I Am Thankful For …

Its Thanksgiving here in Canada and little 7aki had this thing at school where they were making an “I am thankful for” book so I asked her:

Me: What are you thankful for?

little 7aki: I am thankful for Baba and Mama.

Me: What else?

Little 7aki: I am thankful for taita and seedo and 3ammo.

Me: What else ? (expecting something profound from my little philosopher)

little 7aki: I am thankful for the chicken dance

Me: hahahahaha …. FA3ES!!!!

In case you don’t know the chicken dance you will find this video informative.

The chicken dance IZ DA BOMB!


14 Responses

  1. you sing…baby 7aki does chicken dances..what about baba 7aki…no specific talents?
    and happy thanks giving

  2. You really have to copyright “Fa3es” 🙂

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I agree with Dana – baba 7aki SHOULD have some talent! You have kept him on low profile for a while 😉 shu el essa ah ya benet?

  4. Oh my God! Just last night I was asking my sis (after she read my post that has all your conversations with li’l 7aki), “how do you think mama 7aki says fa3es?”!LOL!

    Seriously, I wonder how you say it.. I’ve never heard it from anyone before.. (We egyptians say fa3s.. We don’t add the ‘e’ after some letters like you guys 🙂 .. )

    Would you please tell li’l 7aki, that sara from the internet says hello? And would you please tell me later what was her response? Like how does she view the internet.. My li’l cousin has seen me & seen her mom talk to friends & family though the net.. So she kinda gets it.. She’s three & a half..

    May Allah bless ’em all pure souls.. Amen 🙂

  5. awal sho happy thanksgiving 7aki 🙂
    tano eshi.. little 7aki .. FA3ES!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 7ayati … jad ana hala2 sort a7es feeha when you say FA3ES 😀
    bg kiss for little 7aki law sama7ti 🙂

  6. how cute, Allah e5aleeha

  7. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy the chicken dance, i used to love this when I was a kid too ummmm 23 years ago 😀

    Really loved the song you did, can we have a 7aki and little-7aki duet ?!!!

  8. hatha tarek marto o wlado o ga3ed yhezz

    it’s a nice dance, the most white dance in north america 😀

  9. this is by far the silliest, worst dance I’ve seen in my life.

    if my kid did it, I’ll feel s/he is a chicken..

    My kid is no chicken.

    and please oh please don’t tell me you do that dance.

  10. that was the whitest video ive ever seen 😀

  11. Dana: Baba 7aki plays the drums 😀 . Thanks.

    Qwaider: I should!!! Sooo where do I register it?

    KJ: Well his talents are to explode eggs in the microwave and to forget me at train stations 😛 , but as I said above he plays the drums.

    Sara: LOL! I will definitely say hello to my little munchkin , I will tell her that now she has fans. She doesn’t understand the Internet but she can use the laptop, she has some games she plays like match the pictures or the words, she plays find the shapes and the colors, she is sooo cute when she uses my laptop with her little finger moving on the touchpad and then clicking the button..FA3ES!

    Thank you Sara, you are a very sweet and nice person 🙂 .

    Mai: Thanks ya Maioush. And I will give her mish bas one kiss, I will give her 10.

    Sel3: Thanks 🙂

    Hani: Yeah when we were kids we loved it , especially when they would play the music faster and faster and we would mess up the moves.

    Thanks for the compliment, I am trying to teach 7aki “zahrat almada2en” for Fairouz, she can say “lil quds salam” and “albaitoo lana” now ..lol . with her broken Arabic.

    But I might post a little 7aki song so stay tuned.

    Hareega: OMG it is sooooo white it is not even funny, lol , but hareega, I’ve never seen anyone dance it here except at my daughters daycare.

    Hamza: HAHAHAHA . No I don’t do this dance, lol, my daughter does it at school after breakfast. But Hamza, don’t tell me you’ve never done it before!! Maskeen ma7room in your childhood. Were you?

    Confess, when we were kids we did it all the time. CONFESS .. heheheh

    Mo: it is soooo white my eyes are hurting from the brightness hehehe.

  12. “OMG it is sooooo white it is not even funny, lol , but hareega, I’ve never seen anyone dance it here except at my daughters daycare.”
    Its because Toronto people are not that white!1

  13. Dana: You are right, I really don’t feel like I am in Canada when I am at work in TO , but come to Burlington where we live there are hardly any non whites here . For real, my daughters best friends are from the Steel and Finch families .. Nothing whiter than that…

    And it is always fun (or frustrating) to explain how moozlims celebrate eid and Ramadan.

    So, where in TO are you at?

  14. Thanks 🙂

    And oh, FA3ES BIG TIME 😀

    Yummy yummy 🙂

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