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Typhoid Mary

I am being “affectionately” called Typhoid Mary at work for the past week (or week and a half? I lose track).

Why do you ask? Why do my friends at work love me so much?

This is how the name came about to stick to me:

I have been hacking and coughing for the past FOREVER every five minutes or so at work because 7aki is sick 😦 .

All of a sudden Bob yells from his cubicle and says ” whoa there Typhoid Mary” addressing me, I had no clue who that was so the ever helpfull resident Encyclopedia William rushed to google her, wikkipedia her to explain to me who she was.

Here’s Mary’s story:

“Mary Mallon (September 23, 1869 – November 11, 1938), also known as Typhoid Mary, was the first person in the United States to be identified as a healthy carrier of typhoid fever. Over the course of her career as a cook, she infected 47 people, three of whom died from the disease. Her fame is in part due to her vehement denial of her own role in causing the disease, together with her refusal to cease working as a cook. She was forcibly quarantined twice by public health authorities and died in quarantine. It was also possible that she was born with the disease, as her mother had typhoid fever during her pregnancy….. [Source]

Now I am not called 7aki anymore, I am being called Typhoid Mary.

Bob sent me an email with the title Typhoid Mary and it had this picture:


Now how mean is that ????

I am being bullied by William and Bob sniff sniff, and I need a vacation, sniff sniff, I have been sick for effing ever, sniff sniff  😦

Ana Biddi Mama …. waaaaa33333333


16 Responses

  1. Does this mean you can legitimately call in sick tomorrow?

  2. Come on 7aki, I don’t really think its mean 🙂

    Hope li’l 7aki doesn’t get it though..

  3. lah lah lah lah … salamat ya 7aki!!! ishalla wa7deh bakrahha wala enti 🙂
    bs sara7a .. LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! 😀 sorry la tez3ali 7abeebti enti, but it’s so funny 😀
    ::hugs and kisses:: (mn b3eeeeeeeeeeeed) LOL! 😉

  4. So you’re both old AND sick! Poor Bob and William, they have to live with you in the office.

  5. looool
    hey Typhoid Mary :P, salamtek wallah, enshallah jaretna wala enti. 🙂

  6. Salamtek 7aki .. inshallah elli bikrahooki!

    Inshallah you’ll be fine soon

  7. ya 3layyi ana 😦 thing is i’ve been sneezing and coughing and red nosed since forever too 😦 but then again, thats my punishment for taking out my tonsils 4 years ago!

    salamet albek bannout :hug:

  8. sick for a week and half? maybe you are really sick.

    and I was about to suggest the quarantining your cubicle..but if you are gonna end up like Typhoid Mary, then its no use.

    Salamtek..You should have got that flu shot..don’t you think? 😉

  9. being sick def. sucks ! but come on atleast you can laugh without coughing so u should be ok 😛
    on the other hand being sick has its advantages …
    fever makes u hallucinate which is great sometimes, bad hair day ? no prob excuse is already on ur face and many other great benefits.

    anyways its 2 days till the weekend and then you can get ur rest and hope u get well soon

  10. Asoom: See I just sound bad but I am not really hurting or anything, and I am sooo busy at work that if I take time off I will suffer after 😦 .

    Sara: I know it’s not mean I know it’s just they are having too much fun with it.
    And little 7aki is the one who gave it to me lol

    Mai: inti kamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ..w kaman hugs and kisses min b3eed?? See why I want my mommy, she would have given me hugs and kisses min 2areeb 😛 .

    KJ: Is that a fly buzzing on my blog? I here a noise and I don’t know where it is coming from … all I hear is bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt :p ..lol

    Ahmad: lol.. Allah yisalmak.

    Qwaider: Thank you Q thank you, I am actually OK , I have zero symptoms except for the cough, which is weird.

    VA: finally someone feels sympathy for me 😀 . Allah yisalmek w inti kaman salamtek inshalla jaret Ahmad ^ wala inti

    Hamza: the flue shots did not start here yet, they start in November. And I don’t have the flue, I don’t have any symptoms, like I feel great and all except that for the past 2 weeks I have been coughing, weird eh? Maybe they should quarantine me, but at home 😀 with my DVDs and TV and stuff 😀

    BB: Well the other day I was laughing which turned into a coughing fit 😦 .
    I love halucinating … lol .. the other day I took 2 extras strength Advil’s and cough medicine and I was in la la land .. hehehehehe .
    Thank you BB I hope this stupid cough goes away too.

  11. Hats off to Typhoid Mary for blogging in her condition. She is committed to her readers.

  12. Bob – that’s not a comforting thought 😛

  13. slamtaek 7aki…inshalla el bese el soda wala ente as my mom would say…. referring to my cat
    Start thinking of a come-back for this Boby guy..
    if I come across something good I will tell you

  14. Salamtek wallah. Though it seems to me allergy not cold. I have allergy and claritin changed my life, do not know if you have it in canada or what other OTC allergy medicine is in your side of the border.

    Any way good night Mary.

  15. Bob: Don’t try and get in my good books 😛 .. but indeed indeed I am very dedicated to my readers.

    KJ: bzzzzzzt 😛

    Dana: yeah yeah I like witty comebacks .. I call him small brown man .. LOL .. so I guess I deserve it heheeheh.

    fadi Malian: You think? hmmm , maybe wallah I did not think about it, yeah we have Claritin here, maybe i should give it a shot, why didn’t I think of that!!!!!

    And goodnight Mary? 7atta anta ya broutous 😛

  16. Bob and William are so mean! 🙂

    Salamtek 7aki 🙂

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