Steven Clobert to run for President

Yes, it is official. Last night Colbert announced that he is running for presidency.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check this out


7 Responses

  1. lool…yea I saw that, he’s hilarious!

  2. I was on the floor, did you see him on the daily show, asking for change to pay Uncle Sam, LOL, hilarious!

    It would be awesome if he really ran, too funny I think. He said he wants to run as a Democrat and a republican.

  3. He is hilarious, his interview with LArry King was the only larry king interview that I completely watched.

  4. 7aki check this out:

    LOOOL…he is FIFTH among Dems!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tinker: I am following him religiously now, did you see his Doritos sponsor thing, OMG TOOOOO FUNNY.

    He is fifth eh? LOL

  6. LOOOL, I know, that was hilarious. I could NOT stop laughing when he was “hurt” by the NY times snub.

    Man, I wonder how far he is going to take this… freakin HILARIOUS

  7. Colbert for President! I love the guy and even though he’s wacky and wierd, he’d be better than any of the other candidates.

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