It’s Nice to Share

Little 7aki: Where’s Baba?

Me: He’s working late.

Little 7aki: Did he go to work in Jordan.

me: lol, no sweetie he’s at work. And Baba can’t work in Jordan because we are here. He wouldn’t leave us alone and we don’t want to live without Baba .

Little 7aki: But we would go with Baba. He can take us too. (looking at me with her bright big eyes because she realized that she had a good idea)

Me: Hmmm, you are right we can go too.

Little 7aki: I want to go to Jordan, I miss Auntie 7aki and I miss taita 7aki 😦  .

Me: And don’t forget uncle 7aki , I have a brother too (she only met him when she was 4 months old).

Little 7aki: Autnie 7aki does not have a daddy right? her daddy died?

me: Yes her Daddy died. He was my Daddy too you know.

Little 7aki: You don’t have a daddy?

Me: No I don’t.

Little 7aki: It’s OK Mommy, You can have Baba 7aki as a daddy too. I will share him with you then you too will have a Baba.

Me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😦 . You are such a sweetie.

What a sweet little girl she is. So sensitive and caring.

This is why when I gave birth and it turned out to be a girl and not a boy, as the doctor had said, I could not have been any happier because secretly I was kinda disappointed it was a Boy and I was hoping that God would bless me with a little girl for a first born since I was worried that I will not have any Girls and I would just have Boys.

Now I don’t care if I have 10 boys since I have my sweet little girl.


26 Responses

  1. Oh 7aki, your lil one is sooooo sweeeeeet.. I also think that lil girls are way cuter than lil boys.. lili gilrs just have sooo much to say, unlike lil buys, lol. Well, I know boys say cute stuff as well, but gilrs are cuter, hehe.. Allahye’7aleeeelik eyaha ;))

  2. My best friend has this theory that disfucntional families have sons as their first born and the most stable families have daughters as the first born.

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 7aki.. she is so sweet ya 7ayaaatiiiiiiiiii….
    you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right, mama always says the same, she always tell me, you have to make sure to have at least one girl, cuz as she always says “el walad la beat 7mah o benet heye elli betdal la ahelha mahma ba3adat”
    allah y5aleelek yahaya rab, alahoma sali 3ala el nabi 7abeebti betjanen 🙂

  4. Secrtatea: I love Girls.
    I think I also converted Baba 7aki, he was telling me the other day htat he loves little 7aki so much he can’t see how he wants to have boys now, he says girls are soo sweet and he would not mind more little girl 7aki’s.
    This of course drives his dad crazy cos at every ocasion he says, 3o2bal il sabi inshallah

    But I gotta admit; little Girls can be drama queens too.

    Asoom: really? I think my family would prove the theory worng 😀 .

    Mai: Little girls are the sweetest and i think every woman LOVE to have girls 🙂

    Allah yikhalilik illi bit7ebehooom yaaaaaaa rab.

  5. What a sweet little girl you have. Allah ykhaleekom la ba3d inshallah 🙂 Girls are just so cute and adorable!

  6. mashallah, sweet and nahfeh or mashrou3 nahfeh

  7. Hey! It’s my first comment here 🙂 mashalah 3aleiya o allah yekhaleya la elek 🙂 That’s why I wanna have a baby girl too

  8. 7akiiiiii you did not say Fa3es once in this post…LOL
    esm Allah she is a very cleaver kid to understand that adults have parents too and that momy can be a daughter and a sister etc.
    I think if you have a little 7aki boy he would be the funnies akbar az3ar kid there is 😉

  9. Little 7aki is sooo adorable and HUGGABLE! allah iykhalleelik iyyaha + bab 7aki 😀

  10. Kids are a gift from heaven! Last week I talked to my niece and nephews in Guatemala and they had this celebration at school, so they all wore customes. I was askign my niece what did she do and she told me she just danced, but everything was supposed to be in English so I told her that I didn’t know how to dance in English (just to see what she was going to tell me) and her answer was: Well, I cannot teach you over the phone, but when you come over to visit I’m gonna ask my teacher to come over to my house and teach you how to dance in English 😀
    They are so sweet! I miss them 😥

  11. “me: lol, no sweetie he’s at work”

    I always wondereed how do you lol in real life. So tell me how did you do it?

  12. And mama 7aki, can you actually love baba 7aki sometimes that way? I mean, like they say, can he be “your everything”? I’d love to know your feelings on that..

    And li’l 7aki, besides being sensetive & caring, she’s s m a r t mashaAllah tabarakAllah.. She could have said anything else you know..

    mmmmmwaah to li’l 7aki from the internet sara 🙂

    And if I come to Canada anytime soon, I’d love to see you 7akis 🙂 It’s not decided yet, as to whether it’ll be Toronto or Ottawa..


  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww that almost made me cry 😥

  14. Deemco, Jad : Thanks! 😀

    ChikaP: Welcome to the blog. Thanks 🙂

    Dana: Yeah I didn’t if3asha this time .. lol .. I almost cried when she said that 😦 .
    I bet you boy 7aki will be a little az3ar cos little 7aki is za3ra too .

    Who-Sane: Heyyyyyy, wainak inta? We miss you man! And thanks, 3o2bal you have a little whosane 🙂 .

    Davagy: Awwww how sweeeeeeeeet!

    Hamza: I laugh out loud 😛

    Sara: hmmm, not as a dad no…that’s kinda weird … lol. I guess that’s the Canadian in me speaking. But I do love him lots , as a husband 😀 .

    Hey, if you do come to Toronto let me know, I would love to meet you 🙂 .

    As usual you are so sweet 🙂 .

    KJ: 😦 me too KJ …

  15. You didn’t get me 😦

    Of course not as a dad..

  16. You know 7aki, I would like to have Little KJ marry Little 7aki… Little KJ is still unborn but I am sure he wouldn’t mind an older Little 7aki 😛

  17. little 7aki is so smart and cute mashallah….

    generally speaking girls are more sensetive and more caring..even after they get married they stay close to their families…boys are a little more selfish
    my mom told me she always wished to have a girl first cause usually she becomes her mom’s friend…and so it is..
    my dad allah yer7amo and both my uncles adore girls…they’re more 7anooneen…and they do spoil their daughters a lot cause they say lazem el bint tkoun 3aina shab3aneh 3and ahla mishan ma 7ada yed7ak 3aleha bi mishwar aw hdeyeh!! (good theroy!)

    ba3dein little girls stuff and clothes are cuter…and it’s so cute when their hair grows so u can put some pins or style it in a ponytail…

    bless u both…

  18. She is so cute. Allah yekhallek eyyaha! She is ready to share her dad with you 😛

    My neice gets mad whenever her dad hugs her mom! She is a 1.5 years old and she seems to be jealous of her dad 🙂

  19. BAB 7aki? sorry I meant baba 7aki, LOL! …

    damn bab el 7ara! hehe

  20. you feel like even she is too young she can be one of your best friends….you know one who needs to be tucked in and taken care of…but still you enjoy playing doing the smallest things with her…not only because she is your daughter..

  21. Sara: lol, I gotcha Sara I gotcha 😉

    KJ: Join the line there are 4 suitors before little KJ 😛

    OA: True. Thanks!

    Observer: She is jealous of her dad too, the other day I was holding his hand and she insisted I let go of his hand and hold hers ..even if I sit next to him she comes and sits in between us

    Whosane: Yeah I figured it meant Baba

    Dana: She is my best friend Dana, she understands me better than Baba 7aki, lol, she can read my mood in an instant wallah, I enjoy her company a lot.

  22. Aww that’s cute. I always wanted a sister actually, but what I really wish, is that all Arabs thought the same way you do. It just pisses me off how Arab fathers and mothers normally would kill to have a son, and as time passes by, the little cute (and spoiled) son grows up to become a creep. Only then it strikes them that a baby girl would have been a better investment. Oh well…

  23. that was beautiful! but I think everyone here is putting too much emphasis on the boy-girl thing. The difference only seems to be there because each are treated differently as children by the parents, therefore they grow into different levels of sensitivity.

    What I find truly touching about children (hmm, not meant in a pedophile way) is the immense creativity and innocence that fades away as we get older.

    I wish we could all remain in that blissful state.

  24. Pheras: It saddens me when people are not happy when they have a girl and not a boy, it really does.

    I know at least 8 families where the boy turns into a disappointment because he was granted all freedoms making the girls the apple of their parents eyes with the achievements they made. By letting the boy get away with anything (spoiling him as you said) completely corrupts the kid.

    A family I know with 4 children
    2 daughters one a doctor with honours and one an engineer.
    2 boys both failed tawjihy and they don’t have jobs and they never learned a trade.
    I blame the parents because the boys had absolute freedom and never had consequences for their actions and the girls had consequences.

    I think boys in the middle east should be raised exactly like girls are raised with a curfew and limitations to dating until they are mature enough to have a relationship and who they hang out with, all that.

    Wow this comment is a post, lol.


    Shall I call you frank or pigeon?

    OK I’ll call you APCK

    I agree with you to a point, I think women or girls are born more sensitive and attached to the parents, it’s women’s nature. So parents have to make a conscious effort to instil it in the boys and I think it comes naturally to girls.

    I love kids! They are an inspiration to me.

  25. Your gorgeous little girl makes me SO BADLY want one of my one! I want a little baby rambling hal to talk about things with! 😀 So cute!

    Allah ekhaleelek yaha 😀

  26. Hal: Thanks Hal 😀 wallahy having a little 7aki is the best thing in the world!
    3o2bal ma you have a little hal of your own, just thinking about the posts you are going to share about him/her make me laugh already. LOL.

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