaa …


A chimp … it is not beautiful but at least it is brilliant hehehe  

This movie seems AMAZING, check out the trailer.

So, What’s your Daemon?


17 Responses

  1. don’t try to convince yourself, a chimp is bad 😛
    I’m a Jackal, I’m not sure if that is better than a chimp 🙂

  2. Well…. I’m a bee, and just to let you know, I HATE bees!!!! :-S

  3. From now on I call you Girda.

    I am a Calista spider daemon

  4. well my daemon is the jackal hahaha not too far from the tiger isnt it?

    u r a chimp …hmm i think thats why u talk too much 😛

  5. Ahmad: hehehehe. Jackal, hmmmm, no, not better than a chimp 😛

    Davagy: A bee, awwww so cute, driping with honey and hard working

    KJ: who’s Girda?

    Tiger: lol @ talk too much, mashi ya nimer.

    For you and for Ahmad, here’s the Jackal def.:


  6. LOOOOOOL, I thought that mine was bad 😛

  7. […] HAHA :D, mine wasn’t that bad after all, check out 7aki’s daemon Posted by Nizar Filed in Entertainment, Fun, video ·Tags: daemon, The golden compass, […]

  8. LOL Nizar, wallah da7aktny.

  9. Yea I’m both sweet and hard working ;-D

    ohhh… by the way, what are the only bees that can produce milk???? 😉

  10. LOL… I got a chimp too! even tho I hate monkeys!!

  11. wow..little 7aki is gonna be so proud of her mom.

  12. Davagy : I will just google it lol, so I will give you fun task of telling me instead 😀 .

    Tinker: OMG we are related 😀 And by the way, it’s not a monkey, it’s an Ape. far more suporior heheheh

    Hamza: well guess what, my daughter is a little monkey running around and climbing on everything, so she takes after her mommy 😛 , well her Chinese sign is a monkey anyway

  13. Boobies!!!!!!! LOL I think it is a cute joke 😀


  15. i got an ocelot
    solitary, inquisitive, fickle, modest, and a leader

  16. I’m a spider 😦

  17. lol ko55a il chimp sar? lol im born in the chinese year of the monkey so im feeling a bit offended loool

    ana tle3et tiger .

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