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Where Are the People?

I really think my family should star in a reality show because the things that happen to my husband and I are crazy.

Here’s how the events transpired.

Last weekend we went to visit Baba 7aki’s friend; they’ve been friends since high school.

He is married and has 2 kids, one is close to little 7aki’s age so we thought it would be fun for little 7aki.

Now his friends have been over to our house a couple of times and it was our first time visiting their new house, so we bought them a house warming gift and a gift card.

We get there and his friend says: “Hey you said you’re gonna call me before you leave the house” baba 7aki said: “We did call you and nobody picked up”, so his friend says, “It’s all right, I just need to call my wife to come home because she took the kids to the nearby park and I told her I would call when you guys come”.

So we were like cool, no problem, baba 7aki and I are very easy going.

So he calls and calls but the wife doesn’t pick up, so we told him, maybe the signal here is not that great , I am sure she will come back soon enough.

She left at 3 and it was 4:30.

At 5:15 the friend started getting antsy and worried about his wife so he took Baba 7aki with him to the park that is 5 minutes away and left me and little 7aki at the house by ourselves, now that was weird, I sat with little 7aki playing with the toys and stuff.

They come back and the wife was not at the park.

The guy sent a million text messages and called her a million times but she had disappeared into thin air.

Now it was 7 O’clock and no sign of the wife. The guy called his parents her parents …no sign

I told him, most probably she is not getting the calls, no way she wouldn’t answer, we told him not to worry and wait for her to come home or call him.

So the guy takes hubs to get some pizza leaving me AGAIN all by myself at the house for over 40 minutes , I felt I was in a vacation home …lol.. I opened the fridge to grab drinks, made a snack for little 7aki, surfed the TV chanells and when I got bored I started reading my book … HAHAHAHA.
My book is always in my purse thank God.

That’s when little 7aki asked: “ Mommyyyyyy, were are the people?” lol

I told her “ Beats me!” and then she started asking what do you mean by beats me .. blah blah blah blah, little 7aki never stops asking questions.

They came back from getting Pizza with the news that the wife went to visit her brother ????? her daughter had fallen asleep there and she was waiting for her husbands call.

HILARIUOS my God I can’t believe that was happening to us!

That was a surreal experience, the guy was so embarrassed to how stupid his wife was … lol … I wasn’t’ in the mood to talk that day anyway so when the wife never showed up I got to relax in SOMBODY else’s house.

Hubs and I have 3 theories:
1) She is stupid:
I mean when the guy doesn’t call you, you knew we are coming at 4:30 and it’s already like 6 o’clock won’t you call him to check if the guests came or not?
I lean towards this theory because when we got there she had everything laid at the table nicely, the nuts, the chips, the cheese and crackers, she had a feast there, so she was intending to be there but …. Never made it…lol

2) She is weird/crazy:
Yeah, maybe she IS weird when she got his SMS messages instead of calling him she SMS’d him back that she was at her brothers. I mean, wouldn’t you call as soon as you get the message?

3) They had a fight and she wanted to take revenge:
But the friend would have told us that they had a fight, weird.

I swear this was the weirdest most surreal thing I experienced ever.


21 Responses

  1. There’s a 4th possibility that I really don’t want to mention!

    Anyway, I’m glad you make any situation, regardless of how weird it is, fun!

    That’s really a great philosophy in life!

  2. You know what Q, that is my motto in life, I don’t like to get upset, like what’s the use really, I take advantage of anytime however it is to enjoy life. Husband and I could not stop laughing when we left, her poor husband wallah I feel sorry for him.

    Man the nuts she had were AMAZING, I think she roasted the almonds herself, so I pigged out on nuts and cheese and juice without feeling shy or the need to be polite and eat a little ..LOL..

    Bas what is the 4th theory? is it 3aib? if it is 3aib I don’t want to know ..hehehe

  3. see, that’s the beauty of living in the west. Everybody is easy going. if this happens 3anna in jordan, bifda7ooki and the whole world will remember the reckless wife who never showed up for guests. Your reputation will be tarnished forever

  4. Maybe she is the wife of blogger Angry Husband? 😉

  5. I also always carry my book in my purse! My guess is #3 happened and that exlpains why she felt the need to go to her brothers (I’m assuming they’re close) and didn’ t bother to tell him and also it explains why she SMS’d him instead of calling. It may have been too embarassing or inappropriate for the husband to say they had a fight.

    Kinzi, LOOOOOOL

  6. Kinzie: YOU READ MY MIND!!!
    I ahve to say 7aki…those are some weird family friends…they obviously have some issues…just like angry husband and his wife
    3a2oltek…who cares..you got sometime to catch up on your readings
    did you consider that probably the husband prepared all the goodies…and that the wife has been 7ardane all day

  7. lol at the men…they went out for pizza when the wife and the kids were missing?

  8. LoL that is just too weird!! way to weird…why go to her brother’s house when she knew guests were coming..im leaning towards #3…and i agree with dana…the wife and kids are missing and all they think about is food..

  9. Ah, loooool, well this is so typically me 😛 I would make a gathering and then bail out to do something else!

  10. Hamza: You are 100% right.

    Kinzi: HAHAHAHAHA. Good one kinzi, high five!!!

    Asoom: Yeah I am starting to lean towards that too, I forgot that when we got there ,there was something that was spilled on the carpet clearly by a kid and she didn’t clean it up, I would think they fought and she just stormed out…craaaaaaazyyyy.

    Dana: Or maybe he didn’t think she would not show up and tifda7oh.
    And LOL, wallah I think the guy tried to save face by buying us pizza.

    Sam: I knowwwwww, maskeen the guy said that he did not eat all day and that’s why he needed Pizza, more and more clues that they fought.

    KJ: But you can get moogle to cover up for you 😛

  11. LOOOl..you’re right, you guys should be a in sitcom!!
    hehe, what a funny experience!!

  12. LOL…now that’s really funny…but the good part is you made the best out of it and you enjoyed ur time regardless 😉

    now i’m more convinced they had a fight and the wife was taking revenge with this estehbal way 😀

  13. As the hostess with the mostess ,that I am, this, I must say has to be one of the strangest visit I have ever heard of.And I would not consider this wife a Proverb 31:10 woman.

    Men that have any ambition have to be very careful when choosing a wife,as she can make or brake his position in the marketplace,depending on how she acts in public.News travel fast,I have found out,one person tells another about so and so’s wife or girl-friend,you get the point.

    Also a man could lose face in the Orient ,if his wife were to treat their guests like that.

  14. Tinker: shoofy ballah . I am going to approach a major network.

    OA: estehbal seems to be the best revenge.

    Crystal: Yes the guy was very embarrassed.

  15. 7aki. I’ve realized that most people are just downright weird, so I strongly suggest that you do not analyze; else, you will go nuts. People are just weird, period. Some cant even find explanations to justify their behaviors! LOL

  16. MIJ: Very true lol

  17. LOL 7aki, i think she is all of the above 😀
    she is crazy so they had a fight, and she was stupid enough to do what she did … ya 7aram el mawqef.. mesh heak!!

  18. “baba 7aki” and “little 7aki” are just extremely amusing nicknames!

    Oh yes, the wife could have been cheating on him..there I said it…you were all hinting towards it..but noone said it!

  19. Mai: WOW I LOVE your assesment!

  20. haha

    I am not saying she did. I am just saying hypothetically that could be a 4th possibility and I see hints here and there about this so-called 4th possibility.

    The 5th possibility is that she has temporary memory loss every now and then. So she forgot you guys are coming and she forgot she has a cell phone and then she suddenly remembered like 2 hours later.

    I could go on and on and on 🙂

  21. lol Anon, yeah I guess we can build 100 theories, no?

    Crazy ass people

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