Can 7aki Sing?

I have been going back and forth about posting this and I finally  thought to myself, what the heck, it’s nice to share.

The worst that can happen is some virtual tomatoes and vegetables get thrown at me hehehehe.

The quality is not amazing since I used a crappy microphone to record it .

I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t tell me not to quit my day job 😀

Vodpod videos no longer available.



47 Responses

  1. OH-MY-GOD

    7aki, that’s freakin amazing! You’ve got some talent woman! You could get away with quitting your day job 😉

  2. Wow you already listend to it , hehehehe, I was still editing it.

    Thanks Dana 😀 :blush:

  3. And the answer is:
    Yes, 7aki can sing. 😛

    beautiful, I loved it.

  4. WOW! …. Mish ma32ool ….
    AWESOME! 3an jad kteeeeeeeeeer 7ilo …

    Masha2allah … jad sotek 7ilo!

  5. i don’t know what to get over first! that you can sing or that you’re a woman! for some reason i always thought it was a pun on the name Fadi!
    i feel compelled to say “DUUUUUDE! YOU’RE A GIRL!” but i won’t 😀
    bery dice
    bery dice indeed!

  6. 7akiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. amazing!!!!!! walek bejanen….
    la2 la2 la2 aktar mn bejanen, sho had ya bent???? 😀

  7. Nice choice…i love the song
    and hey…why quit your job…most concerts will happen at night 😛

  8. mabrook 3yooni, binshoofek bi beirut 🙂

    and in case you never watched the arabic version of super star, that’s what rahbani used to say to those who move up to the next level!! nice voice, and nice choice of song!

  9. Ahham shi the echo 😀 hihihi

    Mashalla 7aki you sound really nice.. now I can put a voice to your blog posts 😀

    Let’s team up – I write lyrics and you sing them (I can’t sing I sound like a smoking goat, remember)

  10. OMG, mish 3aref sho beddi a7ki… :O
    walek sho had???
    raheeb, I listened to it about 10 times till now and I’m listening to it right now…
    this song makes me so sad 😦

  11. Hell yes she can!
    bas lazemha modeer a3mal fete7 o fahman, like me 😀

  12. Your voice is AMAZING! I’ve been reading your blog since forever and I barely comment, but I couldn’t hold myself from commenting this time!!!
    I just wonder what baba 7aki thinks of this 😀 he must love it

    Quit your dayjob, go back to Jordan, look for a recording company and give them this demo of yours. You won’t regret it! 😉

  13. Awesome! Really really nice. Added plus that I really love this song!
    Listen, lazem net3araf 3aleiki bas teeji 3a Amman, so drop me a line if you ever do.

  14. I just keep listening to it over and over again… I can’t get enough!

  15. hey wallah u got a nice voice there … u should consider training to get rid to that nasal voice and to open ur voice’s wider notes … bas the material is very encouraging el sara7a … if i had this voice … i would have released a CD by now … so count ur blessings !

  16. WOW!!
    Beautiful voice…are you sure this is YOU?

  17. Holy Flying Mad Cows Batman!!
    Thats beautiful wallah, you should sing more..
    and know knows maybe in the future somebody will discover you and you’ll be the next big thing in the music scene… 7aki 3ajram 😛

  18. Right, so little 7aki is one lucky toddler, to have a mother that can sing her to sleep like that.

    I am unbelievably impressed.

  19. *downloads 7aki’s voice* all I need is that voice-recognition tool and we will ID you :D. So you will no longer be anonymous. 😀

    I am not an expert in that field to judge but I can at least say that your voice has potential. Ever tried applying to superstar? 😛

    and one more thing, we want a song in English.

    *feels evil so that he can collect more voice samples from 7aki’s*

  20. well nice song zakarteenee be ayam ma kan tiger ey’3anee o yhed el 7arah 3alee sakneenha he3he3,

    no jokin…seriously ur voice is nice u have what they say some nice corners and depth on it little bit and u would have a glimpse of a big big talent ..(its not a chimp singing after all :P)

    according to my ranking u can compete easily with most jordanian singers and i think other categories so if u like this buisnuess go for it u have a future..

    and yeah now I started to envy 7akee el z’3eereh she listens to all this talent alone and exclusive lucky her..and yeah baba 7akee also is lucky allah eyhaneehom

  21. 7aki, soutik kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer 7elo… wallahi (It is Ramadan and I am wallahi-ing.. lol).. i mean it.
    Kteeeeeeeer Kteeeeeeeeer 7elo soutik!

  22. beautiful, i advice you to buy a guitar and start writing songs for yourself, you’ll make a hit. shall we expect a CD soon? or when you’re in amman wou can arrange for working with Tareq el Naser .. what do you think? i can introduce you to each others

  23. Wicked!

    That was amazing! Yes you can sing. Very classy. And we demand more. Do you do Opera?
    I think you should enroll at a singing school or something, got to work a little bit on some minor things.

    There is no way you’ll ever consider it as a career? Listen you got to record stuff for your kids so when they grow up and they are away from home they’ll listen to it.

  24. Wow, amazing…and that’s coming from a guy who generally is not a big fan of Arab music. You’ve changed my mind.

  25. Olgofi!

    yen3an 3okash, enti mawhebeh mokhtabe2a be kanada, walek so6ek 6age3.

  26. Oh my gosh I did not except this reaction 😀
    Thanks to all of you for your sweet and encouraging words, they made my day!

    Nizar, Qwaider, Maioush, Dana, Salam, Secratea, Dave : Thanks alot you guys!

    Mazz: lol Mazz, that means you never read my blog 😛 . Yup I am 100% woman.
    Thanks for the compliment.

    KJ: Keef bas the echo, raheeb moo?
    About the lyrics, YES, my brother will compose it (he plays the guitar professionally and he can sing too he is amazing he actually had a pro song recorded)
    I will sing it and you supply the lyrics cos my brother and I can’t write worth shit.
    Yallah send me some lyrics 😀 .

    Ahmad: I love this song it’s one of my Fairouz favourites

    Sel3: hehehehe, khalas if I go pro I will interview you for the position 😛

    Serapah: Baba 7aki loves it and has been pushing me to go pro , he has a friend who is a pro singer and wants me to start with him.
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading and listening!

    Robzo: Yeah I always loved this song and yes I will definitely drop you a line when I come to Amman 😀 it would be a lot of fun to meet you!

    Isam: yeah I did have a nasal day that day, hehehehee, I blame it on allergies, damn you allergies. Thanks I am glad you liked it.

    Summer: lol, yeah I’m sure. It’s 100% pure 7aki Fadi.

    Bakz : lol @ 7aki 3ajram inta nahfeh .

    Hal: Little 7aki asks me to stop singing whenever I start belting out the notes I swear to God …HAHAHHAH.. I think I annoy her, so she makes me stop and then starts singing herself hehehehe

    Hamza: See super star started when I left Amman. I would definitely have tried out, but being here in Canada kind of makes it hard for me.

    Tiger: lol nimer. Yeah baba 7aki is sooo lucky to have me heheheh (just in case he is reading this 😀 )

    Ozz: Man I have it all planned out, my brother is a pro guitar player, he is sooo amazing mashallah 3alaih, he would compose the song and might also sing since he sounds so amazing he has a pure voice. All we are missing are the lyrics and then we will be in businesses.
    But hey, about Tareq el Naser I will drop you a line when I come to Amman , this sounds like a good idea 🙂 . Thanks!

    Firas: I want to enroll in a school but not sure if in Canada cos I want Arabic singing lessons, I was thinking Ruba Saqer when I go to Amman, she gives lessons 😀
    Thanks so much for your encouraging words and yes more to come soon(ish).

    Jad: lol

  27. 7AKI!! Is that you? shoo had? That was brilliant! 3an jad mind-blowing!

    Your voice is somewhere between Fairouz’s and Majda Al Roomi’s.

    Fee kaman?

  28. wow 7aki u sound awesome!!!

  29. good stuff 🙂

  30. SO now that you know you have a fan base….you have a song writer…and i am sure we have a guitarist between the bloggers who commented. should we expect more?

    P.S: I am the same person as Dandoon, figured out I am being confused with yet another Dandoon, switched to my name…and now there is another Dana commenter. from now on I am your fan Dana- T.O

  31. Beautiful..
    You sound like a fairly new Lebanese singer, I don’t know if you heard of her : “Rima khsheish” .. I have a song or two for her, I will try to post soon and u can check her out..

  32. are you kidding me? is this really you?!


    how about a rap song? 😛

  33. i thought that was makadi na7as singing!
    great voice even with crappy microphone

  34. :O :O :O :O :O :O
    mashallah, you have a beautiful voice!!!!!!
    you reallu should go pro, that was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  35. lol…so you dont have the :O smiley face.. that was supposed to be a row of smiley’s with their jaws open in shock (and admiration :D)

  36. Whosane: Thanks! Well I am thinking about what to record next so stay tuned 😀

    Sam, Mo: Thanks!

    Dana-TO: Inshallah Dana 😀 , you are so encouraging!

    Noura: I will check your blog for her songs. Thanks!

    Maher: Well I love EMENEM , I really do, lol.

    Hareega: you diiiiiiiiid , thanks!

    Tinker: Thanks! And lol at :O

  37. Wow! Beautiful voice mashallah! 🙂

  38. OH MY GOD GIRL you can DEFINATELY sing!!!!! (throwing cyber roses at you)

  39. […] from start to finish. She is also a really great writer (and multi-talented too…check out her singing!! mashallah she has an amazing voice!!)I read her blog for ages and I finally started my own blog.. […]

  40. 7 aki I think you can sing beautifully.I would like to know more about how you have trained your voice to sound like that,I know it takes a lot of hard work.

  41. Beautiful 🙂 Do you sing in English?

  42. 7aki for some reason there is nothing coming through. I see the thing moving but no sound at all.

    and nothing’s wrong with my laptop


    i was looking forward to this

  43. got it to work.

    Try doing kalimat by majida.

    I think this was song was a tad too easy for you and I don’t think it displays all that you’ve got in range.

    that’s encouragement by the way.

    You’re on a higher octave than most women that sing in the middle east are which is a plus. Not many can carry a higher note – majida, fairuz, asala, ghada chbeil, are few that come to mind.

    I wonder how you would do with layale el shimal el 7azeene.

  44. posh lemon: I do 🙂 .

    inmoition: Thanks for the encouragement.

    Funny you should mention kaleemat in particular because I do sing this song ok. I also love “Ya Bairut” for Majida, I was thinking about posting that.

    I am trying to remember what layale el shimal el 7azeeneh is, I will google it.
    For Fairuz I was thinking of singing “adaish kan fee nas” and “Zahrat almada2en” .

    Thanks for listening to this, I appreciate it 😀 .

  45. Hi..
    I made my friends listen to this and they want you to quit your job and come to Amman NOW!!!
    you have to have to have to
    they will also do your marketing for you

  46. Who listened?
    I am coming to Amman in June so tell them to book an event. hehehehe. Bas 7akoon very pregnant. imagine, on a stage with a belly as big as a house 😦

    Maybe your friend should give me singing lessons, I like her stuff.

  47. Hahaha big belly.. I’ll finally be able to make fun of you ;P
    sure i’ll ask her.. maybe you two can do something small together.. no stage!!!

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