OH Please God not THAT question

Little 7aki: Mommy, why is there another one here? (Pointing to a second seat on the shopping cart designed to seat children)

Me: It’s for when you have a brother or sister they will sit next to you

Little 7aki: Will they hug me and kiss me?

Me: of course they will, they will hug you and kiss you and play with you and most probably lick your cheek

Little 7aki burst into giggles.
Why would she laugh at that? Well since you asked her most favourite thing to do now is to say:
Mamaaaaaaaa, I want to kiss your cheeck, and then I would say, you are gonna kiss me right? No licking my face, she says, no you silly I want to kiss you, I give her my cheek and low and behold she licks it and she is laughing as if it’s the funniest thing in the world, then I say ewwwwwwwwwwwww and then she laughs even more.

OK my kid is a bit weird ..lol.

Little 7aki: Mamaaaaaaa I want a brother AND a sister

Me: Sure sweety, but there is no baby in my tummy now.

Little 7aki: Mamaaaaaaaa, why don’t you eat a lot of food so you will grow a baby in your tummy (looking at me with her big bright eyes, handing me the pear she was eating) Here you go.

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (and I proceeded to af3asaha) but sweetie that’s not how babies grow.

I then realised .OMG… OH MY GOD please please please DON’T ask me where babies come from, I am NOT ready, I am NOT prepared, I have NOT read that book about “What to tell your kid when they ask THAT questions” SHS IS 3.5 , it is too early to ask, too early too early. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What am I gonna say?

I started to hyperventilate.

Little 7aki: Oh mommy, look look this lollipop lights up

Me: Phew

It was the first time ever I was happy to buy her a lollipop.

I gotta do some research into how not to scare (or scar for that matter) your kids when they ask , where do babies come from?

Tips anyone?

And please no birds and bees stories. Like for real? My daughter is already afraid of bees so then she will start thinking that if a bee comes near her she will have a baby in her tummy. So I’ll pass.


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  1. LOL! Little 7aki sure is a cutie! That was so adorable!

    As for the question, I read somewhere, that if you use technical terms it goes way over their head. And they just accept it as something they “will understand” when they grow up!

    But consult one of the books first

  2. Off topic,, Breaking news,Jordan has barred Tuojan Al Fisal to run in the upcoming election and here is the link

  3. I’d personally choose to be honest…Not graphic, of course, but realistic. Words like ‘penis’ (and those relating to its functionality) aren’t dirty words. Sometimes they serve a better purpose than childish “nicknames” given to body parts – unless your child really is too young to grasp the biological terminology. Such a cold reality is always softened by the old chestnut “when a mummy and daddy love each other very much…this happens…”, etc.

    I learnt from an educational book – probably aimed at teenagers, even though I was very young at the time. It was good…factual yet sensitive. It removed a lot of the intrigue and mystery that can confuse kids, and reduced it to a basic biological fact, which it is…

    I never got that “human” element of the story – love, marriage, etc., – by asking my mother a straight question, though. She would have told me, but I was maybe too shy 😉

  4. hehhee, smart little 7aki 🙂

    It is kind of tough question to ask. Maybe experts can give you better solutions. Maybe I would say they come by God when he wants to give her a brother or a sister.

  5. dang it to birds or bees and thats what was on my head…
    btw that was one very amusing post, i think we better start a gift fund for lil 7aki just for the amount of amusing blog posts she produces
    and i thought i had the perfect gift for her a “birds and bees” picture book 😛
    and from her reactions i think she might not take too well about having a rival

    the other thing that occurs to me regarding the question is actually how my parents explained it to me when i was a kid,
    that “after two people get married and wear their rings (they got to wear the rings) if they sleep in the same bed eventually they will have a baby”
    since really at that point thats something they can relate to i think

  6. 7akiiiiii…your little one is so full of surprises esm Allah 3aleeha. I think she is in that stage where her brain is shaped into a big question mark. I remember my sister at that age, too many questions and no tolerance for silly answers. Or it will come back at you. Very cute though
    You know what, it is going to be a little challenging to explain it to L. 7aki just like bambam said (pretty much what I was told too) if she has any friends who have single moms/dads
    that’s a head-scratcher for sure :S

  7. oh I am willing to do anything in the world to bribe a kid at school with little 7aki to suggest that idea for her. hehehehe. 😛

  8. I had a baby book that we read at night. I will have to look for it but it started I think with a chicken laying an egg and a baby growing and then a dog with puppies and ending with people and having babies. The book pages look like construction paper cut outs. It was a cute book. My children loved it. They were never confused where babies came from. I will look for the book and write again.

  9. ah my son finally figured out how babies came from…there is a baby seed that a mommy eats and the baby grows in her tummy…which is really true..exept from which end the seed was eaten…im leaving it at that….

  10. Dude, keep distracting her. Lollipops are a good way to go. Start getting more creative though. Think different types of sweets and snacks. Then start using things like toys and dolls. Then move on to sparkly shoes and things – never too late to get her obsessed with fashion.

    With any luck, you’ll keep her distracted way into her mid twenties.

    Kinda like me.

    And in other news – WHAT BOOTS!? WHERE!?!?!?!??! Show me show me. I need more information. E-mail me more information. This is imperative – if there are boots out there calling your name, we have to deal with it. I’m the right person to have on your team 7aki, I promise you.

  11. Hal: HAHAHAAHAHHA about the boots, man inti ta7sheesh la2allah, I can’t wait to come to Amman and go shoe shopping with you will you accept me as an apprentice?

    Well they are Kenneth Coles worth 450 bucks but were on sale for 200 , I almost fainted ..lol.. , but they didn’t have my size 😦 . They were camel color and they were gorgeous and they had three buckles on the side boots you never want to wear underpants 😦 . But I didn’t take a picture, lol, next time I will make sure I will ; – ).

  12. Q: Well little 7aki will not be satisfied , she will keep asking, what does this mean and that mean..lol.. so she will demand an explanation to the technical terms.

    Madnice: I learned when I was in 10th grade believe it or not from a book. I would have died before asking my mom.
    I don’t want my daughter to be leaning myths from her friends, but it’s too early for that I will worry about it when the time comes 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Observer: She is asking about God a lot, she is asking me everyday who is God what is God where is God … Sometimes I don’t have the answers. But I like your answer, thanks!

    Bambam: Well yesterday I was telling her that if you have a brother or sister you will not be my only favourite, the baby will share the favourite with you, she was sad a bit but then she said and Baba will share the favourite and we all will be favourites. LOL I think she will warm up to the idea with time because she loves babies to the point of obsession wallah.
    Thanks for your sweet words about little 7aki 🙂 .

    Dana: She does have a friend with a single mom but she still does not know anything about separation, that will be challenging too for me to explain why people leave each other and stuff like that. My little 7aki is growing up too fast 😦 .

    Hamza: lol, I am glad that you are nowhere near us , lol, EVIL inta.

    Marsha loftis: thanks for dropping by and yes if you find it please let me know what it’s called.

    Sam: You know what Sam I LOVE your answer, I am going to tell her that, for real, it is true (minus eating the seed part, lol) it is simple, Thanks Sam!

  13. lol at Hamza. you are too evil !

  14. Khalto to the rescue:

    “God’s Design for Sex” Series by Carolyn Nystrom, published by NavPress. Book One: The Story of Me, (ages 3-5)

    When Lil’7aki is a little older, “Sex Q & A – Kid’s Questions, Parent’s Answers. Published by National Physicians Center.

    (P.S. I just got the coolest boots I have ever owned, half price at Shoe Carnival! 3” stacked leather heel, feminine but not spiked (or I will fall down). chocolate brown leather, straps that criss-cross over the foot and buckle on the side, another buckle to adjust the calf.)

  15. Kinzi: You are the BEST, I will look up these books.

    Wow the boots sound REALLY nice. Mabroooooook!

  16. 7aki, inti bil aktar! They are Christian focused, but this an area that Christians and Muslims are united.

    Fiiki on the boots! Now, if it would only cool down; i’m still wearing ship-ships.

  17. mmm intresting … i once read this answer :

    “your daddy and i do a dance before we sleep and if we do it very good God will reward us and give me a kid in my tummy”

    i think its good sa7 ?

  18. My parents really never told me. The one who broke the news to me was our teacher in sixth grade. I forgot what was he talking about but then he started describing that babies are made by “placing our thing where we pee from into the thing where they pee from” and a guy asked “what! it is not possible!” then he said “our things go out but their things go in so that is why it is possible!”

    Then everyone burst out laughing, except me because I didn’t get it.

    Or I was too bewildered I was busy creating Moogle

  19. KJ, 6th grade????? That means you guys were like 11 or 12! Now this is bizarre!

    All wedding plans are halted until I go through my checklist with you of basic facts humans must know before considered adults, I’m just concerned at this delay of information.

    Where did you go to school again?

  20. Kinzi: lol@ shipships .

    Isam: I think I am going to go with Sam’s answer 😀 .

    KJ: My mom never talked to me about ANYTHING, man I learned about the period from school, you think mom will talk to me about sex?

    Man, Moogle is effecting your sex life now and then …LOL

    Asoom: hahahahahaha . I think it’s Moogle.

  21. 7aki – oh you too?! LooooL (the “too” is not referring to your cycle 😛 )

    Asoom – Don’t worry I now know more about it than I would like to, thanks to some of my friend’s sexual endeavors they enlighten me with. As for your checklist, girl you can’t find a guy who meets all requirements. The only thing you should have on that list is “he has a good heart” w inshalla ma bin2asser ma3ek in this regard!

  22. posts related to little 7aki’s stories are alway fun to read 🙂

    i’m sure it’s not easy at all to be a mother for a kid at this age..let alone a bright and curious kid like ur banooteh 🙂
    i’m not a mom yet, but if i was in ur shoes i’ll just explain the whole thing to her in a very simple way, without silly stories about birds and eggs….i’ll simply say, when a man and a woman gets married and live together for sometime, God takes a part from the dady’s cells and mix it with the momy’s then put it the momy’s tummy to grow there, and the momy eats to make the baby grow and become healthy….
    now the tough part will be if the kid asked from where God takes this cell?!! 😀

  23. I just remembered three very nasty jokes about this topic, and of course i won’t mention them but everyone have heard them before 😀

  24. KJ: I was in 10th grade when I learned about sex “by accident” I was horrified, glad my dad was out of the country or I would have had nightmares of my parents having sex, lol.

    OA: Thanks OA 😀 .

    Hareega: I don’t know the jokes, please elaborate 😀 lol .

  25. LOOOOOOOL, ya 7aram enti!!! 😀 walahi we are trying to find away to educate my little brother, but he is much older then little 7aki, it’s still KTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER early, la72a ya mama .. and it will not be fun! (i guess!)

  26. oh no can’t elaborate on the jokes at all, all what i can say is they all start with the kid asking how he was conceived

  27. Mai: well if she asks I gotta answer.

    Hareega: lol, alllllllriiiiiiiiggggggght I won’t ask you to elaborate.

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